15 Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine’s Day 2019


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Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is a day when every couple thrives to relive the unique bond they share.

When someone somewhere, finally find their soul mate and decides to tell that special person how much they mean to them.

Romance is in the air, and the world is full of stunning destinations for the perfect romantic getaway. So why not celebrate it in a distant, dreamy, gorgeous location that can make you fall for each other all over again as there are many romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day 2019.

Love is in the air and probably you want to spend this special day in a special place. You don’t want to spoil it while spending it at the same place you’re working, and explored like a thousand time.

Yes! We need a new place in this new year of love. Because every place has a different charm, and you probably not want to end up in the same place as always.

You need a change, and this relationship needs a change, so be ready to add some change in your life by exploring these 15 most romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day 2019.

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1. Rome: A film set of Italian La La Land

It is a city of cobbled piazzas, al fresco trattorias and time-weathered Baroque churches. It is one of the most romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day 2019.

Rome feels like a film set built especially for your very own Italian La La Land. There are many scenic backdrops for dalliance and declarations.

This year celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Rome. It is the mecca of love and offers some temples, amazing views, ruins, yummy food and hidden gems all around.

Make this day more romantic by sleeping in a cosy, romantic tree house. Get to Viterbo to La Piantata, and they will take care of an idyllic little tree house.

Take a tour to Trastevere, one of the best places in Rome for a fun night out. It offers delicious trattorias and osterias and a great area to have an amazing chill night out.

Rome Italian La La Land - Valentine Day 2019 - Planet Fiesta

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2. Bangkok: Cruise Through Bangkok on a tuk-tuk

Valentine’s Day across Thailand is becoming an important destination for couples. Many top Bangkok’s top restaurants and bars hold special romantic evenings and themed events to mark the day.

This place offers a beautiful dinner under the stars or night on the river. Pick out the best place to enjoy the evening in style.

Explore the beauty of Bangkok by taking a long walk, ride a tuk-tuk and cruise the Chao Phraya River on this 3.5-hour tour. Stroll these vibrant Chinatown and Sampeng Market.

After admiring the sights like Royal Palace and Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market, depart from Ta Chang Pier for a scenic riverboat cruise.

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3. Venice: Don’t Miss the Gondola Ride

Venice is a beautiful city, and the chances of falling in love are so high there. Spend at least a week there to cherish the romance as well as city. The city is all about romance, even if you are not romantic, but after breathing in Venice air, you will become one.

A romantic trip to Venice on Valentine’s Day 2019, would be incomplete without experiencing Gondola ride. Take a long walk around the city to check out the interesting things, and once tired, hop onto one of the classic gondola boats.

This boat takes through the big and small canals in a thirty-minute ride. Another famous and beautiful sight in Venice is Bridges of Sighs. It is a romantic ambience that will mesmerize you.

Venice Gondola Ride - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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4. Ushuaia: Explore Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Ushuaia is not a very popular city of Argentina but is the southernmost city in the world. This could be the beginning of romance and love. This is the best destination in Argentina for lovers, the second most romantic place in the world. Don’t forget to visit the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and gain amazing perspectives.

Couples who love hiking and exploring the great outdoors should check out Tierra del Fuego National Park. This park is usually accessible in the day only, where slippery icy glaciers peek out from above the trees.

It has beautiful scenery, but a very moody and mysterious history.

Spend a simple and romantic day through the sludgy pathways of emerald lakes of Laguna Esmeralda. The terrain is flat and stable, and the trails are remarkable.

So, enjoy some best natural scenic views with your loved one on this Valentine’s Day 2019.

Ushuaia Les Eclaireurs - Valentine Day 2019 - Planet Fiesta

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5. Honolulu: Share a big hug on one of the benches of Foster Botanical Gardens

There is no better place to spend Valentine’s Day 2019 in a tropical paradise like Honolulu. There are many things to there, from night swimming to romantic hotel packages and from dinners to the flower bouquets. Explore the panoramic sunsets, an amazing ocean view, calming water sounds and steep volcanoes.

Don’t go wrong in the romance department even if you just went to the beach and handed out some roses and chocolates.

Foster botanical garden is a place where visitors find a refreshing change from the chaos of the city. It displays a mature and impressive collection of tropical plants.

So, share a smooch or a big hug on one of the benches of the Foster Botanical Gardens, then join a beach party and relax. The city has some awesome beaches, and the beautiful sky will reflect in your loved one’s eyes.

Honolulu Foster Botanical Gardens - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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6. Amsterdam: Intimate, cheeky and gently alluring city

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities on the earth. It is an intimate, cheeky and gently alluring city which charms and seduces many couples. Its beauty lies with tree-lined canals, gliding swans, fairy-lit bridges and buckets of bloom bursting out from every street corner.

This year on Valentine’s Day, Amsterdam offer couples to walk while holding hands through the city’s fantastic flower markets. Or pause for a kiss alongside picturesque canals. Different restaurants offer special packages and romantic candle-lit-tables.

The hosts of Valentine’s Day 2019 parties in Amsterdam attract couples looking for a less traditional evening out with their loved one.

Amsterdam - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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7. Dubrovnik: Dine at Orsan overlooking the yachting marina

Every corner of the Old City is full of romance. Walk around the City Walls holding hands, kiss on the Porporela with the sound of waves in the background and drink coffee at Stradun. This old town can take you back centuries, along cobbled streets lined by Baroque stone buildings.

Plan a candlelight dinner at Proto in Dubrovnik’s Old Town or at Orsan overlooking the yachting marina. There is a place where you can lock your love, and maybe love lock is a perfect way to do it.

Buy a lock, write the names and lock it on the Boninovo fence. It is also a good place to enjoy sunsets.

