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We have to stanch believe that health activities are initiated in the gut because our digestive system contains more than 80% immunity of our body. Usually, friendly bacteria in our gut are the guarantor of health so we should be attentive to our gut health. It is an organ system which takes food and digests it. In our gut energy is absorbed from the food. Therefore not only you but 20% of Americans are affected by unhealthy guts. The gastrointestinal tract is lengthy muscular tubule that runs through our body. Digestive system during metabolic process takes food form our mouth and passes it to the colon. Huge number of Americans is infected by the gut-related disease and their numbers are soaring up to 60%.

Leaky gut is a syndrome that refluxes back the food content in babies which is known as acid reflux in medical terms.  Gastroesophageal reflux is an ailment in adults that make an adult face heartburn, inflammation and stress. Our living styles change our life patterns of digestion. Intestinal permeability and hyperpermeability are serious medical conditions.

Some liquids and minerals are absorbed in the stomach and rest of them are forwarded to the gut for further absorption. Gut walls mix the food with enzymes. Taste buds on our tongue secrete saliva and after chewing the food we engulf this mixture. Passing through the oesophagus food becomes the part of our stomach and all necessary hormones are mixed into it. This form of processed food inside our body is known as a chime. Other body secretions are added to this food in our intestine. Food breaks down in our gut and all necessary nutrients are absorbed in our body through the walls of our intestine.

Digestion aiding foods

More than half of the digestion and break down of food happens here. Healthy bacteria play an active role in the metabolic process. Healthy guts are much required for better health. Some food supplements including probiotics and Prebiotics are very important for us. Microbiome foods increase the number of bacteria in our guts. This increase in bacteria helps in the digestion process and keeps our guts healthy.

We will not discuss traditional foods like Prebiotics, probiotics, and microbiome. Some other food types we are going to discuss here. Stay with us and receive the best information you may have because all these food supplements exist naturally. These supplements are extracted artificially in different factories.

Gum ArabicThe Best Supplements For Gut Health

Acacia fiber is extracted from Senegal teak tree. This is a gum-like substance and has a mild taste so we consider it best digestive supplement that can promote good bacteria. Gum Arabia helps to lose weight and inflammation by repairing the gut lining. After consuming the stuff we fell full. It is clear and non-sticky by nature and rich in fiber. Help you aid throat aching and joint pain.


This is produced by the biochemical process. This is a base of butyric acid and has a pleasant smell and taste. Gut bacteria produce butyrate when consuming salts. When we eat green vegetables; gut bacteria digest them and turn them into short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs).The Best Supplements For Gut Health

When bacteria consume tough plant fibers they produce vitamins and amino acids along with SCFAs in our guts. Butyrate is anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory. This food supplement is available in the market in the form of capsules, tablets and syrups. Microbiome diet plans and green vegetables are rich sources of butyrate because of their probiotic richness.

Curcumin PhytosomeThe Best Supplements For Gut Health

Turmeric is a rich source of curcumin phytosome. Turmeric is an Asian spice that we use in the curry because it reduces inflammation and increases the absorption rate in our body. It is a very powerful antioxidant and helps in digestion of food during metabolism. Turmeric powder is an essential supplement that we recommend you to use in your food.

Turmeric is considered a homoeopathic solution for skin diseases because its detoxifying nature makes it more important as a food supplement.

ChamomileThe Best Supplements For Gut Health

Chamomile belongs to family Asteraceae. It is a daisy-like beautiful flower. Many people consume chamomile tea for better sleep. Apigenin is a useful element of chamomile that helps you treat anxiety and stress. It has a pleasant taste and reduces the symptoms of insomnia so the Chamomile tea is produced by many brands worldwide. They dry the flowers and we can make tea by just and hot water into it.

This little flower has magical powers to heal neurological disorders. Many neurological disorders are linked to our sleeping habits.

Barbadensis MillThe Best Supplements For Gut Health

It is named as Ghirt kumari in Hindi and Aloe Vera in English. Origin of aloe Vera is Arabian Peninsula. It is a wild plant with a height of 30-40 cm. It is used in homoeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments. Many cosmetics producing companies are using it for the production of beauty products because it has good soothing and moisturizing powers. It has the ability to heal bacterial infections. When we talk about gut health, we know that aloe Vera is famous for its laxative properties. It helps us losing weight and improving our hygiene. Aloe Vera gel contains 96% water in it and consumption of 2-3 ounces of aloe Vera gel improves our immunity and digestion.

