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5 Ways to Save Money on Honeymoon Travel

The rings have been exchanged, vows have been said, and you’ve become official husband and wife, now it is time to plan an incredible honeymoon travel journey!!

Most couples plan their honeymoon to find some relaxing time with each other, to know each other in a better way. Usually, after the wedding, they are in a mood of saving money, because of the massive cost of the venue, catering and everything else but the honeymoon can be a huge blow to the budget.

Honeymoon travel 2019


Fortunately, there are some clever ways to save the money and make the trip unforgettable one. It only takes a small innovative idea, extra time comparing prices, careful planning and throwing yourself across the hotel desk to beg for a discount.

Here are the five best tips and tricks that can save the money for honeymoon travel without draining your saving account.

1.    Choose the right destination

Many couples try to spend their honeymoon outside the U.S, but by choosing the right place within the states, some money can be saved. There are many incredible spots in here to get some endless photos with a beautiful view in the background. The best and affordable honeymoon travel destination which covers at least 2.2 million acres across the Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho is Yellowstone. Spend the evenings in the areas of the national park by enjoying some beautiful views of nature and the mornings by taking baths in hot water of rivers. Also enjoy the breathtaking waterfalls, geysers, and canyons of the Yellowstone.

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To save some extra on your honeymoon travel, coin search for lodging in the nearby town, or set a camp to enjoy some adventures. The top honeymoon destinations in the U.S are California, North Carolina, Martha’s Vineyard, Monterey, and Massachusetts. These little gorgeous heavenly places also offer a small-town charm, unbelievable food and drink, ocean views, a laid-back and romantic trip.

Within the right destination, the information about the season, tickets, registration, dates and flights are also important.


After deciding the location, check the airline websites frequently for lower cost. The best thing is to sign up for alerts with different travel sites. In this way, you will get an email when the prices are reasonable.

Be flexible with dates

A huge amount of difference in money is caused by shifting the flights around. Use the best online travel sites which allow some affordable flights. Moreover, call the travel agent to see how a slight change in timing can save money.

Honeymoon Registry

The best way is to set up a honeymoon registry with The Know Newlywed Fund. It gives an opportunity for couples to pay for whatever they wish for different experiences like a couple massage, drinks on the beach or a spa treatment.

Get more bang for your buck

Another best idea to save money on honey travel is to choose the place where the budget can be sabotaged. Find a destination where your money has more value like Mexico, Iceland, etc.

2.    Pick an Under-The-Radar International Destination

If you don’t have any desire to travel within the states, pick a tried-and-true international destination like Paris or Tahiti, that offer some incredible off-the-beaten-path and same perks. Consider the Greek land of Corfu, instead of planning a post-wedding getaway to Santorini that can cost thousands of dollars.

The-Radar International                          (Source:

Corfu is an amazing place to enjoy some beautiful lush green landscapes where the scent of olives and citrus is good enough to melt away any ounce of stress. The beaches beneath the feel amazing and the view of the Ionic Sea takes you to the streets of paradise. The turquoise water in the beaches of Corfu is best known for a fraction of price. The old fortress and museums in the centre of town, the attraction like Paleokastritsa Monastery on the top of the cliff and the Corfu Donkey Rescue seem really big while travelling on a budget.

Avoid spending the honeymoon in Cannes and try Antibes. Do enjoy some French Riviera experience and the best beaches of the country at a more reasonable price. Try to visit during the peak summer season and get the cheap rates of the hotel in Antibes drop as $60 per night.

Also, check out Western Nicaragua to enjoy a different number of water-based activities. They offer snorkelling off the coast of San Juan Del Sur, and many more places to explore near the foothills of Mombacho Volcano.

Mombacho Volcano             (Source:

Another good option to save some bucks, would be Phi Phi Islands in the lands of Thailand, perfect for a Southeast Asian honeymoon. Exploring Phi Phi Le National Park, Kayaking to scenic covers and rock climbing offer to make some memorable moments.

Finally, the choice is yours!!

3.    Choose for a Bed-and-Breakfast Instead of a Big Resort

Couples always select charming and expensive resorts for a luxury experience, but the same is going to happen if bed-and-breakfasts are chosen. They offer just as much romance and relaxation as the luxury resorts do. There is a small difficulty in getting those because these properties welcome only a few guests at a time. Moreover, the common areas are more intimate and private than that in gorgeous resorts.


The PalmWood Guest House


The best bed-and-breakfast can be found in Kauai, Hawaii, which can provide three giant rooms with a spectacular view of Moloa’a hills on the island of North Shore. In Florida, Melbourne Beach of a 10-room property is nice bed-and-breakfast with a dreamy bougainvillaea-lined courtyard. Moreover, The Governor’s House Inn in Charleston, South Carolina also offers suites with a private sitting area and balconies.

Caldwell House B&B(Source:

Do spend some time surfing to choose the best B&B that also contain special perks such as cheese tastings and complimentary evening. The best example can be found in New York, The Caldwell House B&B that offers a three-course meal every morning.

