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Swag of Shemagh in Travelling

Let’s know something about Shemagh first


Shemagh is a simple scarf made up of cotton and thin clothing dominantly used by Arabs before it becomes a fashion icon. Once you start using it, you’ll get to know those Arabs sure knew what they were doing when they created these! What makes it special is the fact it’s fairly light and thin clothing that is good for shade in hot weather. Although for winter it can become a source of warmth to your neck and fashion too.

Actually, it’s more useful than a bandana and more suitable than a sarong.

Shemagh for girls

Shemagh is famous for years

History says that Shemagh was originated in the Middle East, and was used far back in the years 632-700, during the rise of the Islamic empire. The civilization made it popular and was the best selling’s in the past. You will be surprised to hear that, many farmers and shepherds wear Shemagh to keep themselves cool. Still, in the modern age, it is very famous in the eastern culture, and many women wear a slightly different version called hijab. Middle Eastern soldiers still wear it to protect their heads during missions.


Let’s see why travellers are obsessed with Shemagh

Shemagh is more useful and convenient to use than other sarong. It has many uses and comforts that can be discussed.


It will be relaxation for you to know that it is a good source of protection against heat and dust if you are travelling in the deserted areas. Also, it is helpful to use it as a bandage to stop bleeding and protect the wound. You know what you can convert it into a weapon just by putting some rocks in it and giving it a little swirl. Sometimes you visit places with dangerous and toxic plants, that results in the critters. It can be your protection against those critters.


Hey, it can be your coffee filter if you didn’t keep one with you. You can use it not for coffee only but for water too. And then guess what, you got yourself a great cup of camp coffee.


You know what, mostly celebrities innovate their own use of Shemagh, i.e. they hide their face with it. Would you believe it!


Funnily enough, you can convert it into a bag or a hobo sack and carry your things in it.

Oven Glove

You are on camping, and organizing a BBQ, but forgot to bring the oven glove with you. Then don’t worry you got that amazing Shemagh, use it as oven glove and also for the aforementioned water boiling.

Self Defense

You would not believe that it can be converted into a self-defence weapon, if you feel any danger on the road, pick up a fist-sized rock and wrap it in your Shemagh and here is your weapon.


It is so soft and lightweight that you can use it like a towel and sand towel too. It gets the job done faster than the regular towel and dries fast. That doesn’t hold sand like a proper towel but is reliable.


If you need s rope for any reason, roll it, and it turns into rope.


Well, you can use it in summer as well as in winter. In summer it can be a cooling material for you if soaked in water and tied around the neck and in winter it could be a source of warmth to your neck.


You will be surprised to know that, you can convert it into a flag and it will save you for sure. So whenever you got yourself into some trouble just use it as a flag. I am sure it will be helpful to you.


Shemagh covering

Guess what; Shemagh is best for covering your body during a road trip or even during flying. And you know what, you can also convert it into a small towel that keeps you dry in your travel.

Shemagh covering

Well, we ladies have our own use of Shemagh. Didn’t we

While travelling women should also pack a Shemagh as it is very useful to them too. Scarves may seem like frumpy that women of a certain age can wear it, but it is wrong. Every woman should own a nice, big scarf. There are some applications that how Shemagh is useful for women during travelling.

As a cover for your head

Shemagh for head

You know what, ladies are always concerned about their hair and don’t want to get dust in it. Surprise! Your problem is solved if you have Shemagh with you, just wrap it around your head, and you are protected not from dust only but also from unexpected rain.

Cool shirts

Shemagh cool shirts

You will be surprised to know that I use it as a shirt sometimes when there is a lack of choices, and you don’t want to open your bags to find a new shirt. I fold it diagonally, tie the ends and then tie them again around my neck and here’s my new shirt. You should try it too.

Local Dress

Guess what you can convert it into a local dress by wearing it as a scarf. In most of the churches, girls with short skirts are not allowed. If you are desired to visit a church and wearing short skirts, then there is no need to be panic, just wrap this Shemagh around your waist and congratulations! Your problem is solved.


It is a fact that when you ought to travel, you cannot pack a pillow for it. But if you got yourself a Shemagh, then your problem about pillow is solved. You know what, just fold the scarf in half, stuff it with clothes and tie all four corners together and surprise ! Here’s your small soft pillow.

Shemagh or Sarong: What to choose?

For real, it would be best if you take both with you, but if you have space for only one of them, then take a look at the place and environments you’re going to travel.

For subtropical areas, like beaches, a sarong would be a better choice as it is thinner and lightweight and makes the perfect beach towel. Also, sarong dries quicker and lose the smell of seawater quickly.

