The Five Most Magical Corners of England to Visit in winter

Ah! England! The most popular tourist destination. What can I say about its beauty when the famous Shakespeare itself told all about it? As this famous place is the birthplace of Shakespeare and the Beatles.

This green and pleasant land is an inspiration to poets, writers, painters and filmmakers.

From golden beaches to the gently rolling hills, from honey-stone dwellings to the granite falls, all these things, add an extra charm to this place.

The cities are brash and energetic. One of them is London where the action, elegance and refinement can be readily found.

This whole country is a perfect symbol of pervasive culture, colonialism and long history.

A part of beautiful British Isles, this fascinating countries offers almost endless possibilities for things to see and do. Here you are going to get some cool information about the five most magical corners of England to visit in winter.

I hope this article will make a winter vacation much better and exciting.

1.    London: House of the famous clock tower “The Big Ben.”

The capital of England and the United Kingdom, London, is also the house of the famous landmark “The Big Ben”. The name Big Ben refers to the clock’s hour bell, the largest of the clock’s five bells.

This clock is one the largest in Great-Britain with the face diameter of almost 25ft. This clock is one the reason that people refer to this place while visiting London.

The Big Ben-Planet fiesta

(Source: https://www.hdwallpaper.nu/big-ben-wallpapers/)

To click some best views of London, head upwards and look down on the city’s many famous buildings and attractions.

The iconic skyline in London called “The Shard” shows the most incredible views of the city from a unique perspective.

This famous building was designed by Architect Renzo Piano. This is the best place to see the entire city at once. To get a chance to see London in high definition, book the tickets in advance, and save five euros.

If you want something more, experience the view from the Shard twice in a day. In the day see the amazing views, and in the evening see London illuminated.

Coca-Cola London Eye

Another important attraction is the Coca-Cola London Eye, the major feature of London’s skyline. It offers some of the best views from its thirty-two capsules, each weighing ten tons, holding twenty-five people at a time.

For a breathtaking experience climb aboard. This experience will keep you close enough to see the spectacular details of the city unfolding beneath you.

For a magical experience with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Harry Potter films at Warner Bros. Step inside some of the film’s locations including the Great Hall, Hagrid’s hut and Dumbledore’s office.

Discover the famous cobbles of Diagon Alley and flourish the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes and Eyelops Owl Emporium. Also learn, how the creatures were brought to life with green screen effects.

London Dungeon-Planet Fiesta

(Source: https://wallpapercave.com/london-desktop-wallpaper)

Also, enjoy the largest collection of global marine life in the new Sea Life London Aquarium.

This experience can take visitors on an immersive and interactive journey along the Great Oceanic Conveyor. Step up into the ancient most horrible history at the London Dungeon.

Experience live actors, exciting special effects and most thrilling rides. This experience can take you into the darkest of times. So, tell me, are you brave enough to face this ninety minutes of London’s darkest past??

There are many super places to stay in London, but the most affordable one is The Nadler Victoria. Get a room there for only 125 euros per night.

2.    Stonehenge & Avebury: The most famous groups of megaliths in the world

Stonehenge is one of the famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire.

This is one of the famous magical corners in England. Visiting Stonehenge is the best trip to prehistoric, with a bigger stone circle and fewer restrictions.

According to history, Neolithic and Bronze Age man started to bring enormous stones from Wales and the Marlborough Downs, from about 2500BC.

But it was not until 1600BC that Stonehenge came to be completed.

Stonehenge & Avebury

(Source: https://www.knowth.com/stonehenge-wallpaper.htm)

These two sanctuaries are among the most famous groups of megaliths in the world. They are arranged in a pattern whose astronomical significance can easily be explored.

Few of the holy places situated near Neolithic sites cannot compare the testimony of prehistoric times. These important sites are also internationally important for its outstanding monuments.

Cursus Barrows

Stonehenge has some impressive display and makes a beautiful centre for visitors.

It is much more than just seeing the stone circle. A lovely walk through the Wiltshire countryside only takes about ten minutes.

You can also take the bus, but the walk is much better. On the walk, explore the amazing burial mounds known as “Cursus Barrows”.

Avebury, another well-known stone circle, is actually bigger than Stonehenge.

There are three circles, one very large and two inside of it. The two factors about Avebury, are the best.

One is that it is totally free, you don’t have to pay to see them. But that’s not all, you do have to pay to enter the Avebury Museum and Gardens.

The second best factor is, you can get enough close and personal with the stones.

Wander through the gorgeous Wiltshire landscape, where stones are spread out in a mound circle. Also, explore the village of stones in Avebury.

This village is a quaint with some lovely homes, not like an actual village.

You can also discover some nearby historic sights, both situated on walking distance. Silbury Hill and West Kennett can give some interesting vibes of history.

Don’t forget this plus point, especially who prefer quieter sites.

Cursus Barrows

(Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/308496643206906865/?lp=true)

The best thing about Avebury is you can take much time to get as many angles as you want. There are so many stones, and you’re allowed to wander in any way, turn up at sunrise, sunset or whenever you want.

So, the people who like convenience more, Stonehenge is a good option. And those who want some adventure in their trip, choose Avebury. OR Do the both!!

3.    York: A walled city with a rich heritage

A historical walled city in North Yorkshire is one the traditional county town of the history. The medieval streets, rich with history, attracts the tourists towards itself.

Its cobbled streets, Gothic buildings and quaint tearooms are really loved by some murky history lovers.

Discover this magical corner with the best views of the city, by climbing the 275 steps to the “York Minster’s Central Tower”. This tower is the highest point in the city.