Another easy way to get some more amenities is to search for some cheap hotels that can offer a suite with outside, the warm pool at an affordable price.

Some other tips to save money on the accommodation are also given as:

Stay somewhere local

Choose the place to stay that is located near the airport, less than an hour away by plane. This can really save some money on travel costs. Plus book accommodations where you can cook your own, this can really save some bucks and cost stay fairly low.

Scour some deal sites

Try to take a travel package that includes flights, on-site excursions, and hotels, all in one deal!

Always check the cost whether it is cheaper than it would be to pay for all the components separately.

Never forget to read the fine print and always pay attention to the blackout dates.

Keep the holiday shorter

Make the honeymoon, a mini-moon, to save some big bucks of money. The fewer nights means less expense on the food and accommodation. When your wedding is long paid off, plan for the one-year anniversary in a luxurious way.

Pick an all-inclusive resort

If you really want to spend honeymoon in a resort then go for an all-inclusive resort. This can be a lot cheaper than booking accommodations and transportation separately. Considering the price of food and drinks and other expenses that can cost some real bucks. Check for the resorts that offer transportation and booking of flight at a reasonable price.

4.    Fly on Saturday, Tuesday or Wednesday

If the solemnly vows have been shared on Saturday, then probably the honeymoon travel is going to be on Sunday which is one of the most expensive days to travel domestically. Plus the weekend’s flights to international travel are very costly. Try to choose the regular day for an international flight such as Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday instead of weekends. These three days are the cheapest days to fly.

Fly on Saturday                            (Source:

Plus you can also get a chance to spend one-on-one time with family and friends, by booking after days of the wedding. This can also help in seeing the sights near the venue. Sometimes, it also feels rushed when you have to go after the day of your wedding. Avoid this feeling and take some time to make sure that every essential is packed properly. Finalize the arrangements for any pets during the trip, drop off the tuxedo or wedding dress at the dry cleaner, select some gorgeous outfit and many more.

Also, try to return home on Saturday instead of Sunday, this will save money and give a whole day to recover from jet lag and relax before returning to daily routines on Monday.

5.    Travel in more affordable time of year

Sometimes couples are opting to take time between their weddings and honeymoons that give some extra time to plan the more affordable honeymoon travel. It also opens up air travel calendars to the more affordable time of the year. Try to book the honeymoon in those places where low seasons vary. Just like between the months of June and November the flights from North America are fantastically low, it means you can take this opportunity at reasonable rates. Similarly, in European areas, the rates are extremely low during the winter season, perfect for those who dream of watching snow fall outside and snuggling by a fire.

North America                             (Source:

Also, try to travel during the off-season when a lot of people have to work, and kids are back to school usually in spring and fall. But during winter and summer, the travel is most expensive as a lot of people have to time off to visit their new places, family and friends. Don’t forget to check the weather of the desired destination, unless you want to face hurricane or tornado!

Moreover, search the destinations that are cheaper in the desired month. For example, New York is cheapest in January, Ireland is cheapest in February, Italy is cheapest in March, Jamaica is cheapest in the month of April, and Hawaii is cheapest in May. Furthermore, Phoenix in June, Tucson in July, Las Vegas in August, New Orleans in September, Costa Rica in October, Reno in November and Germany in December are the cheapest.

So, always consider the shoulder season before planning your special honeymoon.

Some Short tricks to save money on honeymoon travel

The above tips are related to long-term planning. Some other tips can also be used to avoid the excessive use of money.

Set your priorities

Try to figure out the priorities before planning a trip. Whether you want to spend a sweet time or an adventurous time with your partner. Do tell your partner about the priorities.

Get a travel agent

For a stress-free trip book a honeymoon travel agent that will guide throughout the trip. They can also help in saving money with air, hotel and transport. It also helps in getting updates of any last-minute or ongoing sales of travel. To save the time, call an agency that specializes in booking affordable cruises. Do tell the priorities to the agent so they can figure exactly what to cut and what to keep.

Use other means except flying

Try to get to the desired destination by train, car or bus instead of flying. It is a plus point of getting on a long drive with your partner instead of just laying down in the plane. Use the local buses or transport instead of cabs or ride apps.

Purchase an air pass

You can get some awesome air passes from the many foreign airlines such as South America, Australia and Southeast Asia sell tickets to city or country hop within a specific region.

Play the Honeymoon Card

Don’t be shy about letting the person know that you are on honeymoon travel while asking the rates or making a reservation. This can give a big discount or a free bottle of champagne.

Pull your resources

Check all of the credit cards, club memberships and the dining cards to know the benefits. Sometimes, the credit cards or auto insurance help to cover the car rentals.

Book a flight in the smaller airport

Sometimes, flying can be a real pain, but booking a flight into smaller airports can save some serious cash. Like, check out General Mitchell International Airport instead of using O’Hare in Chicago.

Stay away from the hotel’s restaurant

A few offers some free dining, but that comes with some marked-up-price. Try the local restaurants to save a few bucks on your honeymoon travel.

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