An Evening in Paris – Valentine’s Day 2019

Paris! A symbol of Love! This is a city filled with flowers, chocolates and champagne. No one gets tired in Paris when it comes the Valentine’ Day activities. There are many fabulous romantic things to do in Paris. Spending an evening in Paris can be the best valentine day of life.

Different couples are still trying to wake up in Paris on 14th February 2019. So, Plan an early and be one amongst them. Paris has always been the famous city for its beauty, culture, art and iconic monuments. Paris is called the city of love, without any reason. Millions of people visit here to spend romantic time with their loved ones.

So, take a trip to Paris at this Valentine’s Day 2019, and stroll together with your loved one through its lovely streets. To find out why Paris is called the city of love, kiss your lover in the shadows of Eiffel Tower.

In short, make your Valentine’s Day, a memorable one!

Here are some incredible options for spending a beautiful evening in Paris.

Put a love padlock

It is a modern tradition in which lovers inscribe their names or initials on a padlock and attach it to a public structure. Then throw away the key permanently and seal their love. This Valentine, buy a padlock and be a part of this incredible tradition because something’s doesn’t get old. This tradition is used to follow at Pont des I’Archeveche. Sometimes these small, cute romantic gestures mean a lot.

love padlock


Everyone wants to lock their love in one of the most romantic cities in the world. But now due to a severe problem, some locks routinely removes from various locations around the city. But still, it feels good to lock our love!

See Paris from Above

This Valentine’s Day gets a different perspective of Paris, from the top. Get onto a hot air balloon at the modern Parc Andre Citroen. Paris is a beautiful city, and we should adore its beauty. The best way to check out it from the sky.

Parc Andre Citroen


There are many other ways to get a perfect view of the city. The Eiffel Tower, a most famous symbol is the tallest point of the city. It’s no surprise that climbing the Eiffel Tower is top of many people’s Paris wish lists. Take the stairs or hydraulic lift to reach the first and second floors.

And already get some amazing views from the second floor at 115 meters, even not halfway up. This floor is also home to the Jules Verne restaurant that served the best Michelin starred food with a view. Make sure to book in advance and bring a fat wallet. Get up another 160 meters to the top, where they’ve managed to open a Champagne bar. So, toast Paris from its highest point with a glass of bubbly.

Rent a dream car

Take your loved one on a long drive and make her feel special. This can be the best evening in Paris and an exceptional one. So, take your partner for a drive in Rolls Royce or any other super luxury car. The best advantage of Paris is that one can rent any luxury car with driver for a day or two. So, make this Valentine’s Day super romantic.

Valentine’s Day


Check out the Sixt car rentals offers to select the best luxury car. They offer many prestige brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi. So, don’t miss the chance to drive a first class vehicle at an economy price.

Visit “I Love You: The Wall”

The evening in Paris can be more special, by visiting “I Love You” wall. It lies in the romantic garden at Square Jean Rictus Place. The is not an ordinary wall. It is a wall with “I Love You” written in more than 311 languages and dialects.

I Love You the wall


Fredric Baron was the creator of this beautiful wall. He started collecting over a thousand different ways to write these magic words. Fredric Baron surveyed different town and collected over three hundred different languages to build this wall. He is the one who made this wall one of the famous attractions in Paris.

Lovers can have their day of celebration by meeting at a place where love comes together in every language. The wall is built on a surface of 40-meter square and composed of 612 tiles of enamelled lava. This lava sheet resembles the sheet of paper on which Fredric wrote his texts.

So, spend this valentine day by showing off your language skills. After all, this day is all about fun with our Valentine!

Go on a romantic picnic

Another romantic thing to do in Paris on this Valentine’s Day 2019 is going on a picnic. Choose one of the many parks in the city, and spend this special occasion by laying under the stars, holding hands and moulding in each other arms. This idea can be the best for the people who are yet to be a couple or who are not sure about what to do next in their relationship.

Valentine’s Day 2019


There are many romantic parks in Paris, but the best one is “Quai de la Tournelle”. This park stretches along the southern river bank and is famous for its gorgeous views. Moored peniche barges, cobblestones and passing boats add a drop of magic. A day time picnic could be nice, but I’d recommend coming in the early evening.

This will allow getting the perfect view of sunset beyond Notre Dame. At this time, the park becomes a little bit crowded with the other couples and some armed with their guitars. But still, the vibe remains chill and enjoyable for all. Visit the Seine’s open-air dance if interested in dancing and music. Enjoy the evening with the rhythms of Tango and Salsa.

Opera Garnier: Spend Valentine’s Day in the iconic building of the city

Another way to spend an excellent evening in Paris is going out for a night show. This has always been a very romantic way to spend the Valentine’s Day, and nothing beats Opera Garnier when it comes to wow our Valentine. Opera Garnier is also known as the Palais Garnier or simply the Paris Opera.

