9 Insanely Affordable Winter Vacations 2019

When winter vacation comes, everyone finds it difficult to travel abroad. The one thing we like to do in winter is just to sit in our blanket and watch TV. Don’t you think it’s kind of boring? But still, there are many places in this season which offer you mild weather, so that it can be enjoyable. Too much winter means too much snow, and some people are not fond of that. If you are one of those people, then check this list of nine winter vacations which are totally affordable. And you can take a little break from the snow and enjoy sunny mornings.

When there is a plan for a winter vacation in 2019. Then there is a little bit searching for a place and affordable prices. But you don’t need to worry anymore because that part has already been taken care of here for you. So just pack your bag, choose any place from this list, and enjoy your beautiful, amazing and affordable trip.

1.    Nevada: The Silver State offers a great combination of nature and human architecture

Nevada which is full of beauty and offers you to discover amazing landscapes that are usually overshadowed by the glow of its big cities. There are many recreational areas and national parks that offer hiking, fishing, climbing, biking and horseback riding. To enjoy its wonders, you have to get lost in its stunning naturally beautiful areas and also try to discover beyond cities and towns.

Las Vegas is a place that cannot be missed as this state is filled with natural diversity. That offers plenty of places to visit in affordable price and opportunity for outdoor activities. There are many affordable places in Nevada, but Las Vegas is the cheapest one to fly this winter where you can to see a number resorts including New York, Caesar’s Palace and The Bellagio.

The place that is worth seeing in Las Vegas is Fremont Street in downtown where a light show with different LED lights is presented in the evening. So, go and get some Freemont Street experience!

The airplane fare cost is about $200 roundtrip from most major cities; it varies based on the aeroplane companies.



Affordable Place to Stay

In winter vacation 2019, Peppermill Resort offers the best prices of $80 per night which is cool for your budget. They also got lots of facilities that include heated outdoor pools, ski packages to North Lake Tahoe’s and other mountains including shuttle service, tickets and rentals for only $280.

2.    Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: If you love beaches this is the place for you

Manuel Antonio-planetfiesta


This is an amazing town that is located near the areas of Quepos in Costa Rica. There are some amazing beaches with rich white sand, sparkly blue water and lush green jungle where you can catch some incredible wildlife. That jungle is basically a national park that offers to explore wildlife with luxury resorts, and I bet, you are going to fall in love with this place. It is not the end; there are many other things besides this national park that includes a day trip to Dominical or Uvita. You should also enjoy a dip swim in the warm waters of Nauyaca Waterfalls.

Let me tell you about some hidden gems in Manuel Antonio, which are usually less crowded. Playa Biesanz is one of them. Which is an astonishing beach but a little bit rocky, so don’t go there without shoes and be careful about the tide. Visibility is not that great in that area, but it is an ideal place for kids as it is in a bay with warm waves.

The airfare costs $500 with a roundtrip, and that depends upon the dates. It looks a little bit pricey, but in mid-January, the prices go down and down.

Affordable Place to Stay

Verde Mar is the best hotel with basic rooms and is loved by people due to its location right on the beach where they can rest on warm sand by walking few steps. The price ranges are very much affordable starting from $50 to $120 per night including. The facilities of air conditioning, hot showers, free Wi-Fi, free beach access and outdoor pools.

3.    Panama: The only place to see the sunrise on Pacific



Many people choose Panama while planning their winter vacations. It is an ideal destination for warm weather and sunshine plus offers the best affordable accommodation too. You can get the best sunrise experience of your life along with tropical beaches, incredible islands, jungles, and the great capital city.

One of the famous places in Panama is The Panama Canal which is a connecting point for the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean for more than 100 years. Visitors find this place attractive because of the marvellous, fascinating man-made work. These works and a great exhibition of photos and documents on its construction are well displayed in a museum at the canal.

The food is a little bit different in Panama, made with some mix techniques of Spanish, African and Native American cooking. The popular local and delicious dishes are chicken with rice, fried meat and balls which is a corn mash cooked in a banana leaf.

You can get the best sightseeing of Panama from the Paseo Las Bovedas in Casco Viejo, where the Punte de las Americas also looks admirable.

Affordable Place for winter vacation 2019 to Stay

Any hotel in Panama can get you an affordable option not more than $40 per night, but it is going to cost a little bit more to get here. Moreover, Centro Americano Hotel which is located in the heart of Panama City offers a room just for $34 per night with different business facilities, free Wi-Fi and connecting rooms.

4.    Warsaw: The Sprawling Capital of Poland

This place offers the best architectures that reflect the city’s history from churches to neoclassical places and modern skyscrapers. Warsaw is the cheapest and affordable city of Poland in winter with a total of $580 of a roundtrip. If you want to celebrate your holidays in a European city with cheap accommodations, then put Warsaw on the top of the list.

They organize some amazing winter activities for the visitors that includes ice skating, cross-country skiing, curling and many other sports that involve ice. Different festivals are arranged in December until February in which lighting of Royal Castle is included. In which about 1300 artistic LED lights are installed that makes the festival eco-friendly. The Ice Rink and PGE are the best choices if you want to skate on the beautiful white ice. Other than ice skating, many other fun activities are involved which involves sliding on the Actimel Ice Hill. skating in PGE car park and curling in PGE Narodowy.

