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A Travelling Checklist in 21 Handy Tips

The most exciting thing to do in life is going on a vacation, whether it is winter or summer! Nothing is better than getting another stamp on passport and discovering some new exciting destinations. But the greatest problem is to optimize PACKING. The worst work to do before going on a trip, and then, in the end, it also costs you money if your suitcase ends up weighing more than the allowance. But this problem can be solved only in twenty-one tips regarding travelling Checklist while going on winter vacations.

Too many clothes and accessories in one bag is one of the common mistake done by visitors. Packing light doesn’t mean packing smart! For smart packing, you always need some serious tips and tricks that can save both the time and money.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned traveler, it’s always good to have a wise travelling checklist. Get your travelling checklist in 21 handy tips.

1. Advance Booking

Always try to book your hotels, accommodations and flights in advance because sometimes the odds are not in our favour. It saves both time and money because last minute booking is pretty slim and you don’t want to waste your time by finding a good hotel at the desired destination. Some flights and packages are available on different websites that offer advance booking along with the desired accommodation. Also, think about booking a flexible ticket and hotel room because it can cost a little bit more upfront.

2. Do check the visa and passport

Before checking out consider this question, do you need a Visa? Double check it before passing through and if you already got one make sure it’s still valid for the whole stay. Don’t forget to check the passport rules before travelling because rules for some specific countries are different. They require a passport valid for a certain number of months from the date of entry or after leaving the country. Before leaving, check the rules for your destination and bring a copy of the ticket in case of an emergency.


3. Choose the right bag for packing

Suitcases are much better, and I preferred those, but after the experience of dragging a bag through the rain and still soaking my stuff, the preference changed. If you have faced these conditions, then get up and get the Samsonite Zip lite Hard side Spinner Carry-On-Luggage. The best thing about this pack is its expandable zipper which allows an extra space even when it feels that you are overstuffed. It is like a bonus room for extra things. Also, remember to bring the money belt; a lightweight and easy to handle. Its multiple pockets offer bonus security.

Samsonite Zip lite Hard side SpinnerSamsonite Zip lite Hard side Spinners


4. Don’t forget the essentials

Other than clothes and shoes, remember essentials to bring out for winter vacation. Bring the cool hats to keep warm; scarves are also helpful, warm jackets with pockets, a different pair of socks, winter moisturizer for skin, shampoo, and other different things. Try to keep the liquids like shampoo or deodorant under 100ml. Also, secure all the liquids using plastic sheets or put them all in one plastic bag.

winter vacation 2019               (Source:

5. Hats: A key to warmness

Wear a good warm hat is one of the handy tips for a travelling checklist unless you don’t want to die due to freezing. Back then, I learned that a light fleece and a warm hat were all needed to move around the country. And yes, it was true, wearing a hat can make special cold morning walks, a memorable one.

Hats 2019    Hats for winter

Try to choose a hat that covers the ears, partly covers the back of your neck, made up of thin, modern materials and has no flaps, wasted mass or fluff balls.

6. Shoes: One heavy item in winter

In winter packing, most shoes are heavier and exceed the luggage limit on the airport. Don’t bother to keep heavier shoes in the bag. There are plenty of boots and fleets available that are lightweight and easy to carry. Pack the shoes that are waterproof, light on lacing and dark coloured to avoid the stains from slush.

Plenty of boots offer to hike through the snow but fail to look good enough for dinner. Do get the Ara Women’s Page Boot and for men try Bates Men’s Delta Gore that is nowadays best for the bag pack.

Other than cool boots, also keep a pair of slippers to keep warm from the cold hardwood floors and sturdy city boots for gorgeous styling.

Bates Men’s(Source:

Ara Women’s Page Boot(Source:

7. Choose the thin, light and waterproof gloves

The days for wool gloves are now gone, try a great pair of warm, waterproof and thin gloves. It weighs only a few ounces and takes a few square inches of your luggage. The characteristic of waterproofing makes them useful in the worst weather. The tight packaging helps them in packing and carrying around easily.

The best gloves should fulfil these requirements; breathable, quick drying, weatherproof, have some grip and extremely light and low bulk.

waterproof gloveswaterproof gloves 2019(Source:

8. Try a morning paper trick for clothing

Another incredible handy tip for a travelling checklist I using paper trick. Use the fashion week portion from the newspaper and select the best outfit for winter.

Moreover, a collection of tips on how to dress, stay warm etc. are included in it. But where to start and where to stop? Here you need a plan.

During winter, use a “morning paper” to figure out what to pack. The clothing outfit should contain:

  • Short or light long sleeve shirt or  T-shirt
  • Sweater or fleece
  • Light wind and waterproof outer shell
  • Long sleeves top over

9. Choose the right outerwear

1.      Heavy Coat

If you are going on some adventurous trip up in the mountains take a heavy coat or parka. Try to keep the big and bulky one to keep you extra warm on chilly days.

2.      Rain Jacket

This will protect you from the rain as there is a 100 per cent chance to catch up in the rain.

Rain JacketRain Jackets 2019


3. Pullover

Pack the quarter-zip for the lazy mornings by the fireplace

4. Active wear Coat

This helps to keep warm and cosy for some quick errands around the city.

