New Tourism Record of the States

Whenever someone thinks of taking a tour, they chose a place that has a fancy record in the world of tourism. Sometimes, it takes time, and the options are not much better. But there is more than one option that can be considered. There are many different places to visit in states. Due to which the U.S serves millions of domestic and international tourists yearly. The tour is full of natural wonders, entertainment venues, cities and historical landmarks. In the world of tourism, the United States is increasing its growth with its establishment in cultural and historical activities.

The United States is on the second highest number in the world of attractions after France, that’s why tourists are willing to pay more to visit in states than the other countries. The statistics of tourism increased in the twentieth century, and then by February 2013, it was $10.9 billion.

Here are some states of America that have built new tourism record throughout this year. This can help in choosing a better tour of the states with an opportunity to explore the beauty of America.

Florida: The Record Breaker in the List of Tourism

This city, lying in the southeastern part of U.S, is also called “world of beaches”. Recently, the largest number of visitors have been seen from January to September. This sets a new tourism record of the states. About 30.7 million tourists visited Florida during this time, which is huge, and many of them were from the United States. According to the latest estimation, the number of tourists goes up to 65.5 million people that were travelling during the first half of the year. At this speed of growth, the number of tourists can reach up to 125 million tourists.



Why Florida?

So, what’s the reason that Florida is breaking these huge records of tourists? Florida is full of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, sand castles, gentle surf, watercolours and curling waves. It offers the world’s greatest theme parks. Here you can get a chance to dress up as your favourite hero. One of the reasons for Florida popularity is the beautiful downtown area, “Tampa”. It offers to enjoy a beautiful attraction of “Hillsborough River”.

Another tourism record breaker in the lines of Florida is Miami. It is one of the most popular vacation spots, which sets about 3.1 per cent increase in overnight visitors in the first six months of this year. The number of visitors between the months of January and June was up to 8.6 million, in which 4.2 million visitors were from overseas and the rest from the United States. The occupation of the hotel in Miami is also increased by three per cent. The visitors like to spend more time in the beaches of Miami as it provides an endless hustle to the little paradise called Calle Ocho and the historic hideaways of Coral Gables.

The initial estimation for tourism in Florida was 116.5 million, but it has progressed to about 118.5 million. One of the major element that attracts visitors is the festivals and events in different months that shows the true colours of the culture of America.

Another Tourism Record is settled by Washington D.C

When the National Museum of African American was established, it brought the best year of tourism in 2016. There were also many other events like the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament, that helped in boosting the tourism. It also sets an example in 2017, by organizing the conventions of at least twenty one cities and hosting a Big Ten Basketball Tournament, which was a source of benefit for the district. The number of visitors on the African American museum was exceeded up to $540 million.

Why Washington?

The most important reason for Washington of being famous is that it is the capital city of America. Moreover, the monuments and the memorials serve as the best source of tourism. The white house itself is a great monument to discover, hence it can be only seen from far, but visitors find it amusing.

Washington D.C


The hotel is renewed with different stores and entertainment venues, due to which the percentage of tourism have been jumped by few points. Some people suggested that tourism is hard in that sectors of the city which is more economical, but Washington has proved them wrong. There are a lot of attractions that are admired by the tourists and enjoyed by the locals. A major number of visitors are found in DC because many attractions and museums offer them a tour which is free of cost.

This year was also a busy one for DC tourism as the district planned a wide range of city meetings that took up to 25,00 hotel rooms at peak, other than this 433,000 room nights were generated which resulted in the $378 million.

The significant element of employment in DC is tourism as it provides an opportunity to explore the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the United States Capitol which is a legendary home of U.S legislature.

Chicago sets a new tourism record in first few months of 2018

Chicago is well known for its bold architecture. It is also famous for its museums including art institutes. The recent survey showed that Chicago had set a new tourism record by increasing demand for hotels by 12.5 per cent. The reflection of Millennium Park since 2006, has drawn many tourists towards itself and still it is attracting many more. The art institute of Chicago offers visitors to browse the most impressive art collections in the world. The growth of tourism in Chicago is increasing day by day due to international visitors. The highlights of visitors estimation are given as; Brazil 18.3%, Mexico 6%, South Korea 18.3%, United Kingdom 12.7% and China 4.8.



Why Chicago?

Chicago offers the best experience of the skyscraper on the 104th floor of Sky Deck that provides an incredible view of the city. Moreover, a visit to the field museum, Adler Planetarium, Museum of science, Shedd Aquarium and Art Institute, with a single city pass, attracts visitors. Tourists love to experience the waterways of the city that is breathtaking. The number of tourists’ increases in the seasons of the festival and this year was a successful year for Chicago. Many events related to music, food and craft beer were organized in the summer months.

