Leaky Gut

How To Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

What is leaky Gut?

An increased intestinal permeability or disturbance in the digestive system in which bacteria and the toxins are the cause of leak of the abdominal wall. Leaky gut is not a recognizable condition by many medical professionals. Usually, leaky Gut is due to bloating and fatigue.

A phenomenon which is known as leaky Gut, oh! Why are we studying it? This phenomenon got a lot of attention because it is related to natural health. Leaky gut is a disease in which our intestine got increased due to improper digestion and bacterial infections.

Medical professionals do not assume it as a real disorder, but some scientific researchers believe that leaky gut is the cause of various serious diseases. These diseases are related to abdominal cavity disorder, fatigue, and bloating.

How leaky Gut syndrome occurs?

The leaky gut starts when the human digestive system breaks down, and too many nutrients are absorbed. Break down of the digestive system can be the cause of various diseases. The digestive system is itself a natural safeguard to the body because it protects the body from different harmful substances. When our stomach breaks down, it will cause toxic substances that pass through the intestinal wall. Intestinal walls act as the barriers which control the bloodstream and support the organs.

There are small gaps between the intestinal walls, which are known as tight junctions. These junctions allow the water and other substances to pass through it. Blocking in the intestinal passage can be harmful to the gut.

When the tight junctions become loose, they allow the bacteria and the toxins to pass through the intestinal cavity easily. These bacteria and toxic substances made a thick layer in the stomach, which are the cause of the Leaky Gut syndrome. Bacteria and toxic substances enter into the bloodstream and cause many diseases regarding Gut.

Symptoms of the leaky gut syndromeleaky gut syndrome

The leaky gut syndrome has the following symptoms,

  • Diarrhea, gas, constipation and bloating
  • Disturbance in the immune system
  • Too much fatigue, headache, memory loss
  • Brain fog, skin rashes, and acne
  • Sugar cravings
  • Joinders
  • Stress, depression
  • Celiac disease or autoimmune diseases


What causes leaky Gut?

The leaky gut syndrome can because of various issues such as disturbance in the digestive system, use of alcohol, genetically transmitted and improper diet, etc.

Some proteins are well known for the leaky gut syndrome. A protein known as zonulin is the leading cause that makes gut leaky. This protein is usually transmitted genetically. When it is activated in affected people, it will cause the stomach. Two factors include the release of protein and bacteria are called intestine and gluten. Such protein is found in barley and wheat.

Multiple factors are the cause of the leaky gut syndrome. Such factors are given below,

  • Too much sugar intake

The leaky gut syndrome occurs due to high sugar intake. Sugar contains fructose that will be harmful to the functions of intestinal walls.

  • Consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs

The use of non-steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs may also be the cause of the leaky gut syndrome. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug that is the cause of increased intestinal permeability, which leads to leaky gut syndrome.

  • Huge intake of alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol will also cause the leaky gut syndrome. Alcohol disturbs the digestive system function and disturbs the intestinal walls. Huge consumption of alcohol may increase intestinal permeability.

  • Too much stress

Stress is also the cause of the chronic disorder, which causes multiple factors of gastrointestinal disease, which includes the digestive system or leaky gut.

  • Deficiency of nutrients

Nutrients deficiencies will also be the cause of the leaky gut syndrome. The deficiency of vitamin A, vitamin D, and zinc will be the cause of leaky gut syndrome.

  • Presence of yeast

The gut contains yeast naturally, which helps the gut to stop toxic substances and bacteria from entering into the digestive system. Sometimes this yeast grows fast and disturbs the digestive system. Overgrowth of yeast will be the cause of the leaky gut syndrome.

How to heal leaky gut syndrome fast?

The leaky gut syndrome can be healed by using such foods that are healthy and help us to kill the bacteria. Such food contains fruits, dairy products, vegetables, lean meats, fiber-containing foods such as sweet potatoes, etc. we can also use probiotic supplements which help us to reduce stress, do not take alcohol and take rest properly, limit or avoid anti-inflammatory products.

How long to heal leaky gut?

The leaky gut syndrome can be healed within two to three weeks. However, it depends on the gut condition. Sometimes, it can take more than two to three weeks. If you are taking precautionary measures on time, it will be healed up within a week.

Five best ways to Cures leaky Gut

Leaky gut can be cured by following these simple ways

1. Do not take toxic foods

Toxic foods are hazardous to health. Toxic foods contain gluten, sugar, processed food, dairy, alcohol, pesticides sprayed foods. These all foods are toxic to the gut. If we want to cure of leaky gut syndrome, we should avoid such foods that cause toxic. Avoid those foods for at least two months.

2. Do not take the stressHow to heal leaky gut syndrome fast?

Stress disturbs the hormones. Disturbance in hormones also disturbs a lot of body functions and breakdown the tight junctions of cells. When we reduce stress, we can heal from the leaky gut syndrome.

3. Digestive enzymes

We take a lot of enzymes daily with a meal, which helps us to break down large proteins and other bacterial products that can damage the internal lining of the gut. Such enzymes are helpful for us to fight against leaky gut syndrome.

4. Eat healthy fatsHow to heal leaky gut syndrome fast?

Fatty acids help us to feed the cells that are useful to heal the gut syndrome. Take N-Butyrate fatty acids, which are found in fruits and vegetables. N-Butyrate fatty acids are good for health, which is found in butter, ghee, coconut oil. These rich fatty acid oils are suitable for the gut.