Activewear Coat(Source:

10. Pack some cool pants for winter vacation

Never forget to pack some thermal underwear before pants. No one can underestimate the power of good under-layers as they are truly the best decision for the packing. Some other easy wears include leggings that are small, easy to pack and comfy for the nights in cabin or lodge. The sweatpants help to spend some quality time in the chilly morning around the fire. In the last don’t forget to pack the dark jeans as it goes with the outfit.

Activewear Coats                         (Source:

11. Bring Polarized Sunglasses

Sun can be a problem in winter also, its light reflected off the snow can be rough on your eyes. The other problem in winter is that the sun came lower in the sky and is more likely to be in sight or become a problem while driving in daylight hours. Use the polarized sunglasses for this kind of conditions.

Polarized SunglassesPolarized Sunglasses comparision


12. Other Accessories

Sunscreen is probably not the better idea in winter, but it can save you from the sunlight reflecting off of snow. Moreover, scarves are a probably better choice to keep warm in harsher weather. Try to keep the scarf that should be small, light and effective one.

Keep some extra pairs of wool socks to keep the toes warm while out in the snow. If you need to handle a lot of equipment in the snow finger gloves are great. Try to get a pair that is touch-screen compatible.

13. Avoid packing the favorite stuff

Sometimes, people pack their favourite stuff first and then the essentials. That is the wrong idea, try to keep the urge to pack favourite gears away. Such as the cool oversized black wool jacket of mine was so incredible and weighed about eight pounds. I tried to think about it every winter to keep it with me, but then it was time to let go.

Keep the list of makeup down and the sun blocks and moisturizers up. This can be good for the skin.

14. Some important Gears

Save some space for the camera and other GoPro accessories if you want to catch some memorable moments. Important accessories are included as:

  1. A smart and small camera such as Canon Power Shot G7X.
  2. Important GoPro accessories.
  3. Polarized Lens Filters to cover the lens from harsh sun rays.

Canon Power Shot G7X                       (Source:

15. Pack the Tops in layers

Start with the base layers because they can be worn under anything for added warmth. Then move to the presentation layers such as thin sweaters, tunics and cute cardigans. Seal the layer by adding jackets and also add some extra weather protection. Try to roll all the layers instead of folding, as it saves not only some space but also avoids creases too.

16. Smart packing for kids

If you are planning a family vacation with the kids, then do some smart packing for winter adventure. One of the handy tip for your smart packing is discussed below.

Keep three upper and two bottom layers of clothing per child. Keep them light, do not over-layer so the child will overheat. Bring the snow boots for outside play, tube-shaped neck warmers that can be easily pulled over, ski goggles, lip balm and a personal backpack with extra clothes, toys and snacks.

packing for kids        (Source:

17. Headlamp can be better than flashlights

For an adventurous trip, pack a headlamp to avoid the use of flashlights from a mobile phone. Pick the Energizer 3LED Headlight only for $10 and much more compact than expectations. It can be used in case of the blackout in the city and to navigate through darker areas.

3LED Headlight3LED Headlights(Source:

18. Some extra bags for extra use

Use some reusable foldable bag which can be kept in the pocket and as well as worn as a cross-body bag.  This foldable bag can be opened up to hold some extra souvenirs when bought too much. Moreover, it got some extra pouch, so stretchy and durable and can be used to hide extra money.

Also, pack a dry sack to keep the essentials dry in case of rain. The best quality dry sack is Sea to Summit Lightweight, which also serves an extra pouch where all your electronic and charger will remain organized and dry.

For the printed documents or some essential paperwork, keep a sturdy folder such as Premium Poly Envelope. Print out articles and tips instead of bringing a heavy tour book. So that it can be tossed away when you’re done with them.

Premium Poly Envelope(Source:

19. Some cool outfits for winter packing

Pack the big with some cool and fashionable outfit for winter. Some of them are suggested below.

  1. 3D Print-Knit Sweaterdress made up of knit acrylic/PBT, stretchable, moisture-wicking and full of warmth.

3D Print-Knit(Source:

  • Smart wool Cozy Flip Mitt allows you to use the fingers when they’re needed without freezing off the hand.
  • Columbia Powder Keg Jacket, usually designed for slopes, stylish and can be top off as winter outfits without looking too sporty.
  • Ruth Tundra Boots can with any outfit from casual to dressy.
  • Vince Classic Peacoat, made from water-resistant Melton wool blend and can be worn around a fashionable city on a snowy day.
  • The Lucy Cardigan provides an extra layer that can also pull double duty as a bag.

Lucy Cardigan(Source:

  • Flannel-Lined Jeans on the outside look normal, but the inside is lined with the same warm flannel.
  • Fleece leggings keep your legs even warmer than pants do.

20. Call the bank

The second last travelling checklist is making some calls to the bank. When all of the things are packed, and you are ready to go, do call the bank and let them know about the travelling dates and have the credit/debit cards declined. Make sure to check the monthly withdrawal limits.

second last travelling checklist(Source:

21. Keep some extra security precautions

Don’t forget to pack a stash of a few medicines and band-aids in case you got injured or caught some bad flu. Keep them in a small plastic bag to avoid leaking off in a suitcase. Also, bring some daily multivitamins to keep strong on the road.

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