Kashmir, a city of incredible views, and the best tourist attractions in India. This place is not only special for tourists but also for the migratory birds who flew from Southern Europe and Central Asia. In the winter season, Kashmir gives some beautiful vibes to the tourists. The vibes to take some awesome snaps of them with the pure white and incredible snow.

When you have Kashmir, then why even think of Switzerland? Kashmir, in winter, gives some awesome views to explore within some thrilling adventure sports. Its mesmerizing peaks, frozen lakes and other incredible views can make a person fall in love with this paradise on earth. While planning a trip to India, put Kashmir on the top of the lost. Moreover, Kashmir also evolves as a bustling hub for winter sports and other activities.

Here, you are going to find some best pictures of Kashmir that will create an urge to visit this incredible place by yourself.

Kashmir in the winter season

Snowfall in Kashmir! It is just wow!!

This snow falling turns Kashmir into white-carpeted heaven, brings Switzerland in India. Travelling to Kashmir in winter season is an incredible, joyful experience. As some of captivating experience and pictures in winter are fair enough to make fall in love with the region. The most amazing views of snow falling are found in Ladakh, an hour away. It is one of the coldest places in the country. Many people believe that it is unable to reach Ladakh in the winter season. But the truth is that this may be the best time for adventurous souls.

Snowfall in Kashmir


Winter is very harsh in this area, and temperature comes down less than – 30 degrees Celsius at night. So, be ready to face some harsh cold day and even colder nights, where everything will be frozen. Even no running water in taps, but the life still goes on as usual. Discover some best snowfall in Ladakh, that’ll give some cool snaps for the Instagram album.

snowfall in Ladakh


The other best place to see some white mountains in Kashmir is Sikkim. This place is all about old-age Mountains, luxurious valleys and gushing rivers. This place has become one of the most visited hill stations of India, over the years. Better visit in January to experience these whitey mountains and get cool snaps.

Experience the coolest cable drive ever!

Get the luckiest drive by gondola cable car in Gulmarg. This ride is one of the coolest rides and offers to see the panoramic beauty of Kashmir. Many poets have also sung about the beauty of Kashmir in their writings. During the ride, visitors get to see some soldiers walking or climbing on the slope in the valley. A beautiful view of snow-capped mountains gives the best arguable vibe.

coolest cable drive


While on a ride, don’t forget to wear gumboots and thick woollen coats. They also offer to play in the snow for an hour or two, at the top of the mountain, at least 14,000 feet above sea-level. Some people suggest this ride for some daring persons because this ride soars above the clouds to the top of the Afarwat Mountains. And the people who are afraid of heights, better stay away from it.

Afarwat Mountains


This ride is based on three phases, but the tourists generally face only the first two. Phase one offers a ride with some lower height, so it’s better to go to phase two rather than phase one.  Phase two takes you to the Apparwath peak which is covered with full snow. The ponies are also available on that peak, which can be hired at an affordable price.

So, whenever plan to head out for a vacation in Kashmir, ought to go for this incredible ride. This awesome ride is going to give some unforgettable views. Also, bring a handy camera to capture all the magic.

Honeymoon when it’s snowfall time in Kashmir

Every person dream is to visit heaven and explore paradise. Kashmir is a kind of a place like heaven on the earth, and that is why it is a dream place for newly weds. For an incredible honeymoon plan a visit to Kashmir in the winter season. Also include visits to Pahalgam, Srinagar, Sonamarg and Gulmarg to add some charm on this special trip. Also, get a chance to pick the best resorts located in all these regions.

snowfall time in Kashmir


Srinagar is a point of romance and sublime nature. It offers the most incredible views and landscapes with other attractions that mark the resplendent beauty of the land. Nishat Garden, Chashma Shahi, Shalimar Bagh and the grandeur of Pari Mahal reminds one of the resplendent Mughal era. The mesmerizing beauty of Dal and Nagin Lakes can also be not be neglected. In the winter, all the valleys turn white from green and show the remarkable scene of the season.

Chashma Shahi


In Gulmarg, Shark Fin is reckoned as the finest bowl for powder skiing. So, couples can enjoy an opportunity to rip apart the snow and sway through an immaculate steep slope. Shark Fin, the greatest White Mountain, has an excessive quality to thrill the visitors.

The major source of attraction in Pahalgam is Chadanwari. It is an elevation point of 2,895 meters above sea level, located on a motorable road from main Pahalgam. To get some refreshing and off-track destination for a honeymoon, explore the eternal beauty of Pahalgam. Stop over to Chandanwari to unwind in the lap of nature.

beauty of Pahalgam


So, plan a honeymoon to Kashmir, this winter, and explore the beautiful valleys to collect some best pictures.

Unlimited Snowboarding and Skiing in Kashmir

Snow means skiing!!

Winter vacation always comes with an opportunity of skiing and snowboarding for ski lovers. Kashmir offers Gulmarg, heaven for skiers and snowboarders. It offers many facilities in those powder-covered regions that are well worth the trip.

Skiing in Kashmir


Gulmarg reflects the purity of nature. A small beautiful town, covered in snow, is heaven for the adventure seekers and a paradise for nature lovers. Alpine mountains in the region of Gulmarg offer to sway through in the cold, white snow.

