20 Best Travel Sites of 2019 That Gives a Feel of Travel While Reading

Technology has made this world into a totally new one. One person can wander the whole world with one click because the internet has made everything possible. Nothing is impossible in the dictionary of the Internet. So, if you want to travel anywhere in the world, then the only thing you need is internet access.

There are thousands of exciting travel sites that give a feel of travel while reading, and people enjoy with them, just by reading it. These best sites of 2019, are the best option for you to discover this world. Moreover, these sites can give the best choice of where to travel and when is the perfect time to travel. You can also get some best travelling tips that help in packing and other chauffeurs. Plus it can also give some incredible places or ideas that can help in travelling in a budget.

Believe me; there is no shortage of great sites on the internet. So, I’ve collected a list of 20 best travel sites of 2019 that are really interesting.

1.    Lonely Planet: The Stories behind the Passport Stamps

Lonely Planet

(Source: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/blog/)

It is one of the sites in the list of best travel sites of 2019 that provides travel advice, inspiration and information from the online community. It has become a successful travel site that prints at least 120 million books in eleven different languages, along with eBooks and guidebooks. They’ve also got the mobile apps that can keep you posted every time. This award-winning site provides the best tools to plan a trip along with some inspiring ideas on what to see and do. It is also the best discount travel sites of 2019 that helps in finding affordable flights and accommodations.

2.    STA Travel: Start the Adventure

STA Travel

(Source: https://www.statravel.com/blog/)

STA Travel is one of the best travel sites of 2019 that provides the latest travel tips, deals and advice. It is the world’s best travel site that inspires people to visit different places and get the best experience. Many people to share their stories about the people they had met and the places they had seen. It is also the best discount sites in 2019 that bring affordable flights and worldly adventures. They got the best affordable flights, especially for students. They’ve been travelling the world, spreading love, peace and adventure and capturing those moments just for you.

3.    Travel Dudes: For Travelers, By Travelers

Travel Dudes

(Source: https://www.traveldudes.org/)

It is an exciting guidebook that provides a platform for the travellers to share their experiences in a different way. It is a community of travellers whose aim is to assist fellow travellers on their adventure around the world. This best travel site of 2019, enables travellers to get resources before they set off on their big trips. It is a private initiative and doesn’t have a big budget like other commercial sites. They provide valuable tips, inspiration and advice on the basis of their first-hand experience. So, if you want to get some exciting travel stories, then visit this best travel site of 2019.

4.    The Blonde Abroad: Female Travel and Lifestyle Blog

The Blonde Abroad

(Source: https://theblondeabroad.com/travel-blog/)

It is the best travel site of 2019 that features travel tips, festivals, fashion and photography from around the world. Kiersten is a passionate traveller that is obsessed with this world in an intimate way. She spent almost six years sharing her stories and travel tips on this website with women around the world. It is also one of the best discount travel sites of 2019 that contain a number of resources for affordable travel. There are different exciting stories of almost seventy countries from all around the world. I would say that this is the best travel site that can give you some awesome choice of travelling from all over the world.

5.    Hand Luggage Only: The Best Inspiration to Foodies

Hand Luggage Only

(Source: https://handluggageonly.co.uk/)

It is one the best travel site of 2019, with a side of Food and Photography inspiration. It gives some pretty exciting choice of where to eat the best food in the town. Yaya and Lloyd are the ones who share their incredible travel stories and photos with other like-minded travellers on the internet. This best blog is the best inspiration for food lovers and photographers. They are doing this for a while, and their mission is to connect with other travellers across the globe. This is the best discount travel site of 2019 that is a complete guidebook with a complete door-to-door travel planner.

6.    Macrotraveller: Travel life, Macro Size


(Source: https://www.macrotraveller.com/)

Macrotraveller is one of the biggest and important addition to the list of best travel sites of 2019. Macro means big, and Traveler is the one who travels for experience and fun. It is a fun loving website which revolves around technology, travel, food and lifestyle. Whether it is a shack or palace, you are going to find every type of location on this best travel site. Their mission is to travel every forest, tiny roads, towns or major attractions that would help others travel better. This best travel site serves as an enormous source of travel based information and experiences.

7.    Local Adventurer: Adventures in Portland

Local Adventurer

(Source: https://localadventurer.com/)

It is a travel lifestyle site that has been moving to a new city each year. It is one of the best travel sites of 2019 that is enough to motivate you to get out and explore the world. Local Adventurer as being the best travel site focuses on exploring more of Atlanta. They’ve been travelling full time but with a focus on exploring local towns of Portland. It is also the best discount travel sites that give amazing ideas of how to travel to Portland on budget.

8.    Goats on the Road: Inspiring a life of adventures

Goats on the Road

(Source: https://www.goatsontheroad.com/category/blogs/)

Goats on the Road is the best travel site of 2019 run by Nick and Darience. Don’t focus on the name though; it is not about the goats on the road actually. Goats is an abbreviation for the people that love to explore the world with their loved ones. This best travel site is full of exciting stories and trips of Nick and Darience that are travelling for eight years. This is the best travel site for adventure-loving, photographers, culture-seeking and wine-drinking people.

