Airbnb Ranks the World’s Top Destinations For 2019

As 2018 is coming to an end and officially survived. Some of you had the best experience of travelling in this year, and some had the worst experience. But it’s not the end. You can do much better in the coming year by planning to visit incredible places. Airbnb is giving an awesome opportunity for travelling lovers by providing a roll of world’s top destinations for 2019. These places have been ranked according to the internal data of increases in bookings and searches by the users.

You have already worked so hard in finding the best destinations for 2018. But now I am going to spare some difficult work of actually selecting the best place for your future time-off.

So buckle-up! Here are some of the world’s top destinations according to Airbnb for you.

1.    Discover the Soul of Kaikoura in New Zealand

The tourism in Kaikoura faced a serious decline in 2016 due to the earthquake, but now it seems that dry spell is over. People from all over the globe are really excited to do some crayfish that’s why the bookings in the South Island town have gone up to 295% for the year to come.

This beautiful place located on the east coast of New Zealand is one of those places that many visitors just skip entirely, but now it has become the most popular place for the coming year. This is the city is full of marine life where visitors get a chance to see a fabulous whale in the area of Whale Watch Kaikoura. In the deep canyons of Kaikoura, you are going to find some dolphins, albatross and New Zealand fur seals also. They also give a chance to swim with the wild dolphins and get up close with the fur seals.

Kaikoura in New Zealand                            (Source:

A seal colony in the walking distance of Kaikoura provides the best dining ever. A long walk to the Kaikoura Peninsula gives an opportunity to see a good number of New Zealand Fur Seals, especially in winter. The landscapes in the Kaikoura offer an awesome view of the ocean with a white sandy beach. The beaches and the mountains in Kaikoura make some seriously epic views. This place is on the ocean, offers the best seafood, especially crayfish. So this destination totally worth getting on the list of top destinations that you should visit in 2019.

2.    Xiamen: Coolest travel destination for 2019

Xiamen in China is both an island and city. This place is full of surprises offering a sweeping seaside promenade, separate landmass called Gulang Yu and European architecture. Gulang Yu is the only island for pedestrian which offers gardens, hotels and stunning beaches. According to the latest news, this city has been nominated as “China’s New Capital of Cool”.

Other than beaches, there is much more to explore in this cool capital of China. The new Xiamen Cycling Skyway designed by Danish firms is one of the coolest and environmentally friendly ways to see the city. The art scene in the Xiamen is now on the fast track and Xiamen can be seen as becoming a leading creativity hub in China. Xiamen has become the heart of the local youth culture due to a number of art studios, skater parks and boutiques. The visitors also enjoy a wonderful evening in the Shapowei with a pour-over coffee or a craft beer, along with the view of skaters performing tricks.

destination for 2019


A number of galleries and museums provide an amazing opportunity to spring up in the past few years. Some of the popular museums and galleries are Qianji Gallery, Xinhe Gallery and Zhangting Museum. The other charms of Xiamen lie in the small hidden shops in the Ding’aozai Cat Street. This place is a cat lover’s fantasy and an amazing spot for cat art.

According to Airbnb, the reservations for Xiamen has been increased by 283% in the coming year, so you should also book the flights as soon as possible.

3.    Puebla, Mexico: Stunning Churches and Great Libraries

According to Airbnb, the fourth-largest city in Mexico has now become the third on the list of world’s top destinations for 2019. Puebla, which only two-hour drive away from Mexico City, offers a host of beautiful churches, rustic old towns and spectacular food. A slate of new hotels and structural improvements has made this vibrant city easier to travel to than ever. The city is strongly repudiated for its religious roots. The stunning churches on every corner, two rivers intersecting the city are the major source of attraction for visitors.

Baroque-style Capilla Del Rosario:

Starting the tour from few of those 365 churches can easily drive you crazy. The best-known church is the central Church of Santo Domingo, mostly known for its top Baroque-style Capilla Del Rosario, which drips with so much gold. Puebla is also well-known for its Baroque architecture which actually made it logical home for the International Museum of Baroque that was opened in 2016.

Biblioteca Palafoxiana, a 17th-century book collection and reading room, is a great opportunity for history lovers to explore the best times of history and art. Puebla also offers to discover Uriarte, a shop that is home base to the country’s largest Talavara producer. The most beloved food in Mexico has their origins in Puebla. To taste some incredible Pueblo food, visit Casa Reyna inside the boutique hotel of the same name and to taste some sweet dishes try El Mural de Los Poblanos.

Puebla Mexico


According to Airbnb, the reservations for Pueblo has been increased by 206 %, which means that Tulum may just have been dethroned.

4.    Normandy: A mussel-raising region in France

Normandy is the best-known city for battles at great length. It is one of the strongest, powerful and independent city with a long and glorious history. Whenever people plan a visit to France, the first destination that comes into their mind is Pairs. But now Airbnb has announced Normandy the fourth popular destinations as there is 229% increase in reservations for the New Year.