Whereas, if you are travelling to places like jungle, city or mountain, desert, warmer, and even for the hardier and more professional, choose Shemagh.

Do you know the best Shemagh brands out there? Let us help you with that

The most selling best stuff of Shemagh is discussed below so you could choose the best stuff while preparing for a trip.

Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf

Shemagh for neck

They are made up of pure cotton and are wool blended. Good news for women; they offer scarves with a range of colours and patterns. They even provide them for tactical purposes, like for a fishing day or working in a yard. Of all things above, they offer you full protection of your head from stinging cold or if you are outside for hunting or shooting.

For Buy Shemagh CLICK HERE

Mato and Hash Military Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf Wrap

Shemagh covering

If you are looking for a scarf that can provide you with full comfort and consolation than this is just what you need. This cotton head wraps not only keeps you cool on a hot day but also provides protection against hurtful rays of the sun. One feature that is different from others is that they come in the pattern that is stitched.

Fox Outdoor Tactical Shemagh

Shemagh covering

It comes in fifteen different colours for tactical and outdoor wear. You will be relieved to know that, it is compatible with all kinds of outside harshness like a dust storm or working on a construction site. It is available in one size and 100% cotton material which works in both winter and autumn.

Military Shemagh Arab Tactical Desert Scarf

Shemagh covering

As an element of surprise, they come in more than forty-five colours and colour combinations. Its fabric is 100% cotton and warmth during the cooler months. This is mainly for the protection of your face and neck against the elements like rashes on your neck. Just a few ounces of this Shemagh is the best soft, comfortable material which allows you to wear for all day.


ROTHCO Men’s Shemagh

Shemagh covering

This Shemagh can be used for multiple purposes, like looking for something that keeps you warm, or an addition to your tactical gears. It offers you some good tactical colours including desert tan, coyote brown, olive dram and foliage green. One thing to remember, that Shemagh is not just a garment to protect your head or neck from the sun, it’s an incredible tool for the protection during the cooler months and for outdoor activities.

How to wear a Shemagh: The Art of Manliness

A traditional way to wear Shemagh

In this method, your mouth and nose are covered very well and protects you against dust and fire as well. Here are a few steps you need to take care of:

  1. Make a triangle of your Shemagh.
  2. Cover your head, and make sure that the ends are equal.
  3. Place the right side of your Shemagh under the chin. Hold it with your left hand.
  4. Place the left side over your face by making sure that it covers both of your nose and mouth.
  5. Tie the two ends behind your head; it shouldn’t be too tight so that you are unable to breathe.

Shemagh covering

The cooler way to wear Shemagh

If you are trying to make a fashion statement, you can use this method. Here are few steps used in this method:

  1. Make a triangle out of your Shemagh.
  2. Wrap the folded edge over your mouth and nose.
  3. Tie both corners around the back of your neck, making sure that the shoulders are covered.
  4. Bring the two ends in front of your chest.
  5. Bring down the folded edge of Shemagh that was covering your mouth and nose.

In this way, you get a casual appearance.

Shemagh covering

Shemagh is popular all over the world for all right reasons

Shemagh is not only used by Arabs but also popular in different regions of the world. It is famous in the regions of Australia, Ireland, Pakistan, United Kingdom of Britain, Thailand and even US Forces issue Shemagh to their troops. As a matter of fact, the original Shemagh is manufactured in Palestine.


The Shemagh in Palestine is known as Kufiya or Hatta. You would not believe that most of the Shemagh sold in Palestine are most made by China and India. Today, only one factory producing Shemagh is running in Palestine, by The Hirbawi family.

United Kingdom of Britain

The British use Shemagh mostly in the war for preventing facial recognition against their enemy, heat and storm. This is a part of a uniform worn by soldiers while going on a mission.


A single advantage in Thailand is that they turn a blind eye to foreigners’ clothing choices. Thailand is hot, sunny and humid country, so the Shemagh is very popular here.


In Australia, many soldiers used it as a scarf for protection against harsh conditions. They used it as a pillow, shaving towel in the morning and while sleeping rough.


In Pakistan, it is mostly worn as a hijab by the women and men use it for the protection against heat.


Best Shemagh can be found in Europe at a suitable price and less expensive. It will be a great gift and memento too. You can buy them in shops, outside the shops from the boys that wander the street and from street markets.


Final Thoughts about Shemagh

It is an essential tool, and everyone must have it in emergency situations, with a number of uses. Some people in the controversial areas do not use it and think of it as an insult, but once they use it there, all doubts can be removed. It might have some bad connotations, but the best quality Shemagh can handle all type of environmental hazards. So, while travelling a Shemagh must be in your packing list and don’t forget to use it.

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