5 wonderful things about japan

Voice acting schools

There are about 130 voice acting schools in Japan.

These schools and other talent companies and agencies have their staff to train for voice acting.

The voice acting is involved in the video games, as a voice for character actor in the anime, acting just as a narrator.

This also includes voice acting for non-Japanese dramas, movies, and other television shows.

The fact is that Japan is very much famous for its largest animation movies, games producing industry which can be estimated up to 60% of the animation work being done in the entire world.

In Japan voice acting actor and actresses fame are very common, most actresses have started singing to gain more fame.

Any many of them have become actors in the movies or in television serials. The magazines focusing entirely on voice acting with Voice Animage is rapidly selling.

Martial Arts in Japan

Japan is the home to many different forms of martial arts.

The term martial arts is the Latin, which means “Arts of Mars”. Which are the “Roman God of wars”.

Few of the most prominent names are Judo, Karate, Kendo, Jujutsu, Aikido, Sumo, and Ninjutsu.

The martial arts movies of the 1960s and 1970s have raised the popularity of the karate, which has raised the popularity of the Oriental martial arts.

The schools for martial arts training are appearing across the world, due to the high interest of young children and students learning arts.

In addition, the martial arts training also includes the touch of death training,

which means a martial art technique that can kill a person with just a lethal force targeted on the specific areas of the body.

Ikebana in Japan

The word Ikebana is from the Japanese word, “ikeru” and “hana”, which collectively means “giving life to flowers” and “arranging flowers”.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It focuses not only on harmony, but on color usage, rhythm, and simple but elegant designs.

This is a symbol to show something greater than the flower itself.

Furthermore, the entire structure of the flower arrangement in based on the three main points. Kado, which is based on the system of aesthetics, philosophy with a focus on personal development and artistic achievement.

Zen in Ikebana is central to the Zen Buddhist philosophy, which is based on the idea of spiritual enlightenment.

The spiritual aspects included are due to silence, one can learn more tolerance and patience.

Closeness to nature will bring relaxation to the body, mind, and soul.

Origami in Japan

This word Origami is comprising of two Japanese words, “Oru” and “kami” which collectively means folding paper. Origami is the art of folding paper in different patterns to create objects or animals. This is one of the Japanese tradition that is seen in many celebrations. This is not specifically for children’s but have a long history of complicated elaborated origami pattern.

Moreover, Tsuru (crane) is the most complicated design that most Japanese are master in, which is the symbol worldwide desire for children for peace.

People of Japan

Japan is the 10th largest populated in the world with about 127,368,088 people living here in Japan literacy rate is almost hundred percent. There is no immigration in Japan. The population of Japan is about 98 percent ethnic Japanese. That’s why the average life expectancy is very high in Japan.

However, Mr. Yuichiro Miura is the oldest Mount Everest climber from Japan. He was of age 70 when he reached the summit for the first time, and the second time he made a climb when he was 75 years old.

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