Where to go in 2019?

As 2018 has come to its ending, and 2019 started with its new blessings. It’s time to change our priorities and plans. It’s going to be an exciting upcoming year, so why not make it more joyful. Make this year, a travel bucket list like your office to-do-list and tackle the timeliest items first.

The travellers whose new year’s resolutions include travelling; then travel experts got plenty of suggestions. Because now is the time to start dreaming about where travel can take you in 2019. Here are plenty of options for where to go in 2019. So, choose one or more, and start planning the incredible upcoming trip.

1. Japan: Enjoy the ninth Rugby World cup

Plan the trip to Japan because it is hosting an exciting Rugby World Cup in 2019. This event will put Japan on the world stage. I bet that if you visit in 2019, then you are definitely getting a beautiful reward. Because Japan is investing in entertainment, tourism and infrastructure. The world cup is starting from Sep, so there is the best chance to book the place in advance.

the ninth Rugby World cup


This place usually comes a little bit pricey due to the World Cup. But if the booking is made now, then the prices can be pretty low. Moreover, there is a best chance to see the cherry blossom. From March to May the pink blooms are celebrated all over the country with festivals and picnics. So, better not miss this beautiful chance. In this season, there is cherry blossom not on the trees but also in snacks, on souvenirs and even sprinkled on Starbucks.

Furthermore, about 200 art galleries and museums are going to open in 2019. This is going to be a great opportunity for art and history lovers.

2. Jordan: A new Red Sea gateway

Jordan is going to organize many exciting things this year. The country opens a new route from the south. Jordan’s Red Sea coast of Aqaba offers amazing diving with beautiful colourful fish. To get the best diving and snorkelling day trips, visit the Red Sea Dive Center, just twenty minutes from the south of the city. This centre is a new gateway to the Red Sea that gives assurance of a good time. Aqaba is also a gateway to the spectacular desert and landscapes of Wadi Rum.

Red Sea gateway


This place leads to the ancient wonders and colossal sandstone that swallow you up. There are many other things to enjoy in Jordan. Visit the Petra, a world heritage site, also known as Red Rose City. Discover the Dead Sea, to float in its salty waters and treat yourself to a mud mask. Also explore the fascinating architecture in Jerash, an ancient Roman city once underground.

3. Gujarat: The home of Gandhi

In 2019, Gujarat is offering to join the celebration for the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd of October. India has already embarked on a two-year celebration. Besides a birthday, many events take place in Gujarat, making the best time for their visitors. The places that Gujarat offers to visit are Gandhi’s birthplace in the town of Porbandar and Sabarmati ashram in Ahmedabad. Other than Gandhi’s connection there is much more to explore.

Gujarat the home of Gandhi


India claimed Ahmedabad’s as its first world heritage city in 2017. Ahmedabad is a walled town with its citadel and forts guarding a warren of mosques, pols and temples. Visit the Jain temple complex at Palitana remarkable dessert. This dessert offers the unusual wildlife spotting including flamingos, wild asses, sloth bears and the world’s last Asiatic lions.

4. Durban: A unique fusion of British colonial heritage

Durban in South Africa is very well-known with its sub-tropical climate, shark nets and warm Indian Oceans. This place is delightful for surfers. Talking about the charms of the city, Durban has a unique fusion of Zulu, Indian and British colonial heritage. It is now easier to reach from the UK since British Airways launched direct flights in October.

Durban is organizing amazing cricket matches between South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan at its Kings mead Stadium. This match is starting from 22nd January, so cricket lovers should book their tickets like right now!



For a cultural lover, Durban is organizing the 40th Durban International Film Festival. In this festival, the red carpet is rolled out for an electric mixture of blockbusters and art-house movies in 18th to 28th July. Durban also offers an incredible opportunity for divers to witness the most fantastic view of underwater. Durban is creating most celebrated spectacles between May and July.

5. Kyrgyzstan: Where eagles and hikers dare

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked central Asian country, where semi-nomadic peoples still hunt with golden eagles. Issyk Kol is a lake surrounded by snowy peak, which offers to witness this great tradition. This is the best place for hikers and climbers, as Kyrgyzstan offers a new 506-mile network of trails in the country. The word “new” usually refers to their use by international trekkers as many of these trails have been used for millennia.



This year, Kyrgyzstan is offering many exhibitions and events. These events and exhibitions are the perfect places to know global and local companies. They are organizing these events in April, May and June 2019. Some of them include FoodExpo Kyrgyzstan, a 3rd international specialized exhibition of the food industry, beauty Expo, a 5th international dedicated exhibition of beauty industry and National Horse Games festival by CBT.

Visit a large village of Kochko in the west of Issyk Kol. It offers several trails and an excellent base for walkers. Stay in Yurt camps for an incredible experience, where shepherds might invite you for a cup of kymyz or a shot of Vodka.

6. Rwanda: Safaris and Street Art

Another best to go in 2019 is Rwanda, with a booming tourist industry. There is much wildlife to see in the protected parks of Rwanda. Located in the east of Rwanda, Akagera National Park has reintroduced the kind of black rhino and lion. In different parks of Rwanda, you can still find some horrible gorillas.

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, offers to explore the Genocide Museum and the Genocide Memorial. There is a new sense of energy in the city and incredible art scenes. The large Rwandan House, Niyo Art Gallery recently turned into an exhibition for local artists. Whereas, visit the Kurama, Kwiga and Kureba to experience some colourful murals.

