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The Leaky Gut Diet Plan : The Best Diet Plan

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.”  Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Increased industrialization and hectic work environments have changed the dietary habits of the masses. Trendy junk and fast foods are increasing the number of patients in hospitals.

Most common diseases are food-related. Food, off-course the essential supplement for survival has turned into an industry. Poor quality checks have deteriorated the conditions even further.

Day-to-day trends are adding fuel to the fire. Best quality foods are mostly available at home but unfortunately, many people have very little time to spend time at home. Resultantly abdominal diseases are increasing and becoming more complex. As rightly said,

“Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork.”

Food is part of a balanced diet. One must focus on the food that one eats. Poor dietary habits and lower quality foods lead to many diseases especially gut-related diseases.

Good food is the guarantee for a healthy body and healthy bodies produce healthy minds. The use of spices and unhealthy interest for spicy foods have nurtured poor food selection.

Symptoms of leaky guts:

Facing symptoms like skin inflammation, digestive disorders, continuous joint pain and having autoimmune diseases or compromised immunity. This is an alarming situation. You have to focus on your dietary habits.

Consult a physician and he may diagnose that you are a patient of the leaky gut syndrome. To analyze a few more symptoms as well.

  • Constipation, bloating.
  • Excessive fatigue.
  • Cravings for sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Depression, anxiety and insomnia.

If you have all these symptoms you are a possible victim of serious digestive disorder. Make sure that you are making an appointment with a physician on the earliest. This unknown ailment can lead you to a serious ailment.

Oh, God! Leaky Gut Diet Plan

What am I suffering from? Don’t worry let us talk about it in detail!

Because the solution is in the knowledge of the severity and not in getting depressed. It is quite possible that the will increase the ailment.

Thanks! To medical science, there are a lot of experts to help you. Medical wonders have made us unable to deal with all the complex situations. You are not part of that complexity any further look! How?

“Leaky gut syndrome” is:

A healthy gut lining (mucosa) allows absorbing specific food nutrients to get into the bloodstream. Leaky gut is a disease that abrupt the function.

This is an intestinal disorder in which intestinal gaps widen to cause intestinal permeability and in severe cases hyper-permeability.

Due to poor absorption, in leaky guts: bacteria, toxins and undigested food are mixed into the bloodstream.

It is a chain reaction where a person takes deteriorated food and the process of enzymes secretion in the intestine stops due to damaged cells present there.

This leads to hormonal imbalance in the body and the situation leads to proactive immunity, sleep and digestive disorders.

Leaky guts potentially lead to celiac diseases and type1-diabetes. This though is severe interlinkage of the infection that turns into a chronic disease.

So here is a review on your ailment. Now go! Consult a physician.

Immediate prevention for leaky gut’s irritation

Don’t panic. It is a curable disease. Consult a physician and if you are away and can’t reach the doctor immediately, stop consuming alcohol, probiotic supplements.

NSAID to avoid inflammation and sleep tight. Because these foods and habits increase the harmful bacteria in the intestine which may lead to increased inflammation.

To avoid inflammation and severity you have to say Good Bye to grains, sugar and milk.

Their consumption can lead to a chronic situation as gluten present in grains is difficult to digest while sugar plays the part of nourishing supplements for bacteria.

Food plays an important role in the treatment of leaky guts. But here the most essential part is what to eat? And what not to eat? Are two major questions that come in mind at first.

You have to avoid a few foods to avoid the severity of illness and have to add a few things in your diet. Have a glance over what to consume? And what not to consume? Further information will help you to understand the cause of this situation.

Here we are making necessary changes in your kitchen cabinets. Obviously, food change is necessary.

Food that Leaky guts want you to avoid

All type of processed and junk foods are harmful and may increase the severity of the disorder. Processed foods are produced industrially and a lot of preservatives and chemicals are mixed in them to preserve the foods for the longer run.

All type of emulsifiers disturb secretion inside the intestine and will lead hormonal imbalance. Advanced glycation in thermal processing of food has an adverse effect on tissues.

Here are your old habits. Change them immediately.

1. Grains:

One must avoid the grains because all time of grains including wheat, rye, and barley, contains gluten. This protein creates problem indigestion when having a gut problem.


It can cause disturbance and can increase the severity of the disease by playing the role of fodder for bacteria.


Buffalo and cow milk should be avoided as they can cause inflammation. One fond of milk drinks the goat and sheep milk.

Lactose-free dairy-related products including hard cheese and lactose-free milk and plant-based milk alternatives can be made part of the food instead.

Dairy products manufactured with cow milk contains lactose and casein they lead to digestive intolerances which may further make you suffer from irritated bloating, flatulence and diarrhoea and other gastrointestinal disorders.

4.Alcohol & fizzy Drinks:

Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to the brain, liver and digestive system. Serious ailments do occur due to liquor consumption.

The habit may reduce the bacteria commune inside your gut. These gram-negative bacteria reduction will reduce endotoxin and acetaldehyde. Increased levels of these two hormones will deplete the intestinal lining.

