Best Travel Blogs of 2019 to Read & Follow

Travelling is one of the great moment in every person’s life. In my case, it is a necessary moment. When we move around in different countries, our mind opens and becomes totally fresh. Visiting new sites, watching beautiful scenery, tasting delicious food, and experiencing a different culture, all is extremely enriching.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to do what we want to do. We rarely have time to go visit the places that we want to see in the world. But there are plenty of other people who do, and they enjoy updating others on their adventures.

I also get my inspiration for writing my own blog by reading other people’s travel blogs online. If you are planning a trip, then travel blogs are the best source for cool ideas and advice.

If you want to see new sights without actually having to take off time from work, or want to take some cool advice. Then there are the best travel blogs of 2019 to read and follow.

1.    Migrationology: The Best blog for foodies

Best Travel Blogs of 2019

(Source: https://www.easyspace.com/blog/2014/06/16/interview-with-youtuber-mark-wiens-of-migrationology/)

Migrationology is one of the best blogs of 2019 that especially focuses on food. It is about doing something passionate and growing in that passion. Mark Wiens is a full-time travel eater and explores exotic locations all around the world. He is passionate for food and travels just for the sake of taking in new smells and tastes.

This is totally one of the best travel blogs to follow in 2019 for foodies. The people who love to travel to different areas of the world through their cuisine are going to benefit a lot. It got you with a lot of options of where to eat the best food. Because there is no better way to connect with the place, than through food.

You will find lists of the amazing restaurants, especially in the cities of America. Moreover, it also got a list of the best aeroplane food you could find on every type of flight. You can easily find this best travel blog in The New York Times and on CNN Travel.

2.    Bridge of Memories: Travel with style and manner

Bridge of Memories


Bridge of Memories is a place where you can travel with different style and approach. It is one of the best travel blogs of 2019 which blogs about everything visually exciting. Their mission is to enjoy life by understanding, sharing and inspiring one another.

It has an amazing list of luxurious places and hotels to stay.

It is an amazing platform, full of adventures and travels. They capture these vivid memories to share the journey with others, like-minded global citizens. This best travel blog is created by a passionate traveller “Thuy Phamova” that focuses on the UK and CZ.

You can get the best picture of the luxurious journey here. Because the Bridge of memories is the best travel blog to follow in 2019. This blog is just about inspiring and encouraging people to explore more of this world that we live in.

3.    The Drifter Collective: Explore the beauty of nature

Drifter Collective

(Source: https://driftercollective.com/)

The Drifter Collective is one of the best blogs of 2019 that focuses on the beauty of nature along with the joy of wonderful travel. It means that you can spot the best scenic sights of the world through this blog. Nature lovers are going to love this blog. The content is so inspiring and engaging. While reading it, you get the feeling of travelling with the writer.

Kacey Mya Bradley is an avid traveller and nature enthusiast who gives this opportunity to the readers to travel with her through reading.

The description of beautiful scenery and eclectic photos just glamour’s all the content. It gives the readers a taste of different cultures and customs through different stories. This is the best blog to follow in 2019 which can also give a taste of some exciting adventures.

You can also get some exciting tips on this blog. There are enormous tips for travelling, styling, home decor and ways to live happier and in style. You can also share some tips of your own there.

4.    Maptia: A world of inspiring stories


(Source: https://www.thierrybornier.com/tag/maptia/)

Their mission is to foster empathy through storytelling. It is the best travel blog of 2019 that does not share the story of only one person. It gives the opportunity for different people to share their stories on this blog. So, people everywhere can experience the cultural and natural wonders of the planet.

It is an inspiring blog which brings all the readers together to the world of thought-provoking stories. It is a collaborative project with a large group of writers, conservations, photographers and adventures. The blog does tell not only the stories but also the climate condition of every place. So, people would know what is the best time to visit a particular place.

It is one of the famous and best travel blog to follow in 2019. Their designers and editors have spent a lot of time to publish some of the most impactful stories for you. Their next step for the community is to start funding more adventurous stories.

5.    Beck van Dijk: A luxury and adventure travel blog

Beck van Dijk

(Source: https://beckyvandijk.com/w-singapore-sentosa-cove/)

Becky van Dijk is the travel blog where you will find a series of adventurous trips. As being one of the best travel blogs of 2019, it got the best option of luxury trips. You can find some boutique hotel reviews and travelling tips on this blog. Other than travelling tips it also got some awesome tips for entrepreneurship and growing own business.

These blogs belong to an entrepreneur who is passionate about sharing her knowledge and advice with others. She manages different blogs and connects with the people differently.

You can find a lot of options for an adventurous and luxurious trip on this blog. So, do follow this blog and be a part of her passionate journey.

6.    Girl vs Globe: Fly with Sabina

Girl vs Globe

(Source: https://girlvsglobe.com/)

Girl vs Globe is found to be the best travel blog of 2019. It contains a lot of adventures of Scotland-native Sabina. She is a passionate traveller and shares her experience in her unique and personal style.