Safaris and Street Art


This year, Rwanda is organizing some exciting and adventurous events for its visitors. This adventure can bring hope to children living in extreme poverty by running, cycling or walking. Join the community of runners, trekkers and cyclists who are going the extra mile in Rwanda. This can be a great challenge plus you’ll get to experience the Rwandan culture.

7. Singapore: Bicentennial Showcase

Singapore is a favourite place due to a significant free port with a growing population and economy. The whole nation honours their country by celebrating “founding of modern Singapore”. Singapore marks many exciting landmarks and history behind its walls.  There are different exhibitions, light shows, installations and festivals around the city such as Bicentennial Showcase. It is an immersive film and performance events across five galleries, showing the country’s history.

The first Hollywood movie with an all-Asian cast, shone a spotlight on Singapore, in 2018. This movie was full of bling locations and ever-popular Supertree Grove, the colourful houses of Orchard Road.

Bicentennial Showcase


People love to eat here like it is a national pastime here. In 2019, Singapore is hosting at least fifty best restaurants awards in June, with individual talks, dinners and other events.

The activities in Singapore can have you channelling the inner action hero. For an incredible adventure, hop on cable care and make your way to Sentosa. The island is full of attractions including its resorts, wind tunnel for indoor skydiving and movie-inspired rides at Universal Studios.

8. Ethiopia: New thinking, new flights and wolves

This country is reforming and making a better place for tourists under the influence of the new Prime minister. This new prime minister has made peace with Eritrea and created a new peace ministry to appoint the women to half the cabinet posts. Ethiopia is well-known for having a strong cultural identity and fascinating history. The country still faces deep challenges, but 2019 is an exciting time to visit.

There are many different ways to get there, but Ethiopian Airlines has made it easy by launching new direct flights from Manchester to Addis Ababa last month. This country offers many incredible scenic places such as the Bale Mountains. The access to Bail Mountains has become easy due to the new Bale Robe airport, opened in October. Another great spot is the Simien Mountains where the Ethiopian wolf can be spotted.

new flights and wolves


At the beginning of the year, Ethiopia is organizing Gondar’s Timkat Festival. It is a pure spectacle of celebrating one of the most significant religious festivals in Ethiopia.

9. Northern Vietnam: Climb the holy mountain

Northern Vietnam has long made pilgrimages to Yen Tu Mountains, but a new village complex at the foot of sacred peak is a welcoming spot for tourists. The legacy hotel in the village is a true gem which offers room for only 12 dollars per night.

The best time to visit Vietnam in February, as it organized many festivals and events this month. Try the cable car to climb the 1,068-meter summit instead of walking. There are lots of spa centres that offers a quiet, beautiful view of the landscape of hills. Pu Luong nature reserves some terraces of rice.

Northern Vietnam


Take a four-hour bus ride to the south-west of Hanoi and enjoy the beautiful terraces of Pu Luong. Vietnam offers many homestays, along with Pu Luong Retreat only 13 euros per night. The hotel offers several amenities including breakfast, open-air restaurant, gardens and infinity pool. Try bamboo rafting or trek in the hills, cycling and kayaking. This place can make your trip the best one. So, pack the bags and get ready for some trekking!

10. Tasmania: Closer than ever to the UK

Tasmania is the place, which has never been closed for visitors from the U.K. This island is a paradise for hikers. The terrain is rugged with multi-day walks, Huts walks and the Wulkalina Walk. Proper guides are available for every different walk.

Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art shows the true colours of Tasmania’s culture. In 2019, Hobart is launching a new program from January 13 to 20, with full orchestras and contemporary dance and post-rock guitar bands. They are arranging another festival name Mona Foma’s sister between June 14 and 23. This festival brings together art exhibitions, after nebulous concepts and a Winter Feast on Hobart’s docks.



This island has become a mountain biking hotspot, with trails cutting through its forests. That’s why the town of Derby is organizing the Shimano Enduro World Series on March 31. This event is going to be a special one for mountain bikers. There are much more exciting events and festivals throughout the whole year. So, don’t waste your time and start planning now!

11. Samarkand: On the Silk Road

Uzbekistan has begun its new journey since President Shavkat Mirziyoyev took over from Islam Karimov in 2016.  It has now become a famous and hospitable place for tourists. The tourists enjoy the country’s renowned hospitality, impressive architecture and Silk Road legacy. Many things are still improving. The country has opened the visas for Tajik town of Penjikent.



This has combined the Samarkand visit with a trek in Tajikistan’s Fann Mountains. It is very easy to get around. They have also launched an Istanbul-Samarkand route. It means the jewel n Uzbekistan’s crown is just one stop from London. Don’t miss the capital, Tashkent, because it can give you some amazing collection of photos. Finally, photography is allowed on the handsome Tashkent Metro.

12. Belize: Accessible Caribbean Paradise

Belize is the best place to enjoy some Caribbean beaches in 2019. It offers easy access to beaches, jungles, Garifuna culture and Mayan ruins within just a few hours travel. Belize is now easier to get to from the UK, avoiding the unnecessary stay flights. The country is easily explored by independent travellers on a small budget.

Caribbean Paradise


Sweet Songs jungle lodge at the riverside, is the best place to stay for independents. Many other beautiful resorts are also launched for families, singles and couples. Hickatee Cottages is one of the best places that provides an opportunity to explore waterfalls, coral cays and Garifuna culture.

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