It is an architectural treasure and an essential spot for the city’s ballet and classical music scene. This can be a double treat for the couple who wants to see some high-class performance in the iconic building of the city.

Opera Garnier


Attend the classical music and contemporary Ballets to this beautiful evening more special. The full-day tour offers to visit the Library-Museum of the Opera, usually closed at night. Many people prefer to admire Palais Garnier architecture and decoration with daylight. The night tours put more emphasis on the Phantom of the opera story and other mysteries. Also enjoy the phantom’s private box, when the Opera Garnier closes to the public.

Cabaret at Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Paris is a perfect gift for an unforgettable evening in the city of lights. Many showbiz couples come to this place to spend their Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your beautiful evening by watching something energetic while holding hands. Couples love the moves and grooves of this incredible performance. This performance in Crazy Horse is full of glamour, beauty and sensation and can blow our minds.

Crazy Horse


Make reservations for this incredible show and get him or her surprised. The ticket price starts at 85 euros. They also offer incredible dining after the show, but it comes at a high rate of 185 euros.

Get a couple of massages

After a whole day of celebration, long walks, drives and dining, you deserve a break. Find the best massage or spa centre because it is a must during Valentine’s Day. Many incredible spa centres in Paris provide the best couple massage.

Check out the Institut Dior at the Hotel Plaza, one of Paris’ leading fashion houses. They offer a wide range of treatments and follow a specially designed structure. The special treatment begins with one-on-one consultation and detailed skin examination and provides a customized back massage.

For the ladies, they offer a finishing touch of beauty treatment including makeup and perfume. As a couple, share a unique moment of relaxation and complicity! After all serenity and pleasure are the hallmarks of this sweet experience.

the Hotel Plaza


Another great place is Villa Thalgo, few steps away from the Arc de Triomphe. The spa focuses on the benefits of seawater, with its product line. They do massage in such a way that it feels just like taking a dip in the ocean.  There is also a pool with low lighting and some holiday-scapes that helps in taking away from the strains of everyday life. And in case get hungry there is a small eatery serving healthy and delicious food. There is also a fully-equipped gym for a more energetic experience.

Villa Thalgo


 Valentine’s Day dinner cruise

To make your Valentine happier, do book a dinner cruise on the River Seine, and adorably spend this beautiful evening. There are some very classy dinner cruises in Paris. Try a three-course meal in Marina de Paris cruise, along with the Seine.

Enjoy the sights of the river with a slap-up dinner, gourmet grub, wine and champagne, served aboard the boat. Enjoy the most incredible sights of Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre-Dame and Pont Neuf. Try to get a ‘romantic package’, in which they offer rose petals on arrival, a heart-shaped cake and souvenir photo.

Valentine’s Day dinner cruise


Another good option is a Bistro style Seine dinner cruise. Enjoy the City of Lights in all its splendour, with landmarks including Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame and the Louvre. The boat boards at Ile de la Cité, where they serve the best three-course French meal.

So, book for two in advance, and enjoy a delectable gourmet dinner, while cruising along the River Seine. Also, admire the beauty of the magnificent lit Paris City.

Sleep under the stars

After spending a whole day of romance, all you need is a romantic night. Head in the direction of the open hotel Les Piaules to have such a beautiful night. They offer a double bedroom under the stars with a spectacular view of Paris. Many other hotels offer to sleep in a bubble or hut, providing an unusual night for lovers.

Wilderness Hotel Nellim


Wilderness Hotel Nellim is also an excellent option to spend an evening under the stars. They have traditional hotel rooms and as well as coveted Aurora Bubbles. It feels fantastic to spend an entire evening gazing at the stars and watching the aurora borealis dance across the night sky. Enjoy this incredible experience only in $364 per night.

Visit some romantic places in London

It will be nice to spend this beautiful evening on Valentine’s Day by visiting some romantic sites, instead of fancy restaurants. I mean those who don’t want a massive set menu, champagnes and a heart shaped cake then exploring will be a good option. There are many romantic places in Paris, as it is called a city of romance. Here one can find hundreds of green spaces and some of the best art collection in the world to help feed the soul.

Visit the Whispering gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral and share some exciting secrets with the curving wall of the gallery. The incredible acoustics are part of the gallery’s distinctive design. But to enjoy this beautiful gallery, climb 259 steps to get there. So, it might be more ‘panting’ than whispering by the time reaching the wall.

romantic places in London


Don’t forget to try a coffee or glass of wine in Little Venice, a curiously calm slice of London’s waterways. Stroll along the towpath to look at colourful narrow boats and enjoy some reassuring flashbacks to “Rosie and Jim”.

Moreover, have a dramatic solo walk through the Hampstead’s Pergola, a raised walkway overlooking the West Heath. Lord Leverhulme was the one who built this remarkable structure. It is a great location to reenact a Sixpence None the Richer music video.

Hampstead’s Pergola


I hope these ideas are going to be helpful to you. So, start planning for this awesome Valentine’s evening in Paris like right now!!

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