Many cosmetic industries are using aloe Vera extracts for the production of anti-fungal products. Ladies all around the globe use its gel for their beauty. Highly moisturizing nature of Aloe Vera makes it more useful as well. The bitter taste of Aloe Vera is restraint in its usage as a food supplement because the wild plant has magical healing powers.

Omega 3 and Omega 6

Fish oil is a good source of omega 3 and omega 6. This is extracted from fish tissues of Sharks, cod and many others. Fish oil is used to cure cancerous diseases and infections. Omega 3 and omega 6 are good fats and are used to treat depression and anxiety. We recommend you not to take fish oil capsules without the recommendation of a physician. Excess of this supplement can cause angina, and liver ailments.

Fish oil is produced by many medical companies. Tablets and capsules of different brands are available in the market. Physicians recommend these supplements in dire need. Plant oil is also a good source of omega 3. Many brands produce these organic oils for households. Many other kinds of seafood like crabs, lobsters and shrimps are a good source of omegas.

Althaea’s Officinal

They are commonly known as marshmallow roots. This is a homoeopathic plant. There are many NSAIDs are present in root, stem and flower of this plant. Marshmallow root is used for making tea in many countries. Its antioxidant properties make it prominent in its class. It helps in digestion and relieves in inflammation.

GlutamineThe Best Supplements For Gut Health

Glutamine deficiency can indulge a person into compromised immunity. Deficiency of glutamine is a basic cause of joint pain. L glutamine and D glutamine are two types of glutamines. Meals like beef dishes, skim milk, white rice and corn are rich sources of glutamine. Glutamine is helpful in muscle building. To gain body mass many bodybuilders use this supplement. This supplement is available in the market in the form of tablets and powders.

L glutamine is difficult to digest properly. We should avoid all type of cereals and supplements that are rich in L glutamine.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice

This supplement is extracted from roots. The juice secreted from roots also contains a harmful content named as Glycyrrhizin. That is removed from it during supplement formation. DGL is antiviral in its properties. It helps in the treatment of ulcers and gut-related disorders. In women, DGL is prescribed for menstrual irregularity. A person suffering from Hepatitis C can consume DGL by the recommendation of the doctor.


It is used in fermented food as a food flavour. This is extracted from plant food and helps in the treatment of inflammation. This has healing power and physicians recommend it for the treatment of leaky guts because it has good qualities to heal infections.

Many industrially produced juices and foods contain this supplement. Next time; make a better choice.


There are four types of enzymes in the human digestive system. They are secreted from mouth, stomach, intestine and pancreas. They are present in every cell of our body. Aid in the digestion and break down the food into small molecules. Severe diseases, weather conditions and chemical reactions kill these enzymes.

Types of EnzymesThe Best Supplements For Gut Health

Our digestive system produces four enzymes. These enzymes aid in metabolism.


They split oil off of fatty acids.


They separate proteins from ammines.


They help in the digestion process because they play an active role in the breakdown of food particles.


They separate nucleotides from the nucleic acid.

Enzymes help in the digestion process and are present in many foods. Many tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya, kiwifruit, and mango are a good source of enzymes because they act as laxatives. We can avoid constipation and inflammation by consuming ample quantity of these enzyme-rich foods. Kimchi and Kefir are rich in probiotics.

Hydrochloric Acid

This is major part of gastric juice (stomach acid). Deficiency of stomach acid in children causes acid reflux. Adults in the age of 50 faces this deficiency. In adults, this deficiency is named as GER (Gastroesophageal reflux). Deficiency of HCL lowers the level of stomach acid. HCL aids in the breakdown of proteins because it is antiviral by nature and increases the immunity level. HCL in the stomach helps in the absorption of Vitamins.

Dysfunction of HCL can lead to bacterial overgrowth and pneumonia. Many other ailments like Enteric infections, bacterial peritonitis and mycobacterium are some famous disorders.

Fermented Eatables

Fermented foods are designed to aid the digestion process. They are rich in Prebiotics and probiotics. Fiber content makes them gut-friendly. They rebuild intestinal flora. Increased number of bacteria in intestine helps us digest our food properly. Yoghurt and kefir are healthy diets for gut health. Kimchi and kombucha are produced to aid biomass in our intestine.