Dubrovnik Yachting Marina - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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8. Florence: Italy’s most popular wedding destinations

Florence is one of the most romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day 2019. It offers some of the world’s greatest art treasures, top-class shopping, a vibrant restaurant scene and excellent choice of hotels with dreamy views.

Hire a boat to the Arno at sunset along with a bottle of bubbly.

Moreover, it is Italy’s most popular wedding destination where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were married in May 2014.

Visit the Dante and Beatrice’s Church, a place for spiritual love. This place shows the beautiful story of Dante and Beatrice. They fall in love from a very young age in this small church of Florence.

Plan a romantic dinner in Fiesole, which is considered to be a romantic spot. You can propose her by arranging a romantic date in this beautiful hills of Florence.

What would be more charming than getting married in this popular wedding destination?

Italy Florence - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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9. Madrid: Made for romantic moments

Madrid is a beautiful place, with beautiful landscapes and lots of scenic views. Couples enjoy this place as it is made for romantic moments and you are the person that can make it more memorable.

Plan a romantic dinner in the beautiful café of Plaza de la Paja. Order a special bottle of champagne and surprise her with the box of chocolates and flowers. Or if you have something special in mind go for it.

Spend this charming afternoon by crawling around the neighbourhood of Madrid and enjoying some awesome views.

The famous dishes of Madrid are sizzling prawns and garlicky mushrooms, which tastes more appetizing when you are with a partner. Valentine’s Day is incomplete without a romantic night, so when the light starts to fade, head to the astonishing Debod Temple. This is an ancient structure that becomes more romantic during sunset.

Spain Madrid - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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10. Barcelona: A seductive place for lovers

Barcelona is an awesome place and one of the best romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day 2019. There is something in its vibe that every person just gets lost in its beauty and falls in love.

Whether you are single or with a partner, this place can make you seductive.

Watching sunsets at the beaches with a partner is the best thing to do in Barcelona. Plan a romantic picnic on the white sandy beach of Barcelona, with a bottle of red wine and some Jamon Iberico.

Select the best place to stay where you can get an incredible spa treatment, after all; it is necessary after a full day of enjoyment.

Mayfair club is an awesome place that offers full privacy to the couples. Its rooftops offer incredible views of the city. The hotel is perfect from every corner, its dining area, ground-floor bar and roofs are beautifully manufactured for mingling.

Spain Barcelona - Valentine Day - Planet Day

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11. Marrakech: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Red City

This is a famous destination and called Red City for its romantic views. Marrakech is a special place which can make your Valentine’s weekend a memorable one.

It is full of awesome attractions that become more beautiful on the occasion of Valentine.

Visit Sky Bar Wow, an amazing terrace which offers to enjoy delicious food along with the awesome views of the city.

It is the very luxurious, beautiful and elegant place, really loved by couples. Artist Maurizio was the one who made this beautiful place, a point of lovers.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the city offers many incredible events and parties. So, don’t miss the opportunity to spend some quality time in Marrakech, as there is much more to do.

Marrakech Red City - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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12. Vienna: A point of popular, elegant coffee houses

Vienna is all about coffee and cakes. This is the place where you can get the best coffee and cakes for your lover.

There are plenty of opportunities to spend time gazing into each other eyes in Vienna’s elegant coffee houses. Drop into the Café Central, order your favourite coffee, and get lost into each other eyes.

Planning a trip in February means a lot of snow, but that will just add to the romance. Vienna is organizing some awesome events for Valentine’s Day 2019.

These events include operas, concerts, dining with a concert and some other interesting events that can make your day.

Vienna - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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13. San Sebastian: A mecca of foodies, love and romance

San Sebastian is known as Spain’s most romantic city. Couples do enjoy this place especially on Valentine’s Day 2019.

San Sebastian on the north coast of Spain is a mecca of love, romance and foodies, and can be lovelier at this time of year. Its mild weather, interactive landscapes and incredible views are enough to fall in love with.

Its beautiful beach, sights, food, everything is incredible. San Sebastian has more Michelin stars per square meter than anywhere else in the word. It is the home to the famous chefs working today.

So, take your lover to for a delicious and tasty dinner in one of the famous restaurant of the city. Make this Valentine’s Day a special one by tasting a delicious cheesecake with your lover.

But be careful this cake can end your relationship if you dared to share!

San Sebastian - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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14. Austria: Curl up in your igloo

Imagine a beautiful place, covered in snow, and you and your living an igloo.

Isn’t it awesome? This dream can come true by visiting Austria on this Valentine’s Day 2019. Alpeniglu Village in the heart of Kitzbuehler can make you live in your igloo.

Go on hiking, ice skating and much more fun activities. Couples mostly prefer a gondola ride strolling through the forest of the village.

After enjoying all these fun activities, take your partner to a candlelight dinner in the igloo dining room before snuggling up in super cosy sleeping bags.

Enjoy a two-night break of ballerina dance in Vienna. It is starting from 15th February 2019. Don’t miss this beautiful ball of Vienna, as it comes like once in lifetime opportunity.

Austria - Valentine Day - Planet Fiesta

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15. Paris: A symbol of romance and love

Paris is a popular destination to on Valentine’s Day. Many people prefer dinner in Eiffel Tower while along the beach. It is also known as a symbol of romance because the Eiffel Tower makes it. Many women dream to get engaged in Paris, especially on Eiffel tower.

So, make an arrangement, and propose your partner on Eiffel Tower, for the mesmerizing trip.  The city’s lights, food, French cookies, French kiss, everything about Paris is just lovely. It is a dream place of every couple.  There is much more to do in Paris and trust me you need a whole weekend to absorb its charm.

So, plan a romantic weekend to Paris and get lost in the beauty and charms of the city on this Valentine’s Day 2019.

Eiffel Tower Paris - Valentine Day - Planet Day

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