Gulmarg is also known as “Heartland of Winter sports”, where all the excitement takes place. Gulmarg has been a symbol of skiing in the country. The place also takes great pride in owning Asia’s largest cable car project. Also famous for being the longest Golf Course in India.

Alpine mountains


It offers a number of sightseeing landscapes and views. Kongdori and Aparwath are one of them and offers panoramic views of the valley. Another spectacular destination is Khilanmarg that offers an unmatched view of the Himalayan range. A popular tourist attraction in the Gulmarg is the frozen lake beyond the Khilanmarg that attracts the attention of many visitors.

Experience different skiing tour by getting some enchanting package to Kashmir!

Do not miss the Chadar Trek

Just imagine yourself camping on the banks of a frozen river and drinking hot tea at the clear, midnight blue star-lit sky!

This image can come true by taking a tour to trek known as Chadar Trek. This trek is located across the frozen Zanskar River. In the way to trek, explore the snow-covered mountains trails of Zanskar Valley. Make your body fit enough to endure the diligence of this demanding trek.

Chadar Trek


The true meaning of “Chadar” is blanket, used to refer the trek along the frozen river. This challenging trek offers different opportunities to savour ancient Buddhist monasteries. Chadar trek also offers some time to explore the monasteries and royal palaces of the Indus Valley, known as Little Tibet. Experience an incredible lunch in between the trek, where sunlight is abundant for much less duration. Walking through some magnificent waterfalls and frozen cliffs give a feeling of walking through a giant freezer. On your walk to trek, climb on to the “Rocky River Bank” and stay a night at camp.

Rocky River Bank


While passing through giant frozen waterfalls, explore a sight of mountain fox. Also discover Tibb, Hodong and Shingra Koma on your way to trek.

This experience is going to be a challenging one, especially in winter, so be careful. The best time to visit this beautiful place is mid-January to mid-February.

The “Kanger” experience in Kashmir

Kashmir looks very beautiful in winter, but when chill gets too hard to bear, people warm up to the Kanger. This kanger is often called Kangri, a traditional fire-spot in Kashmir, used as a small conventional heater. An earthen pot, woven around with pliable twigs of the willow tree is filled with burning charcoal to keep warm. This is a traditional way of Kashmiris to stay warm and cosy.



It is held against the body under a pheran, a unique undergarment for Kashmiri’s. They call it a mobile heater as it can be carried along anywhere. Few of them keeps it under the blanket to make bedding warm enough for sleeping comfortably and then remove it.

This type of local inventions, keep serving people with modern-day heating appliances in recent years. This small heater not only keeps people warm but also feed thousands of families by providing them with livelihoods.

Kangri in kashmir


These kangris are mostly manufactured by artisan families, spread across different villages of Kashmir. The maker weaves kangri and gives it two handles so that it can be easily carried away.

Get a whole piece of charcoal to frost bites at bay as it is good to last for a day.

Beholding the best of a snow mountain valley in Sonamarg

Sonamgar, an hour drive from Srinagar is one of the best place known for its snow valleys. This is the place in Kashmir that will take your breath away. This place remains inaccessible in winter, but with the help of some locals, one can manoeuvre the tricky trail well. Its beauty is seriously unparalleled with golden beauty turning into a sea of white.

snow mountain valley in Sonamarg


Sonamgar offers an incredible view of Gadsar Lake, which lies frozen throughout the year. This lake is surrounded by two snow-covered mountains and shrouded in alpine flowers. Also, enjoy some amazing views of the frozen Satsar and Baltan Lakes.

Gangabal Lake


A serene water body nestled in the foothills of the Harmukh Mountains offers an astonishing view. Gangabal Lake serves as habitat for different varieties of freshwater fish, especially brown trout. The beautiful scenery of Gangabal Lake with the Harmukh Mountain in its back is something that attracts every photographer. Moreover, it offers many visitors to click some stunning pictures of the lake and its scenic environs.

trip to Kashmir in winter


The most popular places in Sonamarg for visitors to explore are Zero Point and Thajiwas Glacier. This beautiful land of golden meadows has its own charm in the winter season.

This is one of the most visited places in India, especially in winter. So, must-visit Sonamgar during a trip to Kashmir in winter!

Enjoy some warm bites in Kashmir during winter

Other than kangri, you also need some other thing to keep warm in this chilliest area. Try a cup of hot Kehwa and Kashmiri Harissa that would do the job of warming up both; soul and body. Start the day with the famous Kashmiri chai, mildly spiced with the flavours of cinnamon and saffron. A touch of sweet honey and topping of nuts makes it beyond just a beverage. It is a traditional drink that comes in a large metal pot with small bowls.

Kashmiri Harrissa


Kashmir is a non-vegetarian region and locals enjoy the dishes made up of goat meat or mutton. The dish is cooked slowly on fire overnight and then served with a traditional naan-bread. The other delicious Kashmiri dishes include Kashmiri Pulav, Dum aloo, Kebabs and Yakhni. Kashmiri Harrissa is one of the most popular, lip-smacking and a local dish that everyone should try.

On the other hand, Kehwa is made up of eleven locally-grown herbs. This delicious Kehwa is served with a savoury, crispy and salted bread named “Sheermal”.

Kashmiri mutton rogan josh


You have discovered all the wonders of Kashmir in the winter season. Now is the time to book the flights for India, and visit this amazing place. Capture this amazing opportunity in this winter and lay your eyes on the best pictures of Kashmir!

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