Civilization: If You Had a Million Dollars, Where Would You Go

“Million dollars and the freedom of travel” this will be my wish if I had the amount. If somebody had a chance to spend million dollars then it will be on the mode of traveling to discover the different civilization.

Setting the scene

The main side of will be fascination as most of the people look for the areas which are beautiful and nourishing. If I had a million dollars I will opt for the world trip because this will be the most adventures way of travelling around the globe.

Tourist Destination in Asia

The first preference will be the sub-continent of Asia as it enriched with fairy meadows and mountain regions. Due to its special climate, there is four seasons observed around the year. The northern areas of Pakistan are present in my top category because these tourist destinations have an unusual attraction for the people. It will be an exciting experience to go through extreme windy condition and observe the higher mountaineering region in sub-continent of Asia to explore the civilization.

Traveling to Europe

The next preference will be given to Europe and its destinations. This will be the most exciting part of travel as Europe stands in the list of those countries where mountain regions have attracted about half of the world population. I would like to visit Switzerland because of the beauty and climate of the country.

The next destination would be the United Kingdom. This choice is justified with the help of a solid example of historic structure and libraries. The museum of United Kingdom has preserved the ancient material and rocks for the new civilization.

Germany and its importance

I would also like to visit Germany as this country has been known for its beaches and mountain regions. The beauty of German counters can be understood from the cleaner environment where there are no other forms of dust present. The air is so pure that most of the people enjoy the visit to this tourist location.

Looking for natural areas

The ideal location for Niagara Falls will be the attraction as it will an expensive trip to world business location. The justification for this area is related with the events closer to nature. If I would have a million dollar I would look for the smaller area of Africa. These areas are rich in wildlife and different kind of wildlife is present in the jungles of Africa. This will be an important decision for the worldwide tour because having a close experience with animals in a forest provides major befits and realities for the animal.


I would also look for the beaches to enjoy the sea exposure. This will be a part of earnest desired to look for the top beaches in the country and make a long holiday plan on these stress relieving areas. Travelling and health are located closely. This is the reason why most of the people look for the new tourist places in the world.

Singapore and Malaysia

I would plan a tour to Singapore and Malaysia. I would like to enjoy their culture and food and will spend some time in Singapore. The main beauty of Singapore is the sceneries and small locations where people have constructed their residence places. This country has become a technological hub as there is a higher number of technological achievements in Singapore.

My last destination would be China. I would like to explore the tombs of Chinese emperors and study the culture of this community. The decision of spending one million dollars will take the record from all the world top tourist destinations. This would be a key adventure for enjoying the beautiful places present in the world.

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