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Valentine’s Day Couples Tips to Travel in USA 2019

Ah, Valentine’s Day! The day of love and romance!!

Newly in love? The feeling runs like a wildflower-carpeted meadow while holding hands and laughing. Celebrate this gorgeous day by sharing a Muscle Milk and a pack of Juicy Fruit at the local strip mall, and make it the best day of life.

It is a day for people in a romantic relationship; even single people have reasons to celebrate with the occasion. There is much more to do on Valentine’s Day, rather than going on a romantic dinner or lunch. Surprise your loved one by planning a romantic trip within the USA. But while couples travel to celebrate being in love, singles travel in hopes of finding love.

No matter where you are on the roller coaster of romance, these Valentine’s Day couples tips to travel in USA 2019, will help make the holiday fun and memorable.

Plan Some Different Activity

Try to choose something new, while planning a trip on Valentine’s Day. For example, going on dinner cruises or lunch cruises have become common now. Plan something new, any different activity that can make your lover laugh, happy and satisfy. When someone falls in love, the actual act of that person becomes “being in love”. Do something active and new that stimulates the growth of new neural pathways and brings energy into any relationship. Choose a destination that offers skiing, spa treatments, yoga, watercolour class, chocolate making class and many different activities. The destination that offers something you’ve always wanted to try and feel more alive and engaged in life.

Valentine’s Day


Participate in the activities that involved teamwork, support and encouragement. Couples usually love hiking and climbing mountains. Try to look for adventurous activities while travelling. It is always so great for having someone physically able to help push along the challenging parts and help to have more faith in strength. This helps to able to apply the same principles for when other challenges un-travel related appear in life. This encouraging tool is a great benefit to couples travel.

Rose Petal in the Bathtub Are Not Too Obvious

It always feels good to present something special to your loved one. Nor a bottle of good champagne or chocolate dipped strawberries can make him or her happy. But traditional signifiers of romance carry a certain dark power; chocolate, warm water, the essence of roses and alcohol are an age-old formula for a reason. Check out if the hotel has something special for Valentine’s Day, any special arrangements, offering or all of them. Also, many hotels help to arrange champagne and flowers.

Rose Petal in the Bathtub


Other than flowers or champagne, as it is too casual. Plan for an unusual night in concert, and make him or her dance. Then plan a special dinner on the beach and give the best present of life.

Choose a big city hotel instead of intimate parlours

Choose a big city hotel, and leave the intimate parlours to lovers. A ski resort or a Palm Springs pool party can be a good choice. There are many great choices of hotels in different cities of America that offers some incredible amenities, especially on Valentine’s Day. Many hotels provide a couple of spa treatment that is good for relaxation, romantic breakfast, parties and fantastic sightseeing.



If travelling in New York, choose “The Pierre in Manhattan”. It offers an essence of love package for February. Couples also get an opportunity to consult with an SLM specialist, choose their elixir and pleasure of cocktail. The package includes a night stay, a bottle of perfume, a dozen red roses, a bottle of Champagne and monogrammed bathrobes.

Search for the best city hotel and enjoy the amazing amenities on this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy Every Minute on the Trip

Sometimes one person from the couple gets exhausted on vacation. Sometimes it is tiredness, or sometimes few activities seem boring. But never do this with your partner. Try to enjoy every minute with each other on the trip. Do not lose track somewhere between the scary thoughts coming into mind. Valentine’s Day is just a day, appreciate it by having a delicious meal with the wonderful, perfect or imperfect person in your life.

Valentine’s Day 2019


Leave everything, avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy each other’s company. Because that’s the point of Valentine’s Day, spending it with the most special person in our life. Find a place where you can be alone, walking hand in hand, talking, laughing and proposing, without any distraction. The best option can be a beach, camping in mountains or hills or taking a yacht and exploring the beautiful turquoise waters.

Turn off your cell-phone

This travel tip is the best one if you want to spend some quality time on Valentine’s Day 2019. Turn off the cell-phone for the whole day or just turn it off for the whole trip. And enjoy the best time without any disturbance. Because anyone even if it is your mom, dad or boss can wait.



Disconnect with the world and connect with your partner. Just try to be present and stay in the moment. Being together allows to connect on a deeper level, make a deeper connection than that in the home. Have fun and make some special memories to cherish each other. Try to keep phones and social media to a minimum, enjoy this time together and post the pictures later.

Choose the best destination

Many places in the USA offer incredible time to spend with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Different cities organize different events, concerts and packages on Valentine’s Day. Another travelling trip for couples is to choose a dream destination of yours or your partner. It may not be someplace for couples in love, but a gift could top off any other romantic surprise.

best destination -Planet Fiesta


Before choosing a destination, try to look after each other interests. For example, one person like indoor activities and other outdoor activities try to compromise and adjust the interests with your loved ones, and enjoy both activities. Love each other choice, music, sports and a sunset beer.

