5 Places you must visit in China

If you plan to visit China there are some places that you should not miss on visiting.

Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors


The Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors is the most prominent art of archeological excavations related to twenty century. The terracotta warriors are made up of baked clay, they are the soldiers of Emperor Qin. This museum was built in 246 BC, in the time of first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. It took about 11 years for its completion. The word Terra and Cotta are Latin words, terra means related to earth and Cotta means cooked. So it means cooked in earth.

Moreover, These solider discovered not intentionally but accidently, when the local farmers was digging a well, this place was located 1 mile from Qin Emperor tomb in the east. The tomb is located about 250 feet above the surrounding plains, and it is well-known for a centuries.

The Qin Emperor has given order to build this clay army to guard him, because wants to live forever and convey the message of unity to the China. Solider of Pit 1 and 2 are troops trained for attacking, which performs different functions, they follow the instructions of Pit 3 orders, this was there Headquarter. This museum caught the archeologist immediately.

The Great Wall of China

  Great Wall of China                                                                       

The Great Wall of China is located in Beijing, and the greatest wall in the world which is 5500 miles and 8851.8 km long. This great wall is the monument for the Chinese. This wall stretches from the east of Shanhaiguan to the west of Lop Nur, which is along the southern side of Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, and Qinghai.

It usually forbidden for the visitors to stay the late night on this wall because wild wolves may be seen on it. The visit time prescribed to avoid this danger.

The Wolong National Natural Reserve


This place is well-known for a lot of pandas. This place found with the help of Wildlife Fund from the government. Not only the place of living of Pandas, but other endangered animals also found here such as golden monkey, red panda, white-lipped deer, gnu and other plants like beech and yew that very rare. In addition, It damaged in the earthquake, but with the help of Panda Protection and Research Center cooperation pandas shifted to Bifeng. They came back when it was repaired.

The Ocean Park


This is one of the largest ocean park in the world with an area of 170 acres. This is located in Hong Kong. This park consists of Jockey Giant Panda Habitat, in which two pandas live, Anan the male, Jiajia the female panda, they both are very lovely.

Furthermore, the Dolphin breeding center is also present. Tourist can enjoy activities of eight bottlenose dolphins. Moreover, you can also see other beautiful places like Atoll Reef, Ocean Theater, and Aquarium of Shark.

Tuntex Tower

Tuntex Tower

This tower is located in the Ling Ya District, and this tower is basically a skyscraper in the Kaoshiung Taiwan. This tower consist of 85 floors and its height is 347 meters. For this reason, this building is town as building 85. This is the second largest building in Taiwan, the first one is Taipei tower with 101 towers.

In addition, this building has two separate towers at the bottom and single tower at the top. The bottom is of 35 floors and top is of a single floor. The building used as a hotel, which includes department stores and commercial offices as well.

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