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Holy Shrine of Shia’s eight Imam in Iran, Imam Reza (A.S)

Holy Shrine of Shia’s eight Imam Reza (A.S) - Planet Fiesta

Mashhad is one of the second largest cities of Iran.

Mashhad is the city in which the Holy Shrine Reza (A.S) is present.

Consequently, Every year millions of pilgrims not only from Iran but from all over the world visit Mashhad to come to visit the holy shrine of Reza (A.S).

People who visit Mashhad are known as Mashti.

The people are often greeting each other by saying “Eltemas E Dua” which means remember me in your prayers.

The holy shrine is very large.

similarly, Architecture and the absolutely fabulous tile work, glass art, calligraphy in Arabic have no comparison.

Beside it, The zarih is located inside the shrine, this is the graveyard of the Reza (A.S).

The people used to touch the zarih and tie a green fabric as manat on it.

A great rush is seen every time on the shrine.

furthermore, Photography is not allowed at the zarih for security purposes, but only allowed outside.

Not only Muslims Shia, or Sunni visit it but non-Muslim too.

Imam Mosque

Similarly, Imam Mosque is very famous for its architectural aspects, like stone and glass.

In the southern side of this mosque under the dome, the echo of sound is produced.

The height of its minarets in the Nasqh-e-Jahan square has reached at the elevation of 42 m.

This mosque was constructed under the decree of Shah Abbas I during his prolonged ruling period of twenty-four year.

Moreover, And in the ruling period of his successors,

the further extension and decoration of the building were completed.

Most Importantly, This mosque was constructed under the great supervision of Ostad Ali Akbar Isfahani and Moheb Ali Beik.

The dome of the mosque is about 52 m high.

The external structure of the building is seen as a huge piece of marble and other stones slabs

beside it, this overall give an extremely beautiful view.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is the masterpiece of architecture for a Sixteen century.

Lotfollah was the great Shia pious, he came Asfahan to worship and preached in this mosque.

This mosque is constructed in honor of this great personality.

Above all, In terms of architecture, foreign archaeologists are of the view that this is,

due to the mosque doesn’t seem to be constructed by the human hands as there are no flaws.

In addition, This mosque was constructed by the order of Shah Abbas I, and it was constructed in about 18 years.

The architect and mason of this masterpiece are Ostad Mohammad Reza Isfahani.

The mosque is decorated with mosaic tiles.

Friday (Al-Jum’a) Mosque in Iran

This is the mosque located in Asfahan. This mosque is known as the monument and related to some history.

This was constructed in the post-Islamic period in the 4th century in Iran.

likewise, This mosque was expanded during Seljuk, al-Muzaffar and Shah Abbas I ruling periods.

Similarly, The architecture of the mosque is enriched with the poetry and pose lines,

everywhere on the walls of the mosque with a great calligraphy.

This is known not only for spiritual effect,

but also the artistic pieces of arts usually after the post-Islamic period in Iran.

The Shrine of Fatima Masumeh in Qom

Even more, This is the second most holy city in Iran.

The Shia Muslim after visiting Mashhad the holy Shrine of Reza (A.S) come to Qom to visit his beloved sister Bibi Fatimah Masumeh.

Imam Reza was the great, noble and wise leader of Shia Muslim.

His Sister was on her journey to meet her brother at Mashhad, she became ill.

She passed away on reaching Qom.

Reza (R.A) says that anyone who will visit my sister shrine will be blessed with everything.

This shrine was built by the Shah Abbas I, at the start of seventeen century.

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