5 unusual restaurants in China

China may have just entered the Michelin Guide game but it has spent many years developing its status as a world-class culinary country. But forget about the usual restaurants and their fine dining for a moment and let’s focus on the unusual restaurants and their hilarious dining’s which are providing in China for unforgettable moments. From themed cafes to creepy crawly cuisine, in China, there many unusual restaurants where you get unusual dining are given below.

Unusual Restaurants

Modern Toilet

Modern Toilet is a chain with locations across Asia and it has plans for further expansion. If the idea piques your curiosity, drop in to have a seat at one of the (non-working) toilets where meals served in toilet bowl-shaped dinnerware. This is the only place where dining etiquette and bathroom etiquettes are one and the same.

The idea for this odd restaurant was conceived by one of the owners while he was reading while sitting at the pot on a toilet. Initially, it only sold chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like a squat toilet, but once the humorous spin became a great success, a full-fledged, bathroom-themed eatery emerged.

Zhenru Restaurant

In Shanghai, China Zhenru Lamb Meat Restaurant spares no part of the animal. Timid eaters can enjoy a tame bowl of lamb meat soup. Nothing is off limits here because who looking for a truly unique culinary experience can try adventurous fares like lamb liver, lamb trotters, lamb lung, and even lamb testicle and lamb penis.

Golden Dragon Snake Cuisine

In China, Golden Dragon is not your average hotpot or usual restaurant. Instead of bringing out plates of raw beef and lamb because Golden Dragon dishes out plates of the raw snake. You then get to cook it yourself in snake broth mixed with snake blood and bile. Many cultures believe in the restorative powers of these ingredients, so though you may wince at the thought of them. But they might just do you good.

Hai Di Lao

In China, Sichuanese hotpot has all but become synonymous with Hai Di Lao. The popular chain that has spread all around the world. What makes it such a unique dining experience isn’t so much the food but the service. As soon as you step in the door, you will be waited on hand and foot. From the optional manicure and massage service while you wait for your table. The hot towels that passed around every few minutes which give you unforgettable moments.

Precarious Dining Procurement Fanweng Unusual Restaurant

Located in China’s Hubei province, Fanweng Restaurant is located in the Happy Valley of the Xiling Gorge near the city of Yichang. Carved into a cliff, the restaurant floor hangs several hundred feet above ground, offering views of the Yangtze River below. Only a portion of the dining area set over the cliff as the rest of the space set inside a natural cave. Diners access the venue via an elevated hilltop walkway built of snow milled on site.

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