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Machu Picchu Travel, Everything You Need to Know

Visiting the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru is the most coveted trip. About 400 years ago the Machu Picchu was abandoned by the Inca Empire and was concealed due to the surrounding jungle. Now it is known as one of the seven wonders after an American explorer “Hiram Bingham” discovered it in 1911. This is one of the most panoramic places on earth and worth visiting as the values are undeniable. If you are looking for some adventurous trip, try Machu Picchu. It can provide some incredible days of discovering lush landscapes, historic architecture, alpine greenery and beautiful nights with clearest shimmering stars.

Here are some amazing things about Machu Picchu travel, that can make your trip much enjoyable.

Is it really worth it?

Yes, of course, it is worth visiting the place. The clean and the enthusiastic atmosphere calls upon you to get a dumbfounding experience. A 17, 00 feet long and 600 wide area of Machu Picchu is surrounded by countless terraces and ridgelines in the beautiful areas of Southern Peru. A beautiful Urubamba River below glorifies this area with more beauty.

Machu Picchu


After the threat from Spanish Conquistadors, it was deserted for about 75 years. But now it is a most emphatic example of “seeing is believing”. So yes, go and discover the wonders of Machu Picchu for some new adventure in life.

An easy way of getting there

An easy way to start the journey is getting a direct flight to Cusco. Cusco is one of the ideal and oldest launching point, which is found to be interested in most of the visitors. LATAM Airlines and Peruvian Airlines both offer a flight after every fifteen to thirty minutes from 5 am to 9 pm. Eventually, Getting to Machu Picchu is not that hard as it seems, except without any coordination and planning. After getting out from the airport, take a two-hour bus ride the city of Ollantaytambo, from there you can get a train ride to the incredible town of Aguas Calientes also known as “town of mountains”. Walk to the Machu Picchu from that town or take a thirty-minute bus ride for $12. The choice is yours!

LATAM Airline


 Getting here is easy, but still requires more effort when compared to The Colosseum or Great Pyramid of Giza!

Special Packing for Machu Picchu Travel

It doesn’t matter, whether it is a day or night, pack carefully before leaving. Snacks and supplies can be super expensive in Cusco so be prepared unless ready to spend some solid bucks.

Don’t forget the essentials

The most important things are the entry tickets and passport, don’t forget these items. The weather gets hot during hiking when one has to climb some serious stairs, keep a fresh water bottle with you. The Camelbak Hydration Pack can help in keeping a hundred ounces of water, some snacks and gears too but try to keep it lightweight.

Camelbak Hydration Pack


Be prepared for the rain

The rain is pretty much guaranteed whenever you visit Machu Picchu, so don’t forget to bring some rain jackets. The plus point of the rain is that the valleys create an absolutely beautiful spectacle due to the swirling mist.

Bring hiking clothes and shoes

The main reason for people visiting Machu Picchu is hiking that require some special clothes and especially shoes to avoid the swelling of feet. Choose the right clothes that can keep warm in the rain and cool in the heat. The best hiking clothes for women are T-shirts, half zip, sports bra and hiking pants. Men should get the T-shirts with both short and long sleeves and hiking pants.

Trail Runners


Do get the heavy duty hiking boots from the Trail Runners as they are lightweight, comfortable and flexible that will the feet dry and toasty.

Stay away from the heat of Machu Picchu

Keep the best sun blockers with you, as the weather of Machu Picchu is exposed and sunny. Do bring extra protection too, by getting some cool hats and sunglasses.

Never forget the camera

The important thing to bring on a trip is the camera as it is a basic requirement to keep the memorable moments. A lightweight and small Go-Pro camera for the sweeping wide-angle shots is the best choice. Moreover, it can be easily fit into a pocket while hiking in the high mountains of the Machu Picchu.

Do bring some cute outfit for better snapshots

Wandering around in a hiking gear doesn’t mean to click snaps in these gaggy clothes. Do bring a cute cover-up because these photos are once-in-a-lifetime shot, so don’t waste it. Another trick of getting cool snaps is to crop the shoes.

Interesting things you need to know before visiting Machu Picchu

One way of getting the most beautiful and spiritual experience is to visit Machu Picchu. But there are some things that should be known be known before visiting the lost city.

Cusco: A city of world’s fair people

This place is not very famous for tourism and very less visited, that’s why it is easy to get access to every hidden area not the same case for Machu Picchu. Many people are attracted to this place to experience some kind of “spiritual journey”. This is a kind of place where one can find some stereotypical “hippies” covered in peace things, walking around the streets of Cusco. Rottenly called “The Peace Man”!!



This incredible city located in South America is also recognized as the archaeological capital of America. It offers the best cultural experience. The contrast between Andean culture and the modern western world can be seen in this particular city.

Be aware of Dogs!