9.    Be My Travel Muse: Solo Female Travel Blog

Be My Travel Muse

(Source: https://www.bemytravelmuse.com/)

 Be My Travel Muse is the best travel site of 2019, especially for female travellers. It is the site for off the beaten path adventures. It is an ultimate chance for an ultimate escape and chance to get to know yourself better. Just plan an immersive trip which isn’t the same thing that everyone else does. This best travel site is an incredible chance for a life-changing experience. Kristin Addis is the solo female traveller that is travelling alone all over the world. I would say, she is an inspiration for every girl to fulfil her desires and explore the whole world on its own.

10.  Out of Town: The Philippines First Travel Blog

Out of Town


Out of Blog is one of the best travel sites of 2019 that provides every kind of information. It is a travel, food and lifestyle online magazine. It is one of the best travel sites where the publisher shares his personal travel experiences, travel tips and photographs. Out of Town Blog is the top site of 2019, which also lists in the World’s Top 50 Travel Blogs. It is one of the best discount travel site that offers a complete travel guide at an affordable price. This is the best opportunity for you to explore the world from the eyes of Out of Town.

11.  You Could Travel: Soft Adventure Couples Travel Site

You Could Travel

(Source: https://www.youcouldtravel.com/)

You could travel focuses on some off the beaten path destinations and culinary affairs. It is an endless journey of adventure. This best travel site of 2019 is run by a couple that is content creators, marketers and photographers. They probably love to fall in love with the world and capture intimate moments together. Because Travelling is not about just staging pictures, it is about capturing intimate moments. It is about sharing life in a magical way. It is one of the best discount travel sites of 2019 that believes in inexpensive travelling.

12.  Green Global: A Site for Environment Lovers

Green Global

(Source: http://greenglobaltravel.com/)

Green Global is the best to travel site with some exciting travelling tips with a consciousness of health. They believe in the concept of ecotourism that conserves the environment deeply. Their mission is to share the best environmental adventures just to inspire people. They want every person to live more sustainably through travelling. Bret and Mary are partners in life that are making a positive impact through their adventurous experiences. So, follow their footsteps to explore the world’s nature.

13.  Hike Bike Travel: Read the best adventures across the globe

Hike Bike Travel

(Source: https://hikebiketravel.com/blog/)

Hike Bike Travel is one of the best travel sites in 2019. It is from an enthusiastic writer Leigh McAdam which also loves photography. She travels all around the world just to capture its beauty. This best travel site is your destination for information and stories on travel, outdoors and adventure. Hike Bike Travel is a source of inspiration that challenges you to experience the whole world around.

14.  Collect offers: Travel With Discount

Collect offers

(Source: https://blog.collectoffers.com/category/travel-2/)

It is one of the best travel sites of 2019 that provides users with discounts, voucher codes and much more. Collect offers feature all type of trips including fashion, food, Lifestyle and gadgets. It is the famous news site that posts new deals across all categories, from travel to fashion. Also, it is the best discount travel site of 2019 that provides the latest top coupons for hotels etc. This site is the best chance for you to explore the world along with some cheap accommodations.

15.  Stingy Nomads: Awesome Travel Blog

Stingy Nomads

(Source: https://stingynomads.com/)

It is one of the best discount travel sites in 2019. Their mission is to show that world travel does not have to be expensive or out of your reach. Campbell and Alya are full-time travel couple that has been exploring the world for four years. This best travel site is all about exploring, trekking, diving and photographing the world on a super budget. They also share some awesome tips through their experience.

16.  Savoured Journeys: Make Every Journey a Savored One

Savoured Journeys

(Source: https://www.savoredjourneys.com/)

Laura and Nick run this best travel site by sharing their trips to more than forty countries. Their mission is to help others see the world, taste delicious food and explore the incredible places. It is the best discount travel site of 2019 that helps in finding the best affordable luxury travel. You can learn about some exciting destinations and activities. Plan your perfect vacation and get the most out of every second.

17.  Finding the Universe: Capture the Best Travel Tales

Finding the Universe

(Source: https://www.findingtheuniverse.com/)

It is the best travel site of 2019 from Laurence and Jessica, who have been writing since 2009. The site shares stories from their tips, travels and advice for other travellers. They capture some of the amazing photos from the road. As the name expresses everything, the site is all about exploring this whole world and finding hidden gems.

18.  My Five Acres: Experience Adventure travel with yoga

My Five Acres

(Source: https://www.myfiveacres.com/blog/)

My Five Acres is an amazing travel site that gets you out of comfort zone and changes your life. This site mainly focuses on meditation, health and yoga while travelling. If you want a little more self to love in life, then this site is a good place to start. Stephen and Jane travels a lot and shares their experience of almost 42 countries. This site is the best chance to explore yourself to the world.

19.  Fill My Passport: Bringing the fusion of travel

Fill My Passport

(Source: https://www.fillmypassport.net)

It is a whole community which offers some exciting resources to change your vacation from ordinary to sublime. It is a one-stop shop for travel resources. Their mission is to bring some alternative choices that can give you an amazing experience. This best travel site of 2019 provides with written testimony of extraordinary culinary. It is also a good assistant that help in planning different celebrations abroad.

20.  The Nomadic Vegan: A go-to source for vegan food around the world

The Nomadic Vegan

(Source: https://www.thenomadicvegan.com/)

The Nomadic vegan is a famous travel site from Wendy. She is an intrepid world traveller that loves food and animals. She has spent most of her in travelling hundreds of countries all around the world. Her mission is to show how fun vegan travel can be. This is the best chance for you to make your own travels more rewarding, compassionate and delicious.


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