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GoPro Accessories: A Secret Tool to Adventure Travel

Capturing the beautiful and important moments is important, and you need the right equipment to do that. It is important to choose the right devices, so the beauty of the moment is not compromised. Many accessories are available in the market these days, but GoPro is among the reliable ones.

It is hard to find the best GoPro accessories, and even harder when you don’t know which ones are going to work for you. Because, if you are going to an amazing place and looking for some adventure then don’t forget to bring your GoPro kit with you. There are many GoPro that has hit the market. This includes GoPro Hero7 Black, two GoPro6, GoPro 4+Silver and two GoPro Hero5.

No matter what type of adventure you are up to GoPro is the best companion. The problem is that many people don’t know how to use it, or what accessories to take with their GoPro equipment. But after reading this article, you will find no difficulty in selecting the best type of GoPro accessories for you.

You can’t imagine travelling without it

Here are some of the best custom mounts and GoPro accessories, without it you can’t go on a trip. One can make the most out of travelling with this amazing little camera.

Best GoPro Accessories that make your trip worth travelling

GoPro Jaws: Just clamp it and go

The first thing you need for your GoPro accessory is the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp. It has an optional neck that adjusts to provide a variety of shooting, and it has a quick release base which makes it easy to move between mounts and locations.

GoPro Jaws


GoPro Curved and Flat Adhesive Camera Mounts

I recommend you to buy your own GoPro Sticky Mounts today. These sticky mounts are a necessary tool for any GoPro user. They are not very heavy, and you can easily stick them anywhere, on your helmet during hiking, windows, cars, bikes, and rafts. It will cost you like nothing but are worth their weight in gold when you need them. You can also stick it to your backpack simply.

               Chair Lift


RAM mounting system is also a nice option as it is super quick, easy and secure adjustments on the fly.

Some RAM system has been suggested below:

  • RAM Suction Cup
  • GoPro Tripod Mount
  • RAM Tough Claw

RAM allows you to set your GoPro on anything like tree branches, chairs, fences and even on water guns.

RAM mounting system


Usually, GoPro contains its own collection of clamp and suction cup mounts, but this RAM system is better, lighter, cheaper and more secure.


GoPro Leash Keeps Your Camera Safe

Who wants to lose their GoPro while on an adventure? The answer, of course, is no one. Also, all of your beautiful collection of pics can be destroyed within seconds, and it can really happen sometimes if you don’t use a safety leash for your camera.

A GoPro is an expensive tool, and you don’t want to lose it at any cost which is why you should always attach a safety leash to it. The best safety leash for you is the Point and Shoot Camera Wrist Leash, as it is very easy to use.

After taking a safety leash with you, go on for rock climbing, hiking and on other amazing adventures without any hesitation.

GoPro Leash


Sometimes, while climbing mountains some extra length is needed, for this purpose you can use a thin but strong 3mm accessory cord.

The Best Selfie Stick for Your GoPro Accessory

Another useful accessory to put in your bag while packing is camera extender. You will not regret taking it with you, as it is very useful to capture video or photos of yourself from the angles that are hard to reach.

One of the best brands of the camera extender is KNEKT Trigger Pole for GoPro 5, 6 and 7. All you have to do is point and pull the trigger, and that’s it. Its handle is one of the best in the market, there is no remote control or batteries needed, just install GoPro and you are good to go.

Best Selfie Stick


There are a few different GoPro Selfie-stick brands out there

One of my favourite brands is the SANDMARC 17-40” Extension Pole. It is very lightweight and can be extended to become long enough.

Another amazing brand is GoPole Evo. GoPole Evo with a two piece extension arm can create some very incredible angles if attached to helmet or kayak.

Although GoPro has its own extenders, they are very small and not very useful.

A device that turns your hiking pole into a Selfie stick

One important thing that is needed for the GoPro accessories is the GoPro Trek Camera Adapter. Sometimes you just don’t have room for selfie stick but don’t worry you got a hiking pole which could be converted into one whenever you want.

This pole is easy to adjust and can be used with smartphones, and of course GoPros lightweight cameras. Just slip your camera at the end of your hiking pole, and you’re ready to rock and roll.


GoPro Karma Grip: A whole new level of filming

If you want a smooth shake-free video, then you should buy a GoPro Karma Grip-GoPro Gimbal. Anyone who is interested in shooting videos should not travel without this amazing piece of equipment. The features that enhance GoPro Karma Grip is the built-in camera that controls the unit to capture the moment. It has made an example of the best footage, and it comes stock with the one for the Hero5, 6 or 7 black.

If you want stable and magical videos don’t think any more just go get this for yourself.

Karma Grip


GoPro Lens Filters: Get the filters to make your shots

This is a GoPro accessory for the more advanced user. If you want an excellent camera work like filming movies, professional photography then you need a few top filters for the professional style shots.