The best tip for choosing the right destination is making a list of top three choices and hopefully, have a match. Set up for success and choose a destination that piques curiosity and excites each other to explore together.

Go on a romantic cruise

Not a simple lover? Then plan the best, romantic cruise as they are a perfect combination of love and romance. Imagine just the two of you on the open sea, sun warming the skin and moonlight and stars romancing at night. Book early to avoid disappointment and get the best cabin.

The USA offers many incredible cruises on Valentine’s Day 2019. To enjoy a boat cruise on Valentine’s Day, choose “The Princess Cruise” in Caribbean Princess. It offers a variety of restaurants, many cabins with a private balcony and even a place for weddings at sea. This ship is a beautiful place to spend Valentine’s Day, 2019.

romantic cruise


Another good option can be an upscale Valentine’s Day cruise by Azamara Journey. It is departing from Miami on February 11, 2019, on a sea-and-land journey that calls at Havana. Explore a Little Havana with your loved one and check out some gorgeous Miami’s Art Deco. Visit the studio of a local street artist in the Wynnewood Art District and learn to create your work of art.

Try to laugh a lot on your trip

Another best travel tip for couples in the USA learns to laugh a lot. This helps bring so much ease and casualness into, not just in a relationship but in life. Don’t take anything so seriously. Awkward moments happen when we are out of our element, especially on special occasions. Try to laugh off every embarrassing moment. Be so sweet and find stupid things to laugh at like who has the biggest nose or who can do the silliest laughs. When we try to spend the majority of our moments in joy, then everything becomes so well, and couples travel becomes fun.

couples in the USA- Planet Fiesta


Try to make light of each other’s annoying habits instead of getting upset about it. Trust me; this can make your trip the best one on this Valentine’s Day, 2019.

Manage your budget already

Couples don’t travel every year to for Valentine’s Day, but this year if you are planning to travel, keep some extra money. Extend the budget as a couple trip can get expensive by staying at a hotel and dining out every meal. The accommodation on Airbnb or VRBO can save some money. Choose a hotel or a guest house with the attached kitchen to prepare small meals by yourself. Take some time waking up with your love and enjoy breakfast in bed together. Pack some fruit and snacks for daytime and go for a romantic picnic instead of expensive cruises.

Airbnb - Planet Fiesta


Consider visiting an off season getaway, if your mind is set to travel on Valentine’s Day. This can be a source of advantage for discounts and some alone time together. Because, when there are only a few people in the surrounding, any place could become romantic.

Moreover, it does not have to be on Valentine’s Day. It does not necessarily mean to schedule a trip on the day itself, as it can be a little expensive. Plus it can also add an element of surprise. A surprise would be more romantic and memorable if it’s unexpected. Find a couple of days of silent treatment worth it.

Keep the tiredness away and go with the flow

Sometimes, tiredness gets in the way of joy and fun. Things happen, not on Valentine’s Day; it could be any occasion. So, don’t stress and try to roll with the punches. The best Valentine’s Day travel tip would be, travel smart, be prepared and pack your patience. Sometimes, luggage gets lost, or flight delays and things may not turn out as we’d hoped. But this things can be much easier if we just laugh it off. Sometimes, couples get the room they’ve not expected. Make it work and laugh so hard and solve this cranky situation by making up a funny story about it.

joy of travelling


Moreover, couples usually become frustrated and start fighting when they get tired. First of all to avoid this kind of situation, avoid road trips and take a direct flight because the road trip can make one tired and unable to enjoy the real joy of travelling as tiredness and frustration bring the worst out of anyone. But if you still want a road trip then make sure that the vehicle is perfect, gas is full and is focused. Be prepared when it strikes and try to keep the anger in check and mouth close because it can be a signal of an end to your couple travel.

Spend some special moments with each other

Concerts, art galleries, ski centres, spa centres, ice skating, all these activities allow us to spend some awesome time with each other. But try to find some different ways to have special time together. When we spend all day travelling, then the night is a date night. It is really difficult to create a date experience. Try to travel during the night, so that, after some rest in the day, you can plan something special for your valentine.

Many different ideas can be a handful. Plan a special dinner or movie night or even in, to have some romantic time on Valentine’s Day, 2019. Choose a more upmarket accommodation to get massages together and spend the day lazing around the or on the beach. In the end, stroll the beach with your favourite cocktail before having a delicious seafood dinner on the beach. Talk about the hopes and dreams for the future and plan for them. Or just propose her with a beautiful ring.

favourite cocktail


Sometimes, couples usually spend their Valentine’s Day at the place where they met for the first time. Because that place is full of memories and brought them to each other, so, setting up a romantic dinner at that place with some chocolates and flowers can be a good idea. Don’t worry about being too typical, and just go with the flow.

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