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Vacation in Paris: Finding Cheap Apartments for Long Stay

Planning a trip to Paris

Whenever you plan a trip to any place, the first thing that comes into your mind is about cheap accommodations. Paris is the one that provides such opportunity, whether you are going there for a trip or want to stay there for study or work. The long-term apartment can be difficult to find in Paris if you are on a limited budget, but there are some cheap apartments for sale too. Imagining yourself standing in a balcony, looking over the Eiffel Tower is a nice dream but you have to very rich for that. It’s not that you cannot find a good apartment in Paris, there are many cheap apartments for rent also. You just have to know about your expectations versus the right forums to find one and you can find that dream apartment and get pleasant experience in living one.



Visiting Websites can be a better option too

There are many websites that can help you out in choosing for inexpensive hotels and hostels. The one thing you want to do first is finding a temporary place to stay while going out for apartment hunting.

You can stay just for two weeks, as it doesn’t take more than this to find a place. The very best thing is to rent a tourist apartment or stay at a budget hotel.

The famous website like can get you cheap apartment as you want. The other websites like Airbnb can get you an apartment with lots of facilities at the same price but it is hard to find a permanent residence through Airbnb.

Affordable Paris! Where to look?

Newspapers are the best thing to find something you are looking for. The statement might surprise you but print media is still in the picture for its reliability and authenticity.

The best paper to look in Paris is De Particulier a Particulier, which comes every Thursday morning. It got some incredible list of cheap apartments and as well as the ads for apartment sharing.

Other than this, you can take help from some magazines too, that is issued on every Wednesday. Moreover, the internet option is always there for you. There are number of agencies that can help you find a good apartments.

Popular type of travel Accommodations in Abroad

One thing to remember is that the good apartments rent quickly, so start finding your own as soon as you can, call their owners and make appointments to see them.

Always choose the right apartment to stay

Staying in abroad is not very easy as it looks. You have to find a place that is not too expensive and fits your budget. Here are some options of accommodations that can be found, with their benefits and drawbacks.
Cheap Apartments in paris


Living in a hotel is comfortable

Hotels are more comfortable and suitable to stay in. They offer an adjacent bathroom, a private bedroom with TV, daily housekeeping and other room or laundry services. Other facilities include outdoor pools, free Wi-Fi, bars, fitness centres and best restaurants.

The problem is that they are expensive and not for those who want to experience a full cultural immersion.

Cheap Apartments in paris 3


Hostel is a choice for young

Hostels are affordable places to live especially for young ones who are travelling with their friends.  They got the much needed facilities of Wi-Fi, laundry services and rental computers.

They also offers a great place to meet other international travellers while abroad.

The issue is that the services for housekeeping is not guaranteed. It is not a place for the quiet people who want to live in peace.

Cheap Apartments in paris 2


Guest Houses get you bed and breakfast

The unique buildings, known as “Paying Guest Facilities” offers you to live in their house and provide a greater chance for cultural immersion. It is good for travellers who want a quitter and peaceful place to stay.

Housekeeping is very good, and owners are often a great source of local information. Although, there is the difference in quality and cost, there is a wide range of options available for them.

However, if you love to party, want to hang out with your friends and planning to have a great time with strangers you should look the other way.

Cheap Apartments in paris 1


Private Rentals for both long-term and short-term living

If you are looking for some flat, apartments or condos for short-term, private rentals are your best option.

They provide you with a furnished apartment, an attached kitchen with appliances, furniture and basic electronics.

Occasionally, you can find some long-term apartments with Private Rentals. They are usually cheaper for long-term visitors than a hotel.

The difficulty is that they are expensive for short visits. The precautions are necessary while sharing your apartment with other roommates. However, it is a perfect option if you are a traveler in Paris.

Cheap Apartments in paris


Need a cheap apartment for rent? Try quality at the best value instead

Paris is a very famous and popular city, and nothing there is cheap. But here are some options for the apartments that might be available at very affordable prices.

Save money with holiday rental apartment, which is cheaper than a hotel, and spend your money in exploration of this beautiful city.

Savoie St. Michel

It is a one bedroom apartment which can take six peoples to sleep in. The facilities of internet, TV, laundry, heating, DVD, dishwasher and complete kitchenware is available. It costs you 39€/ night.

Cheap Apartments in paris



It is much cheaper than the above. An apartment with one bedroom and can take four people to sleep over. It has all the facilities like Savoie St. Michel except for DVDs. It costs you 30€/night.

Cheap Apartments in paris


Rouge Orleans

A big apartment with two bedrooms can get six peoples to stay. In this place, you’ll have the feeling of living in the house of a friend. It is very homey and comfortable.

It got you the same facilities as Savoie St. Michel including a lift, parking and balcony. It costs you 31€/night.

Cheap Apartments in paris


Berthier Terrace

Berthier Terrace is a cheaper apartment than the others, with two bedrooms can take four people to sleep over. This apartment with balcony gives you the local feeling. The facilities include free Wi-Fi, TV, washing machine, microwave, parking, terrace, dryer, complete kitchenware, lift and smoking is also allowed. The apartment cost you 29€/night.