Other than the business trips, there was an increase of about 5.9 per cent in the leisure visitors in the months of summer from June to September. In these months Chicago offers many vacation trips to families to explore its beauty. The museums are much crowded on Sundays as they provide free entry for the kids of fifteen age and under.

A theatre show is organized every year in February, where hundreds of productions take place over ten days. Moreover, the music festivals are organized in June that ends in September, which is full of fashion shows and different family activities. These events and museums are basic sources for new tourism record of the states.

Colorado tourism record hits a new milestone

Colorado is a western state of America, full of diverse landscape and the rocks covered in full white snow. The number of visitors in Colorado was about to 86 million who nearly spent $21 billion during their trip in 2017. In which 84.7 million were local visitors while 1.3 million were the international one. This state of America is arising as a national destination for about past five or six years, which resulted in the increase in their market of leisure travellers.

Why Colorado?

Colorado is famous for skiing in the Rocky Mountains, and visitors get many attractions in the state due to its natural beauty. Many visitors plan their vacation in three hundred days of annual sunshine, that’s why the business is high in the summer. There are many historic buildings through the National Register of Historic Places, which is a major source of attraction for the history lovers.

Colorado tourism


The tourism record of Colorado is grown by 41 per cent, since 2009 due to domestic visitors. According to the latest reports, it was found that 31.7 million people visited the Mile High City in 2017. Here comes Denver, which is the capital of Colorado and gets about twenty per cent of the visitors in the state. The exhibitions and shows that are organized in Denver attract many visitors towards it. Moreover, there is some classical collection of plants in the Denver Botanic Garden that is loved by people.  Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an iconic mountain park where a rock structure is found, and LoDo is bustling downtown which is very well-known for its shopping and dining scene.

Colorado has become a top and longtime tourism hotspots like New York and Las Vegas. The main reason for this popularity is the Rocky Mountain West. Which has a wide range of mountains with beautiful Moraine Lake and the National Park. The tourism hits have supported the travel industry in many ways which resulted in an increase in the marketable share due to which it moved the state from the 13th largest share to 8th largest share.

Record-Breaking Tourism in New Mexico

This state of the southwestern region in the U.S is one of the Mountain states and also shares the four corners with Utah. Recently, New Mexico settled a new record in 2017 of about 35.4 million trips, breaking the tourism record of 2016 which was 34.4 million. There is an increase nineteen per cent after the governor took office in 2010.

New Mexico


Why New Mexico?

New Mexico is an amazing place to visit. It offers to experience the unbelievable food and discover the true culture of the state. The opening of a first art exhibition in 2016, is number source of attraction for the tourists. Its bowling alley shows the story of the family having some kind of superpowers. Another important centrepiece of the exhibition is Victoria Mansion. Learn the incredible story of “The Charter”, who considered that family a threat. The calculations show New Mexico outpaces average area of U.S. About 3.3 per cent increase is shown in 2017 than in 2016. The reason behind this is the historical sites in the states at Lincoln and Fort Stanton.

Many people prefer road trips to New Mexico, and by estimation about nineteen per cent of the visitors are locals, and 9 per cent is the national respondents. A higher number of visitors have been seen in the landmarks, museums and art galleries. There are some elements of art in the Dawn Light Sanctuary where a multicoloured rainbow room is available. It shows the natural colours by passing the sunlight through six prisms in the building.

With the increase of tourism records of New Mexico, people have a sustainable job. Tourism also had a great impact on its economic growth. It continues to grow with an additional 1,700 leisure and hospitality.

New York Breaks its Tourism Record for Straight Eight Years

The record-breaker of the tourists in the state continues its job for eight years. This is one of the major commercial, cultural and financial centre of the U.S. Which has shown an estimation of 62.8 million visitors in 2017.

Why New York?

The Brooklyn Bridge is a love of tourists because of its incredible skyline views. It also allows forty different tours including GPS and audio tours for free, which leads many tourists to this city. The best version of pizza, pastrami and bagels are found here according to the mood and budget.

New York


In 2017, New York welcomed about 49.7 million domestic travellers and 13.1 million international travellers. Which causes an addition of about 4,000 new rooms in the hotel’s inventory. Different attractions were introduced in 2017 that includes the NFL Experience. The Spy Museum which is a large one with 50,000 square feet. And Ocean Odyssey which is the National Geographic’s Encounter. New York tourism records are hitting every day and will continue to do so in future. As they organize many new tourism programs every year.

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