As one of the best travel blog of 2019, Sabina has a certain wit about her and her stories. You can get a lot of travel stories from different places. She’s travelled to Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Other than Europe you can also get the wonders of Austria, Germany, France and many other countries.

The blog is not about just travelling, but it also got some great options of where to eat and where to stay. There are a lot of stories about fashion, travel tips, food and lots of other fun content that’s definitely worth reading.

7.    Elite Havens: Plan a fabulous tropic getaways

Elite Havens

(Source: https://www.elitehavens.com/)

If you are looking for an exotic luxury, then Elite Havens is the best blog to follow in 2019. This one is the big golden fish in your treasure map. It contains a lot of stories and helps in planning some exotic tropical getaways. You can discover the most coveted-cliff top, main-street and beachfront destinations across Southeast Asia in this blog.

As being one of the best travel blogs of 2019, it also helps in finding you the best family vacation travels. You can get rentals from Bali to Bentota and best white sandy beaches between Lipa Noi and Lombok. This is the place where one can find travel with some peace.

It also got some of the best infinity pools above Phang Nga Bay, where you can get the best service. Every word in their content about widening villa, a professional writer writes things to do and top-notch advice.

8.    The Professional Hobo: Travel on a budget

Professional Hobo

(Source: https://www.facebook.com/TheProfessionalHobo/)

Don’t fall for its name, as this blog is not about an unrealistic career change. It is one of the best travel blogs of 2019 and an encouragement to never hold you back from exploring the world. It gives an opportunity to travel all around the world on a budget. The writer of the blog, Nora Dunn travels the whole world on a budget. She shares her journey to help you go on adventures without breaking the bank.

In 2006, she sold all her financial planning practice in order to free herself for the adventure of a lifetime. You can find a list of quite attractive destinations on this best travel blog along with financial tips. This blog can teach you how to be a full-time traveller with sustainable financial.

9.    Luxury Living Blog: An Exotic and Interesting Piece

Luxury Living Blog

(Source: http://www.imaginelifestyles.com/luxuryliving/)

Luxury Living Blog, the name says it all. It is one of the best travel blogs of 2019 that welcomes travelling along with luxury. Get the incredible stories of unbelievable wealth, top rentals, events, luxury new and much more. You can also get some amazing information about exotic cars on this best travel blog.

Explore the most expensive entrees and drinks from all around the globe. Also, read up on some bizarre foods. They scan the whole world to discover the latest news about luxury for you. This is the best travel blogs to follow in 2019 and get some really good tips about luxurious trips.

10.  The Barefoot Nomad: Experience the best family adventures

Barefoot Nomad

(Source: https://www.thebarefootnomad.com/)

This blog shares some big adventures of Charles and Micki Kosman with their children. This is the best travel blog of 2019, where you read their adventures of Spain, Cuba, Honk King and many other countries.

This best travel blog began in 2003. Since then, the writers have spent years compiling notes on their adventures. They have shared a lot of experiences as a family, to make this blog one of the best travel blogs of 2019.

There are also several helpful tips that you can use on a family trip. Such as getting the most out of your phone while travelling and getting your family through airport security faster.

This best travel blog full of family dynamics gives it a unique perspective to follow. It lends itself to be the most practical and grounded travel advice.

11.  The Culture Map: Get a taste of Northern Half

Culture Map

(Source: https://www.theculturemap.com/)

It is the best travel blog of 2019, which focuses on the locations of U.K. Shing is one of the passionate traveller, who have almost covered all the northern half of the world. The blogs cover all kinds of heritage, sights, tastes, smells and sounds. It shows the true love for different cultures all around the world.

The blog covers almost fifty countries across six continents, or we can say that it covers the whole world. However, it has a special emphasis on Scandinavia and the Arctic regions. From gorgeous design and food to its amazing landscapes, Scandinavia has it all with an eco-friendly attitude.

The Culture Map has gathered together a number of popular, useful and adventurous trips just to inspire and entertain you. Most of her content will show you the best things to do in northern countries of the world. It also includes tips to how to travel in comfort through areas that are way more than colder than it used to be.

12.  Alex in Wonderland: Enjoy Scuba Diving in your travels

Alex in Wonderland

(Source: https://www.alexinwanderland.com/)

This best travel blog of 2019, follows the journey of Alex. She is resident of Albany who left Big Apple three years ago. Alex travels the world to see a new and exciting place, just to pursue her passion for scuba diving, photography and design.

You can find some exciting stories about her travelling in 21 states of America. Other than America, there are some adventures in Europe, South America, Asia, Central America and the Middle East. She’s also been out to the Caribbean!

As one of the best travel blogs of 2019, you will find a lot of help related to tips on how to travel on a budget. Even though there doesn’t seem to be much time to hold a regular job.

National Geographic and Women’s Day are magazines that mainly features this blog.


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