Cheap Apartments in paris


Getting you some cheap apartments for sale in Paris

If you are going to Paris for a very long time or deciding to settle there, then you can’t stay at hotel or a rental apartment. You have to find a permanent place to live. It only takes a little money and nerve to rent a home in France. You can take help from the French Property News, where the photos for your dreams houses are available. Usually, the cheap apartments are snapped up quickly, so you might have to make momentary decisions, be prepared for it. Some websites can also help you in getting your own apartment, for example, Anglo INFO Paris, and lle-de-France is a free website that gives information on insurance, employment, housing and banking. The best way to buy an apartment is contacting the real estate attorney. Buying property in France might be a daunting experience for you, but it is not an unpleasant one.

Anglo INFO Paris


Housing Taxation in Paris

Once you are successful in finding a place for yourself in Paris, you have to be careful about the housing tax. If you move into the apartment on December 31 or January one, you have to pay the housing tax. The amount of tax varies depending on how much rent you pay. Also, the laws can be changed, so do research before moving in. In the end, my advice is to pay the rent, as the tax bureau will haunt you no matter where you are. However, this is for those who buys a building or rent it for more than a year. Sometimes, the landlord tend to adjust the rent with his/her due taxation.

10 killer tips to spend less as Traveler in Paris

Let us help you with 10 Killers Tips to spend less as Traveler in Paris. One of your major fixed travel expenses is the place where you sleep at night. Learning a way to find cheap accommodation can help you to keep more money in your pocket. First of all your choice of accommodation depends upon your budget, destination. Comfort levels and a number of companions.

1. Travel in the shoulder-season

Apartments are cheaper in different seasons, especially in the shoulder season, the time period between the peak and off-peak season. There are many advantages of travelling in this season. The costs of the apartments are lower, the weather is favourable and in popular destinations, you can avoid the crowd which make sightseeing better. For example, if you are deciding to visit Paris, consider going through April, mid-June, September and October.

2. Stay more than one night in your accommodation

Some places offer you the best deals when you stay for more than one night. Especially in the off-season there are best deals like stay four nights and pay for three only.

3. Find roommates to share the costs

One of the best travel tips to save money is finding some people to live with you. You cannot find an affordable apartment on a larger, combined budget on a single income, the prime way to afford a place is to get more people in it.

4. Look at middle floor units

Renting a place for higher units or on the higher level of the building is really expensive. Try to find some middle floor unit for affordable rent. If you can take a less-than-perfect view and take the stairs or elevator instead of coming in straight off the street, then you could save yourself some big bucks.

5. When you find a place you like, jump on it!

The rent prices are changing daily, so if you find a place of your choice and the price is affordable, just go for it before it’s too late. Fill out the application right on the spot, and let the agent know you are serious.

6. Do a Walk-Through after selecting your apartment

If you have selected an apartment of your choice, don’t sign the lease just yet. Take a final de-tour of the apartment before signing on the dotted line. There could be some maintenance issues or damage because of the previous tenants. Make sure that, you won’t be responsible for someone else’s fault.

7. Stay in nearby town or outside the city centre

Find some cheap apartments in the city centre, slightly outside of the city. It always saves you money. But, be careful don’t find apartments that are far from attractions of the city, as it can result in high transportation cost. The better option is to search for the public transportation system.

8. Check the dining options

One thing to keep in your mind while finding a place is to make sure you have access to local cafe and restaurants. It is always cheaper to walk nearby café or restaurant unless you are getting a free breakfast. If you get an apartment with a kitchen, then you can cook for yourself too, but mostly prefer eating outside.

7. Negotiate on a fixer-upper

Check out the apartment carefully before renting it. Is there any improvements that need to be made in this apartment, or it needs a fresh coat of paint or something? These things should be kept in mind and discuss them with the landlord if he doesn’t cover it.

If you have to make improvements yourself, then negotiate with the owner to pay a fixed low for a certain number of years, if you are deciding to stay for a long time.

9. Choose your amenities wisely

Choosing an apartment with more luxuries can cost you higher than your budget. Some apartments got facilities of laundry and full kitchenware set at a reasonable price. But those units have higher demand and easily taken up first. You can choose an apartment with less inconvenience that can be a pretty awesome reduction in your rental cost.

Sometimes, people enjoy the apartment hunting and doing research on it. But you can ignore the unpleasant elements of search with the help of these tips. I hope you would find a perfect match for yourself in case of the apartment.

Now you are ready to find cheap apartments anywhere

Now, you go the information about different types of travel accommodations in Paris or in place; you are well-prepared to make a living situation choice that is right for you. Sometimes, keep in mind that international housing is slightly different than what you’d find back at home. You can face some problems like no air conditioning, no running water, no laundry services, as there are fewer facilities in cheap apartments. But don’t worry, it is a part of your adventure, and a chance to learn more about to adjust yourself in different living situations.

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