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Easy Holiday Packing Tips for an Effortless Trip

Before planning a trip, the first question arise about packing. What should we pack? Should I take a large bag or a small one? Which types of clothes can be better? It feels like suffering from anxiety. If there is a last-minute holiday packing and you are considering to take a small duty-free bag, then I’m sorry to say that you are an emotionless robot who prefer to travel nothing but a small bag. But don’t worry, I’ve got some exciting and easy holiday packing tips that can be helpful.

Sometimes, people avoid taking the outfits to the holidays, and choose simple clothes according to the climate. But when there is a sudden change of plans, like going on a dinner with someone, then the panic starts about what to wear!

There are many tips available, they usually tell what to pack, and a long list of things are thrown, but I’m going to give you some easy holiday packing tips that can be used in last-minute too, even when there is only one day left for packing.

Be aware of the weather situation of the desired destination

weather situation


The very first thing that is important while packing a bag is the awareness of weather forecast. It can be known by doing a little bit of research on the internet. If heading in the middle of summer then leave the winter dresses and coats behind, pack some shorts and skirts. If it is a rainy season, like monsoon rain, then pack the clothes accordingly. This is an important factor that shouldn’t be neglected in any way.

Make a list on your writing pad

Making a list is one of the easy holiday packing tips for an effortless trip. The list always works even when there is a short time. Instead of jamming all the clothes and things in a suitcase and try to close it by sitting on them, make a list of them. Sometimes, the organization of things is much better.

writing pad

If there is time, start packing two or three days before and work out on the outfits for every day need on your journey. If heading towards some hot place, then one of the items can be worn twice, this saves both the time and packing space.

Pack two or more towels and put them on top because when someone gets to the hotel, the first thing that everyone wants to do is take a shower and relax for a few minutes.

There is another way of saving some space in a suitcase that includes rolling your clothes instead of stacking them. By using this method, three pairs of jeans, three summer sweaters, and three pairs of pants, three pairs of shorts, five shirts; two swimsuits and many more can cramp in one suitcase.


Backpack 2019


While making your list, keep the essentials in mind, instead of desires. The desires can be fulfilled on the trip, but essentials are needed first, as they are not available everywhere.

Keep the first aid kit with you

first aid kit with you                                 (Source:

It’s not like that, to keep a complete hospital in one bag. In case of emergency, one should have some bandages, pills and medicines. Sometimes, the headache comes due to stress; one can suffer from fever due to change of climate and stomach becomes upset by eating different types of food. In case of that, there should be a bag of pills and one more thing, don’t forget the prescription!


Choose outfits according to a colour palette

colour palette                         (Source:

Sometimes it becomes easy to pack outfits while sticking to a colour palette with the colours that work together. Try to pack a pair of brown and black shoes that goes with every colour instead of packing a large number of shoes. Try to wear neutral colours like black or navy and choose a coordinating colour that will do fine in neutral colours. It becomes easy to assign numbers to the colours we want to wear. The colour palette scheme can be helpful in creating multiple outfits.

Choose the right bag for packing

Another easy holiday packing tips come with choosing the right bag. When someone starts packing, the first thing that he or she considers is about choosing the right kind of bag. The zip lock bags are available at the airport for taking liquids through security. These bags become useful when there is some extra stash in the suitcase, or there is a need for keeping something safe or dry. Sometimes, there is confusion between the backpack and the suitcase, and it becomes difficult to choose. This depends upon the choice, if you can lift the backpack then go with the backpack, but suitcases are more comfortable as they can be wheeled behind. Many accessories and clothes are easily accessible in the suitcases.

The things that should be considered while choosing a bag are the quality, size and weight. The weight is important because, for some heavier things like hairdresser or hair dryer, a backpack is not the right choice.

Moreover, use vacuum bags to keep the clothes neat and away from any spillages. These bags are much better for the packing of bulky objects like bed linen, jackets and children’s soft toys.

Use a handbag for the valuable things

Other than a suitcase, there should be a handbag with you that can carry your personal belongings. It sometimes happens when the luggage gets lost on the airport, or someone steals something from the suitcase by breaking in visitors apartments, so why take the risk?

Use a handbag                              (Source:

Try to keep all the valuable and expensive things in the handbag especially camera, any expensive jeweller, cell phones, the passport, credit cards and cash. Try to avoid the sharp things like knife, nail cutters or razors as these things are restricted to the airport. Moreover, the greasy food like peanut butter is also not allowed so don’t try to put anything like that in the bag unless it is frozen.