People say that Lima is full of stray dogs and cats, but it will be proven wrong once you get to Cusco. Many different dogs can be found on the streets of Cusco, alone or in packs. But some of them are friendly too and so used to tourists. They get stuck when offered some snacks and even play with them.

Sometimes, it feels great to have some company!

Try to take photos carefully

In this beautiful Machu Picchu, there is a chance of finding some cultural women dressed in indigenous clothing. This is not their official dress; just used to make their living. It is often considered as the part of the tour. So, be careful before clicking a snap of them, as it can cost a dollar two which is not much, but it’s better to save some bucks for a few bottles of water and Starbucks cravings. However, plenty of Llamas at Machu Picchu won’t demand any payment from you!

beautiful Machu Picchu


Do not avoid the Coca leaves

People sometimes feel sickness, after reaching Cusco. Even walking to a short distance puts one out of the breadth. So be prepared for this untraceable sickness by keeping some coca leaves. This plant is grown naturally in Peru and very well known for its medication. This cheap coca leaves can be found anywhere in Machu Picchu and also helps to cover some altitude sickness, calms the stomach and ease dizziness.

Stay away from the taxi

There is no exception of crime in Peru and Cusco so lonely travellers should be careful, especially women! Crime is warm in the area due to a large number of wealthy tourists. Try to share a taxi with another person or ask the hotel or any service company to do it for you.

Best nightclubs in Cusco

Do enjoy some amazing nightclubs in Cusco’s Plaza De Armas. The best one is Paddy’s Irish Pub that is claimed to be the biggest Irish Pub in the world. Some American food is also available. Also get their poster as a free souvenir. Do enjoy the soccer game and meet other Europeans and Americans.

Best nightclubs in Cusco


Another great club is Mama Africa where you can enjoy some music and dancing. There is no such kind of law against liquor in Cusco, so feel free to walk around the city with a beer in your hand.

Climb Wayna Picchu before Machu Picchu

This is a hidden mountain behind the Machu Picchu, much taller and provides incredible views of the ruins from above. It can be discovered easily in the morning, as it is less crowded at that time and offers plenty of time to make some incredible snapshots.

Wayna Picchu


At the top of the mountain, discover some amazing treks and trails, tunnels, architectural vestiges, terraces and narrow staircase. Try to book the tickets for both Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu to add some spunk in the trip.

Get ready to face some high prices of Machu Picchu

I already recommended to bring all the needs in advance, and don’t try to buy one in Cusco or Machu Picchu. If there is an emergency, try to buy from the inner city of Cusco, otherwise get ready to face some financial crisis. Buy the tickets to Machu Picchu tours in advance that will help to better understand why Machu Picchu is so incredible. Do get the water bottles and some sweet snacks from the local street vendors. But be careful from the vendors, they sometimes force tourists to buy some expensive souvenirs and overpriced pizza.

Police Everywhere!

This is one the safety advantage that Peru is going to provide from the pickpockets and stealers. There is no chance of riot anywhere near Peru because the policemen are always present in the riot gear, making their rounds in Plaza. Be ready to see some unusual number of policemen at once in one place.

Get an Inca Massage

After exploring all the trails and seeing the sights, you deserve an Inca massage to feel relax and get the blood flowing back into the muscles. Go get some, as it is glorious and unable to regret.

It doesn’t matter how energetic the person is, once the trail is finished the body feels an anonymous pain. The feeling is like crossing the continents and trekked through countless worlds. So, a little bit message is going to be good for the body!

Get the best photo of your life

People always want to take the best shots of their life, so a better place for a snap does matter. In Machu Picchu the best spot to get a photo, is from the top of the cultivation terraces in the west side, lying above the city. In this way, not only the crowd is avoided, but also the best perspective of the city is achieved. When the snap is taken with the beautiful background of Huchu Picchu and Huayna Picchu mountains, it’s probably good enough for our gorgeous snap collection.

Huayna Picchu mountains


Don’t break the rules

Some places in Machu Picchu are restricted, so avoid going there, and take a snap from a distance. Be careful of some guards, very unkind, wandering with these tiny whistles to keep away the tourists from the non-designated place. Avoid asking questions from them, because the only answer that is coming from their mouth is WHISTLE!!!

Avoid the signs or barriers where the tourists are not allowed and always try to stick with the guide.

Explore the hidden museum in Machu Picchu

The museums are very hard to find in the Machu Picchu, but the Museo de Sitio Manuel Chavez offers to explore in only $8 ticket. It can be found at the base of the footpath leading up to Machu Picchu or at about thirty minutes’ walk from the town of Aguas Calientes.

museum in Machu Picchu


Only a single hotel is available in Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu consists of only one hotel named “Belmond Sanctuary Lodge” just before the gates which are highly expensive. For a stay, book the room in advance otherwise you are not going to get one, as the rooms here are booked fast. The price of only one room is $1000 per night.

Cannot afford the price? Stay with the peasants in the town of Aguas Calientes.

hotel is available in Machu Picchu


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