The city is full of beaches, and major ports have been turning people to trans-Atlantic trade with Canada. Experience the great architecture of Normandy by exploring Rouen Cathedral by Westminster Abbey. Another gothic cathedral, known as a symbol of beauty was the world’s tallest building for about five years. The best opportunity for nature lovers is provided through Claude Monet’s House and Garden which contains many water lilies and haystacks. Another important and amazing site in Normandy is Eglise Jeanne d’Arc. On the edge of the modern-looking church where a nineteen-year-old girl was burned at stake for heresy in the 14th century.

mussel raising


Explore Musee des Beaux which contains sixty rooms hanging with the incredible works by famous artists such as Gericault. The museum is also called a “Provincial Museum”. Moreover, the museum of Bayeux Tapestry offers to explore some great artworks with a story.

Book your tickets now to explore this beautiful destination!

5.    Great Smoky Mountains: America’s Most Popular National Park

The most visited national park is already in the top visiting places, straddling both the North Carolina and Tennessee borders. Still, nobody’s is losing interest as an increase of 191% has been seen by Airbnb. This park is well- known for the blue-coloured mist, hanging above mountains peaks and valleys.

Popular National Park


The entry is totally free. The park has a large population of black bears. Many wide life lovers visit this park for their amusement. The most famous place in the area of Smoky Mountain is Cades Cove. Many people visit this place to see some white-tailed deer, turkeys, the dog-like coyote and black bears of course. This incredible valley is full of interesting history. Different wildflowers are also seen in Cades Cove, as this park is famous for its wildflower diversity.

Clingmans Dome is another famous spot in the Smoky Mountains. This highest point in the park is an observation tower which allows visitors to explore the view of surrounding areas.

Book your flights now, to get an incredible tour of the world’s famous park!

6.    Buenos Aires: The Capital City of Argentina with colonial architecture and famous opera house

The capital city of Argentina, situated on the shore of the Rio de la Plata, is one of the most populous cities. The famous port of Latin America, Buenos Aires, is also the national centre of commerce, culture and technology. It was named as “The Head of Goliath”, a metaphor that imbalance city’s relationship with the rest of the country. This year Airbnb recorded 172% increase in the reservations for the coming year.

famous opera house


The main reason is the astonishing little colonial architecture and few landmark buildings. El Centro plays many important roles in Buenos Aires. It is the most important financial district and political hub. Tourists enjoy shopping and visiting here. Buenos is a city of the distinctive neighbourhood that have their own meeting places especially coffee house or bars. One of the building name Puerto Madero is the largest urban development project in the city. Spending some time in the shadow of Puerto Madero is a pleasant way to enjoy your afternoon.

Famous Museum:

The famous museum, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, earns high praise from visitors. Buenos also offers to explore the “Teatro Colon”, the world’s famous opera house. This is one of the amazing attractions in the capital. Then comes the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden which offers a wonderful evening and a beautiful view. This landscape was designed by a forty years old artist to change the face of the city. This garden is home to more than 5,000 species of plants. This is a great place to escape the city’s hustle bustle and spend some time in peace and bench reading.

One of the popular attractions in Buenos is Plaza de Mayo. It has been a focal point of political life in Argentina. Plaza de Mayo is the “May Pyramid”, the oldest national monument in Buenos Aires.

7.    Accra: The Heart of Ghana

Accra was named as one of the top places to visit in 2018, and now again, it will lead with the same popularity in the list of world’s top destinations in 2019. This city is one of the best places to see some beautiful historical monuments. The most famous beach in Accra is Labadi. The nearby restaurant offers the great and delicious fried fish, ice cold star lager and spicy Jollof. You can also see some boys performing acrobatic tricks and dancing to hip-life. Some men on the horse offer ride to the shy ladies and some Rasta groups playing for money. To spend some more luxurious time, stay in a resort like Labadi Beach Hotel.

The art lovers are going to love some incredible work of artists in the Alliance Gallery. Different metal sculptures, kente cloth, fantastic masks and furniture are the main antiques in the gallery. Visitors are also allowed to buy most of the art directly from the artists. To taste some of the refreshing ice cream head to “Arlecchino Gelateria Italiana”. Oxford Street is one of the busiest upmarket areas of Osu. The place got plenty of bars, restaurants and dance floors.

Heart of Ghana


Makola Markey:

The other famous place in Accra is Makola Markey. It serves the best feature fabrics, beads and souvenirs. Most of the shops are operated by independent African ladies with marvellous headdresses. To explore some elements of history, you should visit Jamestown. It is a fascinating neighbourhood that is full of history and riddled with poverty. The place is full of colonial buildings, ramshackle gyms and brightly painted storefronts and shacks. To see the best view of the town, climb to the top of district’s ironic red-and-white lighthouse.

Another major source of attraction in Accra is “The National Museum of Ghana”. This beautiful museum is divided into three main sections; art, archaeology and ethnography. This museum is the best place to know the tragic history of the Atlantic slave trade. Some musical instruments and modern paintings are also kept on display. Visitors turn to “Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park”, after a long busy day. It is the place to relax and explore acres of landscaped gardens full of flowerbeds.

Airbnb has recorded at least a 163% increase in the bookings for Accra this year. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flights now!!!

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