Doctors recommend microbiome food plans to the patients those have gut-related disorders. These food plans help them to increase their bacterial flora.

Vitamin D

Natural source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Food items lie cheese, beef liver and egg yolk have ample quantity of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a common deficiency nowadays. Deficiency of Vitamin can cause back pain and weak bones. We fell tired and fatigued due to the deficiency of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps to cure depression and hair loss. This has healing capacity and reduces muscle pain. Vitamin D is a common supplement that is available in the market in the form of tablets and capsules. We recommend you to sit in your garden on sunny days.

Slippery elm

It is a famous American food. This is the inner bark of a tree. This is a herbal solution use in America and Canada. This secretes mucus in the stomach. Mucous help you digest the food in an efficient manner. This is available in powder form in the market. Many brands are manufacturing slippery elm in the world.

Natural food supplements for Gut Health

All these food supplements suggested above are medically advised. We advise you to consume natural foods for your gut health. Foods rich in these contents are good for your health. Fresh fruits and vegetables are our recommendations for your gut. Cereals are a rich source of fiber and glutamine.

All type of good fats like seafood with low mercury content is good for our health. Fish and other seafoods are rich sources of omega 3 and omega 6. We don’t have the habit of eating seafood as our regular diet. We should develop our diet plans in such a way that seafood will become part of it.

Sunbath in winters can fulfil our deficiency of vitamin D. We can avoid joint pain and bone decay by sitting in the sun. Sitting in your lawn, on a sunny day, is a healthy activity. Food supplements are produced industrially but they can help you.

Natural Foods for Gut Health

Nature is a blessing and provides us with numerous solutions to our problems. Nature has provided us with many fruits and vegetables to curtail our deficiencies. All these foods are potential precautions that we can make to avoid ailments.

Green vegetables:The Best Supplements For Gut Health

vegetables with green leaves are very important for our gut health. Cucumber has a rich content of water in it. Carrots are rich in vitamin B. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C. Spinach and other leafy vegetables have a higher content of iron in them.

Fresh fruits:

Apple is a good source of citric acid. Many fresh fruits like orange and grey fruit are rich in Vitamin C and fibers. Mangoes and guava are enzyme-rich. Watermelon has food content of water in it and its seeds are rich in omega 3.


The Best Supplements For Gut Health

Cereals are a rich source of fibre and glutamine because of their work as fodder for bacteria in the colon. They help us avoid constipation. Some cereals help us with weight loss. Cereals those are rich L glutamine are harmful to the gut.

Dairy and Meat:

The Best Supplements For Gut Health

Dairy products produced by the fermentation process are beneficial for our stomach health. Meat is a good source of iron and glutamine. The egg is a rich source of protein. White meats are comprising of omega 3 and protein.


Sea Food:

Fish contains omega 3 and omega 6. Lobsters and crabs are healthy consumables for Vitamin D. Prawns and algae are a good source of proteins and vitamins. Many kinds of seafood are composing of good fats. We recommend you to add seafood in your meal plan.The Best Supplements For Gut Health

You should choose natural foods for yourself. Supplements are temporary solutions and we cannot use them for a long time.


We have discussed many natural foods and supplements. Gut health is very much dependent on our food choice. Food supplements available in the market can help you for the time being. Natural foods are permanent solutions to our problems. We can avoid numerous complications by choosing diverse food. We should avail natural means to cure our minor ailments. If we have a deficiency in our body, it will disturb us. Avoid unhealthy food patterns and choose nutrient-rich foods.

A food supplement can help you but you should consult a doctor. A nutritionist can advise you the most suitable supplement for you. Excess of food supplements can be fatal in some cases. Life is a precious gift of nature. We should eat natural food to avoid digestive disorders.


Food supplements are producing artificially. The gut is the most delicate and sensitive part of our body because all foodstuff that we eat is digested in our guts. Bodybuilding and sports activities have compelled us to use food supplements for muscles growth. Excessive use of industrially produced supplements is a leading cause of cardiac disorders. Artificial food and unhealthy activities have made us prone to many dysfunctions because we choose a dressing article with more care but a food item is the best solution either way. The food industry is increasing its profits and food quality is getting worst day by day. Unhealthy lifestyles and poor dietary habits can disturb our digestive system. Nip the evil in the bud and start consuming healthy food from today. Improved eating habits can resolve your digestive dysfunctions.


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