Keep cosmetics at a minimum

Another important tip for an effortless trip is packing cosmetics according to the place. For example, for a place like a desert, the best cosmetic will be popular shampoo or sunblocks. Try to keep the cosmetics at low and also avoid the spilling of liquid all over the suitcase.


Choose the cosmetics that are less liquid and more solid, like glassware and powder compacts. Try to keep them separate from toothbrushes, shampoos or moisturizers. To take some liquid type cosmetics, double check the seals of bottles and screw the caps tightly plus add a layer of protection by wrapping them in a plastic machine.

Try to avoid the heavy cosmetics like hairdresser, roller, dryer and straightener and choose only one of them for the trip. The quart-sized Zip-locks bags are also available on any grocery stores, try to keep all the cosmetics in that bag.


Try to pack some accessories that give you a different look

Nowadays, the best accessory that is famous for travelling is Shemagh or Scarves. There are multiple uses of scarves, so don’t ever forget to pack a couple of them. They are a sort of help in winter to keep warm and in summer to cover your head or face from the unnecessary sunlight. Moreover, it also changes the look, and style in different ways. For example, wearing a black suit along with white snickers and a black T-shirt, a touch of the printed scarf can bring a different sensation in the look.

The other accessories that can give a new look include belts, hats and stacked necklaces. There are tons of belts available in different stores, and there are tons of ways to wear them. Select the right one to wear that fits your waist well. Moreover, both men and women can use the bum bags instead of belts. It can be a sort of help in keeping some important things like cash or credit cards. The plus point is, it gives a different classic look.

pack some accessories                               (Source:

Many people think that hats are mainly for men’s wardrobe, but women can also use them. So, don’t forget to keep a pair of stylish caps or hats. They can be an essential key to hide hairs from dust and sun rays.

Fill the empty spaces in the suitcase

This is one of the important and easy holiday packing tip, a little bit tricky but useful. When someone goes for a trip, he or she tries to buy as many souvenirs as they want, but they don’t have enough space to keep them in their suitcase. So, try to leave some extra space while packing. But sometimes due to leaving some space, the packed clothes become seriously creased. To avoid this kind of confusion, fill the empty places with the small items like stuffed toys or piece of clothing or lumps. Try to take advantage of all the pockets in your luggage. Sometimes, people overload their luggage on their way back, in that case, try to buy a bag with expandable compartments. Another way of saving the excess baggage fees is to ship them that could be a little bit pricey but not more than the baggage fees.

suitcase 2019(Source:

Few Easy Tips of Packing in Last Minute

Easy Tips of Packing 2019

Holiday trips are not always planned sometimes, they just happen in the moment. At that time, many people stuff a pile of clothes and a book with them, which is totally boring. Here are some easy tips for an effortless trip that can help in packing till the very last minute.

Get a Travel Drawer

Packing in the last minute depends upon preparation. When someone puts all the essentials at one, it becomes difficult to find the right thing at the airport. But don’t worry, get a travel drawer that is specially designed for the last minute packing. It consists of different containers to keep passports, hotel reservations, boarding passes and other important documents. It is not a drawer, of course; it could be a box, a travel pouch or folder that full fill the same goal as a drawer.


Make a shortlist

Before packing the things, try to write a quick packing list. At the time in a rush, take a deep breath and draw few outlines of the essentials, it will take not more than five minutes. Make a list because you don’t want to be a man with seven pairs of jeans and no underwear!

Take a quick look at the weather report

If planning a long visit to a rainy city, then keep a raincoat instead of leather boots. Many people try to take umbrellas with them that are not convenient, always chose raincoats over umbrellas as they are easy to carry. Another easy way to keep an update on the weather is to add the weather alerts on smartphones.

Pack the clothes that can be worn in different ways

Try to select the versatile piece of clothing even in a rush. Some of that includes soft shorts or leggings that can be used as comfy sleepwear. Moreover, few versatile shoes and some basic tops or T-shirts can also be worn in layer and solo. Don’t pack the unusual dresses unless there is some event to attend.

The liquids should be packed in last

Make the checking process small and fast, when running late for the flight. To make this process easy, keep all the liquids on the top of handbag instead of stowing at the bottom. This can be a quick way to pass them in the security counter and packing them again.

Always check the charging cables before heading out

Do a last go through of house before heading out especially for forgotten charging cables or adapters. One way of remembering these things is sticking a note on doorknob while packing. First of all, don’t forget to put all of the necessary gadgets in a handbag. But in case of forgetting the charger at home, buy one immediately on getting there.


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