They are very easy to use, just slip it over the GoPro lens and you are good to go. There are many filters that you can use, that lasts during travel and also produce the best quality.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to buy them, they come in a three pack with ND8 filter, polarizer and neutral density filter. These filters are designed for the above-water use. They are made up of glass instead of plastic.

GoPro Lens Filters


Underwater Photography with Magic Red Filters

If you are fond of scuba diving or snorkelling with your GoPro, I suggest you use a red filter from Polar Pro.

One of the reasons to use this red filter is that the colour red gets absorbed underwater, so this filter helps in bringing back some of the red, yellow and orange hues. It makes your snap more natural and less blue.

Underwater Photography


If You Have a Solar Battery Charger than Seriously, You Have Everything

Another must-have GoPro accessory for the more advanced traveller, who are willing to spend some extra bucks for convenient, is the energizer power portable solar battery charger. It is among the best charging units on the market. If you are carrying one with you, then you don’t have to worry about the battery. You can camp anywhere, even if there is no electricity, no access to power on hiking trips where you can charge your GoPro while hiking.

It is so beautifully designed to hang anywhere, and have these four metal rivets on the corners that keeps your device safe with strings, zip ties and bungees.

You will be surprised to hear that, they pack down into the size of a piece of paper and are lightweight. This makes them best for travelling, and you must have it before heading off the grid.

Solar Battery Charger


A Carrying for your GoPro can be very cheap

Another essential tool in your GoPro accessory includes a basic carrying for your GoPro. You can buy the most amazing and reliable carrying at a very low price.

Some Tips to Prevent the GoPro from damage

If you are making a plan to go for a swim with your GoPro or use it around water, then you need anti-fog inserts. Some other tips that you can use are:

  • Keep your GoPro camera in a sealed bag or inside the housing
  • Never leave it in the sun for too long.
  • Avoid the opening of the housing outdoors.

More Practical GoPro Accessories for your adventurous trip

Some more GoPro accessories that can be added are:

GoPro Rechargeable Battery

It will never allow your battery to be dead and is helpful in almost every area without electricity.

GoPro Head Strap

It is a waterproof head strap camera and fits directly on your head or over helmets. You can use it while driving motorbikes, and also allows hands-free filming.

SD Cards

The more, the merrier! If you want your every moment to be captured, then take some SD Cards with you with larger space.

 GoPro Floating Grip

It keeps your GoPro afloat so you can shoot better in and around the water. And you know what, you can easily switch it between mounts with a quick release base.

GoPro Chesty

It is compatible with all GoPro cameras and comes in all adult sizes.

It is ideal for mountain biking, cycling, rafting, snowboarding and other adventurous acts.

GoPro Chesty


Some tips and tricks for awesome travel photos

It took much practice and experience to gather some best tips and tricks for your GoPro camera. It can improve your travel photography, and you can get some incredible shots to document your adventures.

Bring the right GoPro Mounts

Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose between different accessories and to judge which one you are going to need. One of the best tips is to bring 3-way pole which serves as a grip. Remember, you don’t need any tripod if you have Xshot and Gopole that make great selfie stick.

Hold it with your both hands

These GoPro cameras are very sensitive, small and easy to move. They can vulnerable against steep falls, and therefore it should be made sure that the holder of the camera is fine and the person holding the camera is careful.

Use Time-Lapse or Burst Mode

Time-Lapse is the best for taking a shot in the right composition because sometimes it can be challenging with a GoPro, especially when it’s on the end of a stick. It is also great when asking someone to take your photo and capturing high-speed action shots.

Shooting from the hip

If you want to shoot a selfie, then make sure that camera is at eye-level at least don’t put it at chest level, it will result in the best composition due to the wide angle.

Shoot with Portune ON

Here is some important information for you, fortune gives you a little more control over the photos, and it’s like shooting on a DSLR but in a way simpler manner. Since only a few settings are required on it.

Use editing software to spruce up your GoPro Travel Photos

You can edit your GoPro photos by improving colour contrast, saturation and with a few quick adjustments. Lightroom is best for the basic colour correction, but the learning curve is a little bit difficult.

You can learn amazing techniques to use GoPro

Just because you own GoPro, does not make your photos and videos professional. However, you can learn the amazing specialized techniques to use GoPro from this book named GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking.

Have fun with your GoPro Accessories

Having all these accessories with yourself make your trip much better. The incredible photo shots, videos of the underwater world, photos during hiking, mounting and skating gives you amazing memory of the trip. So whenever, you are getting ready for an adventurous and stunning trip, don’t forget these necessary GoPro accessories to pack.

One last thing, be safe and have fun with your GoPro and take memorable pictures without getting yourself into much of trouble at adventures.

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