All type of fizzy drinks is inflammatory food supplements. These beverages slow down the digestive process that may cause gastrointestinal disorders.

All type of colas and carbonated drinks have carbon content and their chemical composition is the leading cause of inflammatory diseases and gastrointestinal issues.

5.Fried content of food:

All type of fried foods is constituted with saturated fats. And saturated fats in your food intake cause inflammation and increased toxin level in your body.

When these fats bypass the intestinal suitability barriers it will cause serious ailment related to your mucosa. They too disrupt the bacterial communes inside the intestine.

So put a barrier in front of samosas, pizzas, bar be cue parties, fried sandwiches and sweets. Fried fish is not even your type of food.


Sorry to say! But you have to quit all the delicious foods like cupcakes, pizzas, cookies, milkshakes, all kind of bakery stuff. In short, you have to trash out almost all your food items in the kitchen and the bar.

Beer and whiskies are no more your beverages. You have to quit some of the things for part-time and some for the whole life span including beer.

Nothing interesting to come but a healthy way of life; if you have an interest in your health, obviously you have.

Food intakes for leaky guts:Foods For Leaky Gut

The kitchen is trashed out. The freezer is empty, now what to eat for survival?

Don’t worry many things will take their place in your life after a period of thirty days if and only if you treat your gut with healthy food and make the gut lining come in place.

So, the best food to cure the disease is non-citrus fruits, cultured dairy products, healthy fats, lean meats, fibers, fermented vegetables are the best foods to consume in leaky gut. Phytochemicals, as well as turmeric, are good food replacements.

You can enjoy your food now. And here is what you have to eat today onwards.

  • Eat green:

Vegetables are the best anti-inflammatory foods. Raw vegetables are difficult to digest so blended and cooked foods will help your gut heal fast. Plant-based diets are healthy and easy to digest. Better eat green fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables like eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and fruits including blueberries, grapes, oranges, papaya and strawberries are the best foods to be taken. Nuts, seeds such as almonds, cashew, and pistachio are helpful dry fruits as well.

A few fruits and vegetables are necessary for gut health that may help you plan a better diet.

  • Apple

Helps you control constipation due to the presence of pectin a soluble fiber. This will help you bypass the digestion in the small intestine and will increase the stole.

  • Papaya

Contains papain an essential enzyme to cure irritation in bowel and constipation. Papain helps to break down protein fibers indigestion.

  • Fennel

Eases one out from constipation and adds flavour to the food. Plays an important role in the relaxation of muscles in the digestion process.

  • Beet-roots

Are fibre-rich and help bypass the intestinal digestion and feed the bacterial commune in the colon.

  • Ginger

Quickens digestion process and treats nausea and morning sickness along with heartburn.

  • Green vegetables

Including spinach, broccoli and other dark green vegetables are magnesium-rich and help contraction of muscles and reduce constipation.

Bone broth:Foods For leaky Gut

Bone broth has effective healing power due to amino acids and minerals present in the bones and flesh of grass-fed animals. All the good fats are part of bone broth.

Gelatin of bone broth consists of glycine, glutamine and amino acids. Easy digestion and bowel improvements are potential tasks made by bone broth.

Fermented foods:

Preserved meat, vegetables, and beverages are probiotics and introduce the good bacteria in the gut.

Consumption of such food ingredients heals the gut lining at a marvellous pace. A few preserved foods are marvellous foodstuffs as well including:

Sauerkraut is cabbage shredded and fermented with lactic acid. Rich source of probiotics and helps in better digestion.

Yoghurt is produced by the fermentation process. Rich source of probiotics ease digestion and strengthens gut lining due to its content of good bacteria.

Kombucha is a mixture of sugar, tea and a few bacteria. It is fermented for a few days and helps heal ulcers.

Kimchi is comprised of fermented vegetables. Being a rich source of fiber it improves gut health and quickens digestion.

Healthy fats:

Coconut products and fish oil can help you heal well. The major component of the good fats are omega3, and medium type triglycerides. They help to digest food and cure inflammation.


Turmeric helps in detoxification of the body. It may help heal the disorder.

Salmon fish is a rich source of omega-3. Helps heal inflammation and digestive disorders.


Seeds are enriched with good fats and omega-3 and help in the improvement of the mucosa.

Chia seeds are a good source of fiber and are best antioxidants. They are perfect fodder for good bacteria inside the intestine.

Natto is soybean. They are fibre-rich and are used as a plane or as an edible.

Miso is fermented soybeans as well and is fermented with salt. It helps heal diarrhoea.

People may benefit from adopting the diet that increases the diversity of bacteria within the gut. Incorporating more prebiotics and probiotics in the food increase the number of good bacteria in the gut.

Vegetables like eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and fruits including blueberries, grapes, oranges, papaya and strawberries are the best foods to be taken.


All the difficult names and unknown things are made part of your food and all tongue teasers are gone one by one. Taste buds are shedding tears and stomach is morning.

