Healthy Gut Diet Plan

How to Improve Gut Health Naturally

Importance Of Gut Health

The gut is a delicate and sensitive part of our body and provides the necessary energy to our body. Proper metabolic system and digestive activity are much needed for a healthy mind and body. There are more bacteria in the human body than cells. Both healthy and unhealthy bacteria are inhabitants of your body.

They form colonies and get food from the human body. Healthy bacteria work on the symbiotic phenomenon and helps human digestion. Gut bacteria grow faster than unhealthy bacteria, normally.Healthy Gut Diet Plan

Their hasty growth makes them able to suppress unhealthy bacteria in the gut. Our poor dietary habit and stomach acid imbalance help unhealthy bacteria to increase their numbers in the gut. Poor lifestyles are other causes behind after rising and before going to bed brushing your teeth and flossing them properly is not a habit in many people. Routine checkups and cleaning of teeth by a dentist help you avoid gut-related ailments. Different studies around the world have shown that bacteria in the stomach make their way through the mouth.

Poor Food Habits For Gut Health

Poor food habits and the availability of junk foods around are deteriorating the conditions. Food-related diseases are common in masses because restaurants and fast-food chains have changed our eatery. We eat food when we are free while food selection is a full-time job itself. Fried and flavoured foods contain higher chemical content and artificial food colour and sweeteners cause intestinal inflammation and heartburn. Lactating mother having poor diet habits will transfer their ailment to the nascent.

Poor food choice and not being habitual of fiber intake make us suffer intestinal issues. 40-50 per cent fiber is part of American cuisine. A balanced diet provides fiber and good bacteria to your gut. Obesity is one of the leading causes of Gut related issues. 45 minutes workout is not a routine in many of us.

Habitual Disorders

Highly hectic work shifts and poor sleeping habits damage our internal system and anxiety and depression becomes a routine. Neurological disease is also evident that we eat carelessly and without a proper plan.

Gut health is a greater concern in medical science because many people are facing stomach related issues and all leading ailments including anginas, neurological disorders, liver damage and weak growth of infants are food-related issues. The food we consume is digested into the gut and healthy guts provide proper food supplies according to body requirements.

What are Unhealthy Guts

Unhealthy guts may lead to leaky guts and chronic disease in severity. Type1- diabetes and celiac diseases are two prominent disorders due to unhealthy guts.

Leaky gut is an ailment in intestinal permeability and hyperpermeability occurs due to increased level of unhealthy bacteria in the gut. Food content present in the stomach becomes part of bloodstream in severe cases and increases the chances of autoimmune diseases, inflammation, joint pain and enervation. To stay healthy and useful for the society one finding leaky guts symptoms in him must cure them at first.

Inflammatory Foods foods for gut health

Inflammatory foods like glutton, alcohol, and processed and artificial food contents lead to inflammation and heartburns. These little issues grew complicated when not taken care for a long time. Social stigmas and lifestyles bring many to a blind street. Homemade foods are the best quality foods available to one but being careless and not eating foods containing fibres and Prebiotics and Probiotics. Low-quality dairy products and junk foods are common lifestyles.

Increased number of unhealthy bacteria in Gut disturbs the stomach acid levels and widens the gap of gut segments. Leaky gut is a chronic disorder. Stomach content becomes part of the bloodstream and deteriorates it. This is a serious problem and will take time and resources to cure it.

Diseases Related To An Unhealthy Gut

What are gut-related disorders and what kind of complications one may face?

Dietary carelessness and improper sleeping and lifestyles may lead to chronic intestinal disorders. A person avoiding his health-related issues and alien symptoms inside his body may face all these chronic ailments. All human beings are prone to these disorders. Acid reflux is a common issue in newly born babies, they spit out what they eat. Let us have a look at these disorders and develop an understanding of them.


  • Diarrhoea: a gastrointestinal disease related to watery bowel movements.
  • Piles: painful masses of dilated veins in swollen anal tissues.
  • Laxative issues: problems in bowel movements like constipation.
  • Inflammation and acid reflux: are stomach acid deficiency and efficiency in younger ones and adults.
  • Ulcer: minor pimples, injuries in the internal lining of the stomach and intestine.
  • Type 1 diabetes: inability to metabolize properly due to high blood sugar level and constraints in the digestive process.
  • Celiac diseases: abdominal disorders like a hernia.
  • Gall stones: improper secretion of hormones from gall result in stone formation.
  • Leaky guts: intestinal permeability that widens the gaps in segments.
  • Indigestion: poor diet is less likely to be digested in the stomach and the result will be weight loss and laxative disorders.
  • Irritable bowel: it is an ailment in which a patient has complaints of gas and irregular bowel movements.