Rooftops of old and new buildings and the sight of the River Ouse looks really adorable from this point. Take some time to admire the thrilled Gothic structure before heading up to the roof.

historical walled city

(Source: http://www.vivowallpaper.com/wallpaper/york-86712)

Art of Protest Gallery

This beautiful city is not all about history. You’ll be surprised to see an exciting contemporary art gallery, spread around the city. Explore the collection of urban and radical art in the Art of Protest Gallery.

Other famous galleries in the York are Foss gate Social, Rogues Atelier and According to McGee.

Shambles is one the best preserved medieval streets in the whole world. Its narrow twisting cobbled lanes and look like a part of the rabbit’s warren of narrow.

These buildings are now occupied by many cafes, shops and pubs.

This city offers an exciting night of history and mystery in the magical “Original Ghost Walk of York”.

This ghost walk is the best way to learn the illustrious history of this entire city. Some guys dressed in ghosts, take you into the back alleys and hidden books, telling the tales of city’s most notorious spooks.

Betty’s Tea Rooms

The most important part of this city is York’s Viking heritage. This Viking Center is among the most visited attractions in the entire country.

It was discovered beneath a shopping centre in the 1970s. But now the centre has undergone a drastic establishment by introducing state-of-the-art technology to the gallery exhibition.

To enjoy some British experience, head straight to Betty’s Tea Rooms on St. Helen’s Square. This amazing traditional restaurant offers a variety of cakes and pastries.

Admire this beautiful surrounding, by pouring a cup of tea and sinking down into a comfortable chair.

Betty’s Tea Rooms

(Source: https://www.hotelindigoyork.co.uk/)

Moving forward, explore a majestic “Castle Howard” with an easy 30-minute drive northeast of York. Castle Howard is one the England’s most spectacular country estates.

There are many beautiful paintings, period furniture, costumes and carvings in the elegant rooms of the castle.

Stay at the Hotel Indigo York, close to several attractions and restaurants. The rooms are beautifully decorated with an intimate boutique feel.

4.    Oxford: Home to the Oldest University

This magical corner of England was first known as Oxenaforda, a place where oxen crossed a river. But now it is known as the home to the oldest university in the English-specking world, “The Oxford University”.

This astonishing town also boasts the remains of Norman castles and the Christ Church Cathedral. This cathedral is both a college and cathedral rolled into one building.

Oxford University

(Source: https://hipwallpaper.com/oxford-wallpapers/)

There is plenty of things to do for both the tourist and resident. Some of them are visiting many historic buildings, going out for a drink or shopping till you drop.

Oxford is undoubted, one of the most recognizable cities in the UK. Visit for a day out, and explore the world-class arts and cultures, finest attractions and stunning venues.

The Old Fire Station

Discover a number of theatres and playhouses to enjoy some thriller performances. One of them are well known for its famous Broadway shows.

The popular theatre “The Old Fire Station” is known for its quality art aimed at adults. Some classical music is also found in the beautiful theatre named “Sheldonian Theatre”.

Check out Britain’s oldest botanical garden. This garden comes like a heaven of stone-walled peace in the heart of the busy city centre.

This is one the oldest garden in Britain. Many people visit in this heated greenhouse for some warmth. Many different species of Plants are found with labelling and additional information.

One of the famous shopping streets of Oxford is “Modern Art Oxford”. This famous street is well-reputed for its displays of visual arts, designs, crafts, sculptures and many more.

Enjoy these lovely displays with a sip of coffee in the beautiful café.

Also, find out how your favourite spirits are made? The Oxford Artisan Distillery is the first craft distillery of the city. It beautifully employs the skills of an archaeo-botanist to create find hand-made gin, vodka and rye whiskey.

Old Parsonage Hotel

(Source: https://www.virginexperiencedays.co.uk/the-oxford-artisan-distillery-tour-with-tastings-for-two)

The best place, with a perfect location in the centre of Oxford, is “Old Parsonage Hotel”.

It offers a room for 155 euros per night. You can also enjoy the amenities of open bars, restaurant, free Wi-Fi and incredible room service.

5.    Jurassic Coast: The Worlds Famous Heritage Site

Jurassic Coast is an area in southern England that runs roughly from Bournemouth to Exmouth.

This is the best place for visitors, especially fossil hunters. Many people love its white sandy beaches and take long walks with their partners.

But be careful, rocks can fall at any time when walking near the cliffs. This beautiful place in England is a famous heritage site in the world.

The millions of years of history are imprinted into the cliff towers along the coastline.

Jurassic Coast

(Source: http://www.1zoom.me/en/wallpaper/448207/z2128.8/1920×1080)

Also, discover some pre-historic fossils taking a stroll along the beach. Some of the fossils from were just recently discovered by the “mammals dating back 145-years”.

Besides this, the perfect ocean waters, fish, cute pubs and fresh air hikes make this trip even more joyful.

First of all, take a tour to Swanage, the largest town along the coast. This place is a perfect place to get a first ice-cream or fish and chips lunch on the beach.

Along the Isle of Purbeck, just beyond the Swanage, explore a small museum. This museum is included in the UNESCO Heritage Site. Explore the museum to learn some exciting history of the coast.

Then, head to Corfe Castle, a place which is packed with small tea houses. This place is perfect for an afternoon tea stop.

This famous castle is one of the most popular National Trust historic sights in the country.

Waterloo Place

(Source: https://wall.alphacoders.com/by_sub_category.php?id=204823&name=Corfe+Castle+Wallpapers)

Consider booking a cottage along the Jurassic Coast. The most affordable one is Waterloo Place situated on the western side of Charmouth.

Where Charmouth is the best place to find fossils. The cottage offers a room in just 225 euros for seven nights.

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