So all the plus have been advised to you. Continuous one-month precautions can make you able to return back to your routine. All type of precautions will make you able to enjoy your life once again.

Prevention is better than cure. So better prevent yourself from all the junk and processed food to avoid the doctor.

If you have a chronic disorder, let us consult a physician. Don’t worry about an injection or a bundle of bitter tablets and suspensions. They are temperament testers … Gosh!

Consult a physician for leaky guts:

(Warning: These food supplements must be used as prescribed by an authorized nutritionist.)

A few things depend solely on an expert’s discretion. A physician can decide a processed supplement for you and a nutritionist can provide you with a good diet plan.

What we can give you as information is a preventive suggestion for you to avoid ailment by your food choice. Though in severe cases foods are not sufficient yet they can help you choose better at a time of illness.Best Foods For Leaky Gut

This change in diet habits will heal you at little pace; to increase the efficiency of this treatment.

Food Supplements

Few food supplements are available in the market those may provide a helping hand to the treatment.

Choose a good brand, unlike the food choices you made earlier. Supplements are part of medical treatment and are taken by the advice of a doctor.

A piece of general knowledge about these supplements is provided here to avoid Quakers in the cloaks of doctors.

Always consult an authorized and experienced physician for your treatment. Listed below are essential supplements to be prescribed by a physician in leaky guts.


10 to 20 grams of collagen a day in soup, smoothies and green tea may help you treat joint pain and skin inflammation. It is an essential component of bone broth. It has glycine content to heal pain and inflammation.


It reduces the inflammation and helps repair the gut and protects it from further irritation. 5 to 10 grams a day for a month will help you heal your gut lining.

Digestive enzymes:

Making them part of your meal will help you digest the food and reduce the risk of undigested protein to become part of bloodstream through the damaged gut. One to two capsules, as prescribed by the physician, may help you.


Along with the fermented food, a recommended quality of probiotics will increase the population of good bacteria in the gut. A capsule containing 15 billion CFUs is the best remedy.

No injection? Happy face!

A physician is a friend as well, and a “friend in need is a friend indeed.” Say goodbye! To doctor.


Have a quick overview of what you learned today.


Odd eating habits are the reason behind the digestive tract ailments. Excessive use of intoxicants and odd food choices can make you the patient of the gut-related disease, particularly leaky guts.

Leaky guts are potential reasons for serious ailments like type1 diabetes and celiac diseases. Better food choice can help you heal the gut lining. Antioxidants and fibre-rich foods have good healing power.

Probiotics and prebiotics and fermented foods without chemical emulsifiers are helping supplements to be made part of your food. All type inflammatory foods and beverages including grains and liquor can deteriorate conditions even further.

Health-related issues

Health-related issues must be addressed properly and a good diet plan with healthy food choices. The green, fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of fibers and antioxidants which can help you heal your mucosa naturally.

Natural solutions to your ailments are best choices you make. Antibiotics and processed food supplements are the last choices one should make for their treatment after consulting a good physician.

It is an old saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” So better prevent your gut from adverse effects of your food choices and you must draft a proper food plan to avoid all type of ailments.

A better food habit is a better choice than medication.

Serious ailments are not the domain of self-medication or self-cure because you are not a physician and you must consult one for a serious situation like leaky gut.


Though it is difficult to manage time for a good diet yet one has to pay attention to oneself. In busy schedules many diet plans are difficult to carry on, a few food plans are complicated processes to continue on a daily basis.

For example, making a smoothie, bone broth, or soup are time-consuming activities.

To avoid such food plans and tasteless foods one should focus on his food habits. A balanced diet plan and workout are healthy activities to carry on and spend a healthy life.

In these highly mobilized societies and metropolis life though it is a difficult task yet a healthy life provides you with all essential body strength and mind power to encounter with difficult problems at your workplace or at a recreational tour.

Healthy Brain

A healthy body contains a healthy brain. Think of a person having leaky gut and facing inflammation and digestive issues along with insomnia.

He will lose his bread and butter due to irritation in his mind and cause behind was not his nature but poor dietary habits those led him to this situation in the end.

A few minutes from a busy schedule and a better food choice can help that person avoid after effects.

In these fast-moving cities and industrial hubs, one has to care for oneself in the end. Healthy lifestyles, better food choices and curiosity about what you consume of and on are best policies to implement on one’s life.

Natural Phenomenon

Whenever you disturb a natural phenomenon, nature will disturb you. So always be strict to your healthy routines and try not to be lenient about your health-related issues.

Every ailment has a poor habit behind and any such habits must be changed. Fill your stomach with healthy foods rich in fibers and antioxidants to avoid all kind of diseases; because you are a reflection of your food.

Fresh fruits and prebiotics and probiotics are best supplements to adopt a safe side in stomach disorders. Leaky guts are a common phenomenon now every person having poor dietary habits can be a victim of this disease.

One never chose a disease for oneself but one’s food choice is one such thing that depends upon one’s choice.

So always make healthy choices in cravings and regular meals because, in the end, you will be the person who may be the patient of leaky guts.

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