All these disorders are interlinked to unhealthy guts in one way or other. Gut health plays a vital role in the protection of a healthy person from all these ailments. Let us have a look at food choices and preventive measures for gut health.

Habitual Necessities For Gut Health

Food HabitsFoods for healthy gut

Foods comprised of fibres and good fats are most plausible foods for gut health. All type of carbonated drinks and fried foods are hazardous to gut health. High sugar content in some foods makes them highly dangerous and regular consumption of sugary products increase body weight and cholesterol levels. Oily foods often contain poor fats those piles up in the body of the consumer and make him obese. Obesity, therefore, becomes the root cause of serious ailments.

The necessity of the day is to change our dietary habits. Foods composed of fibres, Probiotics and Prebiotics including fresh fruits, green vegetables and nuts. Grains like barley have lower gluten level and are healthy grains.

Dry fruits like pistachios, almond, and walnut contain omega 3 which is good fat. And helps digest food and aids in repairing Gut.

Fish like salmon have lower mercury content and a rich source of omega 3. Fish must be a regular part of your foodstuff. Roasted and grilled fish is necessary food to be consumed.

Sleeping Habit

in this highly technological environment and access to innovative products have made us careless about our sleeping habit. 6 to 8 hours of sleeping is necessary for a healthy body. In a routine where one has to do justice with his job and social and family life; it is hardly manageable to sleep for the required time. It is difficult and not impossible to attain. One has to plan his daily activities and should manage proper time for a peaceful sleep.

Poor sleeping habits may indulge you to neurological ailments. Stress and enervation along with stomach disturbances will elevate stress level and depression and anxiety in severe cases. The human body needs rest after activity. The brain is part of the body and needs rest as well.

Workout and Exercise

Morning walk and workout for 45 minutes a day is a healthy habit. Exercise is an enervating process. For the revival of energy, one needs to eat food.  Calories are burnt in the body. Healthy people are regular runners and they exercise at regular intervals.

Proper exercise regulates the cholesterol levels in the body and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease by decreasing the weight and regulating appetite. Even to burp a baby is recommended by podiatrists to newly born babies to digest their food to maintain their acid levels and to stop acid reflux in the kids.


Go for yoga and aerobics! you will feel healthy. Early morning yoga; where the air has a good content of oxygen in it helps you get rid of many problems. Aerobics itself is entertainment; where a person listening to good music and reducing his or her weight.

What are the best food solutions for gut health? Information will develop your understanding of this question.

Best Foods Schedules  For Gut HealthFoods For Healthy gut

Healthy foods are much needed in this fast-moving globalised village. Many diet plans suits fit your guts and decrease the disturbances indigestion. Microbiome diet plans are homemade remedies and cures for gut health.

Microbiome Diet Plan

How to improve gut microbiome?

There are many a way to adjust your dietary habits. You should plan all the microbiome foods. Proper food plan can help you a lot. For a person having an unhealthy gut; should plan a microbiome food plan in three phases. This plan is most appropriate for gut health patients.

Stage 1

This is a four-phase plan and is to be followed for three weeks. This plan is commonly known as the R’s Plan.

Remove unhealthy food

A person having Gut related disorders should remove all type of unhealthy and poor quality food containing bad fats, gluten and low fibres from his dietary schedules.

Replace unhealthy with healthy

Green vegetables, fresh fruits, soups, bone broth and food supplements should replace all type of poor foods. To repair the gut lining all healthy fibres and fermented foods are necessary. yeast and by-products of yeast like yoghurt are potentially rich with good microbes. Kimchi and salmons fish are probiotics and omega 3 rich.

Repopulate your Gut

Healthy bacteria place a barricade in front of unhealthy bacterial growth and help in metabolic activity. Yoghurt, Kimchi and kefir are good food supplements with rich microbial contents. All these foods should be made part of dietary plans.

Stage 2

You have to follow this plan for one month. All unhealthy foods are prohibited for this period. You can add a few foods after a specific time limit. Grass-fed meat, chickpeas and lentils and Lecanto sweeteners are reintroduced to the diet plan.