5. Take sleep

Sleep is a gift for us from God. Seven to eight hours of sleep daily is essential for a healthy life. If we are not taking proper rest, we cannot be healthy, and our immune system gets worse day by day.

If we sleep, our mind correctly will be able to create new memories daily and enhance the thinking process. Poor sleep makes us irritable and brain fog. Rest for less than seven hours have adverse effects on health, and we become week and weekday by day.

Poor sleep has the worst effects on our health, such as diabetes, weight gain or loss, increase food cravings, hypertension, and heart diseases, etc. So, if we want to get a healthy gut, we should take full sleep of seven to eight hours.

Signs leaky gut is healing

When you get relief from diarrhea, gas problems, bloating it means that leaky gut is healing. When your immune system is getting useful against diseases and you have relief from headache, memory loss and excessive fatigue, it means that your gut is healing, and you can live a healthy life.

How to heal leaky gut?

We can heal our gut by following methods,How to heal leaky gut syndrome fast?

Eat fresh foods instead of processed foods. Take fiber containing foods as you can take. Beans, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and grains are such foods that contain fiber. These foods help us indigestions and heal our gut.

If you have some allergies regarding any food which disturbs the digestive system, eliminate such foods from your diet.

Probiotics are the natural fuel for our intestine. Probiotics are natural fibers that are soluble and always feed the good bacteria which are suitable for health. It helps balance the heath and our healthy functions, which produce the beneficial short chain of fatty acid. These fatty acids include butyrate which saves us from the diseases caused by pathogens and maintains the health of intestinal lining.

Ginger tea has a lot of benefits. It is also known as Ayurveda, which is an old remedy using for many years. Ginger tea has been used from 2000 years ago. This tea is specially used to deal with gut issues. The leaky gut syndrome can also be treated by using ginger tea. We will take relief from stomach pain and cramping by taking this tea. Ginger stimulates the digestive system and eliminates dangerous bacteria, which are the cause of leaky gut syndrome.

Caffeine Tea

We can also use caffeine tea.  Caffeine tea also has a lot of benefits regarding the gastrointestinal disorder. This tea will help us to get rid of from leaky gut.

Use garlic in your food as garlic helps us to control cholesterol levels. Garlic works as a natural cleanser for the gut and makes our gastrointestinal cavity healthy. A healthy gut will leads us towards a healthy life.How to heal leaky gut syndrome fast?

By using aromatic and anti-inflammatory substances are also helpful to maintain gut health. Carrots contain vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, and full of fibers, iron, and magnesium. These substances promote gut health, which is good for our skin too. If we take apple juice, carrot juice, and lemon together, it has sound effects at our Gut, which keeps us safe from various diseases.

Best ways to detox leaky Gut

Gut acidity always leaves the worst effects on the body. It is necessary to detox your Gut so that you can avoid acidity and the worst health effects. Usually, I use the following ways to detox my body which are given below,

  • Do not take Alcohol
  • Take good sleep
  • Take more water
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Take antioxidant-rich foods
  • Eat such food which contains high probiotic
  • Decrease salt intake
  • Take detox water which includes cucumber, lemon, mint, and ginger

How to detox your body?

The use of detox diets are beneficial to remove detoxication. It is necessary to detox our body as well. Usually, I follow certain dietary changes and lifestyles to reduce toxins from the body. This is helpful to detox my body as well. Use the following ways to detox the body,

  • Sulphur containing foods

Take such foods which are rich in Sulphur. These foods are beneficial to detox our bodies. Sulphur containing foods are broccoli, garlic, onions, etc.

  • Take more water

Take more and more water as water has useful natural substances that help detox the body. Water reduces the body temperature that will help to lubricate the joints.

High intake of water releases waste in the form of urea and CO2 carbon dioxide. That is the best way to detox your body.

  • Take Algae

Chlorella is a species of Algae. Chlorella has many nutritional benefits, which helps us to detox our body. Algae can reduce toxins from the body and enhance the ability to fight against heavy chemicals, which are the cause of acidity.

  • Take apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works as the cleanser for stomach and leaky gut. It can fight against toxic chemicals that are harmful to health. Apple cider vinegar also helpful in detox the leaky gut and heal leaky gut syndrome.

How to treat Leaky Gut?

The leaky gut syndrome can be treated by eating foods that are helpful to promote the growth of Gut. Fresh fruits, vegetables, supplements, probiotics, dairy products, healthy fats, lean meat, and good sleep are good for the treatment of the Gut syndrome.

Leaky gut syndrome Diet

Avoid such foods, which are the cause of the leaky gut syndrome. These foods include wheat and wheat products, processed foods, baked products, snacks, junk foods, cheese, ice-cream, refined oils such as canola, sunflower, sauces, beverages containing alcohol and carbonated drinks, etc.

Use keto diet, Kampuchea diet, bone broth, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and green salads as your diet to keep gut healthy.


The leaky gut syndrome is an increased intestinal permeability or disturbance in the digestive system in which bacteria and the toxins are the cause of leak of the abdominal wall. Leaky gut is not a recognizable condition by many medical professionals. Usually, leaky Gut is due to bloating and fatigue.

We discussed the various causes and symptoms of the leaky gut syndrome. The leaky gut syndrome is a gastrointestinal disorder that causes many diseases regarding the gut. We can avoid leaky gut syndrome by following the proper diet which includes fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, probiotics, dairy products, healthy fat, lean meat, and good sleep. We should avoid processed foods, dairy products like cheese and ice-cream, alcohol, etc. A healthy gut means a healthy body.

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