A lifetime continuation

This stage is permanent food habits. Always consume fibre-rich foods and grains. Starchy foods and artificial sweeteners should not be reintroduced into your diet plan. All type of fried food is hazardous to health. People who have a history of the unhealthy gut; should avoid all such foods.  Fresh fruits and green vegetables should make maximum content of your food.

Microbiome dietary plan is for all people of all ages and sex. Everybody can consume microbiome food except for kids. Doctor’s advice is complimentary for kids. These foods are rich In microbial content and aid in populating the gut with healthy bacteria.

Avoidable foodsEatable diet plan

What type of foods should be avoided to maintain gut health?

All type of processed, sugary, starchy and processed foods are strictly avoidable foods. Foods with higher salt and fat content are evitable. Citrus fruit juices and dried fruits; harmful for the unhealthy gut. Bakery and dairy products; are injurious to Gut health as we as skin.


How To Increase Good Bacteria In Gut Naturally?

All type of fishes with low or zero mercury content is good for gut health. Fermented vegetables and teas are a rich source of the microbiome and necessarily be part of our food. Sunflower and olives extracts are good for health. All type of non-starchy fruits and vegetables are an essential part of our food. Healthy spices like black pepper, cumin.

we should make cardamom and soothing ingredients like chamomile part of our food. Seeds of all kind are a rich source of good fats, and you must consume dry fruits because they have low cholesterol to avoid enervation. Kimchi, bone broth and kombucha is a necessary part of ailing people with unhealthy guts.

These avoidable and eatables provide you with a better choice in the selection of food. Every food has a specified nutritional value. One may be sceptical in choosing food for one’s meal. The gut is a delicate and sensitive part of our body.

Advised food plan 

The 7-day healthy eating plan?

We have suggested the best food plan for all stages of ailment. Cheat days are on your discretions. You should choose at least four meals from the chart. A person is unable to eat the same food daily.

A 7-day plan and can be continued for a month or two without irritation by just altering it according to your choice in the table. You may choose a meal stated for dinner can opt for lunch. The snack could be replaced with the snack of your choice from the table. You can choose a better diet for you from the diet plan that we have designed for you.

MealDay1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
BreakfastHomemade plain yoghurtBerry kefir smoothieFruit salad with brazil nutsRaspberry-peach-mango smoothie bowlMilk KefirBerry Kefir SmoothieClean Breeze Smoothie
A.M SnackWalnut and cherries½ cup raspberriesGarlic & Parmesan Roasted CarrotsVegan Coconut SmoothieFlat belly SaladWest Coast Avocado ToastSautéed Pineapple with Shredded Coconuts
lunchBlack Bean-Quinoa Buddha BowlOven Braised LeeksGrilled Tempeh Salad With Sesame Ginger DressingSpinach, Asian Pear & Chicken SaladWatermelon Cucumber Basil SeltzerBroccoli, Chickpea & Pomegranate SaladTomato onion Salad With Crispy Tofu
P.M SnackChicken SoupVegetable SoupCarrots with HummusWater KefirKampucheaKimchiCelery Stick with Guacamole
DinnerGrilled SalomonLentil and roasted Salad with green goddess dressingMilk KefirKorean Turkey Burger with KimchiZucchini NoodlesMediterranean ChickenPasta and Shrimps


This is the most suitable food chart for gut health improvement. You can choose your own diet plan for yourself. We have designed this food plan for all age groups.


McDonaldization of the world has changed the health conditions of masses living on the earth. Different cultures and different foodstuff is available around. A person travelling from Asia can eat paratha in America. And an American living in Africa can taste the best beer, Alcoholic foods and Beverages have made their way in all economies.

Heart-related diseases are increasing day by day. Digestive tract ailments are increasing on a daily basis. Poor dietary habits have deteriorated the gut health of many people.foods for healthy gut


Our food schedules and sleeping habits can make our gut healthier. Proper workout and necessary changes in our lifestyles may aid a lot in gut protection. Many serious ailments we suffer are mostly related to our food choice and digestion process.

Healthy people choose healthy lifestyles, and beautiful people choose attractive and fresh foods. One may observe that all these choices made by us had a long term effect on our health. We have provided the best food plan for you and you can choose now.


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