Capital of Poland


You can enjoy the best sightseeing in Warsaw by taking a bus from the centre to the royal palace which is also called Versailles. The entrance is free, you can explore the palace rooms, parks and the magic gardens with ornamental bushes. The amazing thing about that garden is the flowers that are much bigger than the people walking here, of course. These are not the real flowers and made up of glittering lights which are awesome.

Affordable Place to Stay

The hotel that will put you right through the city centre is H15 Boutique Hotel which offers room for only $116 per night. The rooms are very large with a great view of the city from the window. The amenities include breakfast buffet: Free Wi-Fi, non-smoking environment and a delicious restaurant.

5.    Cartagena, Colombia: It’s all about beautiful Beaches and magnificent Architecture

This place is best known for its beaches and most visited in winter to soak up some warm light of the sun with some sweet music. Cartagena de Indias port has been the major source of attraction in Colombia since 1533. The people love to enjoy this beautiful place who are fond of history, like some warm weather and like the colonial period.



The best place to begin your journey is Casa de Marques Valdehoyos which displays the best view of old Cartagena. Where you can get maps and information at the tourist office.

To discover the fine collections of colonial architecture. Visit Palacio de la Inquisicion plaza where you can also find some good collection of gold and pottery of the Sinu culture.

Check out the Cartagena’s Cathedrals massive interior and exterior decorations that can give a lot of snaps for Instagram collection.

The largest fortress that was built to protect the city from pirates is amazing, and it is called Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. This place is not only cheap but also very safe to visit.

Affordable Place to Stay

The flights to Cartagena are starting at $800 with a round trip in January if you are coming from the coast of Canada, from the USA it costs much less than this. The cheapest and affordable places to stay can be found in Cartagena with a friendly environment. El Viajero Cartagena Hostel offers a private room for just $30 per night. Other amenities include free Wi-Fi, breakfast and excellent on-site security.

6.    San Diego, California: Beautiful Weather and Awesome Places to Visit

A well-known city for its pleasant weather also offers multiple attractions to explore. The temperature is not much warm for swimming. But there are other amazing activities that can be enjoyed in this mild temperature. It is one of America’s finest city that is most visited due to its perfect-year-round weather. This city is not much about culture, but there are some breweries, landmarks, restaurants, quirky events and museums to discover.



The hiking trails of Balboa Park are less-known that gives urban explorers a feeling of hiking on mountains. Other than this, the concert halls, museums and zoo are also admired by visitors. Moreover, there is plenty of beach in San Diego including Coronado Beach which is iconic with its Cliffside mansions and rocky shore.

The best beach to soak up some rays is Mission Beach while La Jolla is well known for its great waves.

Affordable Place to Stay

The best deal of staying in San Diego is offered in Northgate Hotel which is $72 per night with free Wi-Fi, breakfast and parking. You can also get a separate sitting area, digital TV service, refrigerator, microwave and hairdryer.

7.    Asheville, North Carolina: Cheap and Beautiful

North Carolina


This place offers a number of budget airlines expanding to the city. The best news according to CheapOair is the 40 per cent drop in airfares. There are many amazing things to enjoy in Asheville especially the Blue Ridge Mountains that got a great value into the early month of winter. So don’t waste time and book a flight now!!!

Discover the best natural wonders and iconic landmark and have an amazing experience with these itineraries. Relax the body and soul at one of the unique area spas and try the best outstanding restaurant of Asheville’s. Take a walk around the Art Deco in the downtown, take a winter hike and take a rooftop bar tour to explore amazing views.

Affordable Place to Stay

The great and best options for a large group is Cambria Hotel & Suites Downtown Asheville which offers a room at $117 per night including easy access to 88 nearby attractions.

8.    Montego Bay, Jamaica: It’s all about beautiful resorts and haunted places

There are many things in Montego other than enjoying the sunshine and never leaving the resort which is well-known for affordable winter vacations.

Hip Strip is a famous road in Montego Bay across the beautiful beach which is public, and full of apartments and hotels for you to rent. It also provides a safe environment along with great cultural and natural activities.


To learn the history of Jamaica, visit the Croydon Plantation and if you want to discover some scary haunted place. Go  Rose Hall Great House which is also known as the most haunted place on Earth.

Affordable Place to Stay

The flight costs are starting from $600 to $700 throughout January and February. The best affordable place that you can get in Montego Bay is Verney House Resort which is only ten-minute walk away from the Bay that offers you a room for only $59

9.    Barbados: An affordable romantic destination



It is the most affordable nowadays as the airfare is reduced from the new route of Boston. This place is full of vibrant music and lots of parties in nightclubs and bars. It offers a nice beach with clean and warm water where you can take long walks with your partner. The best vacation spot in Barbados is Crane beach with beautiful, pink coral sand. Moreover, the Bathsheba is a quaint village which is the central point for tourist attractions. A large rock stand like a gigantic mushroom in the sea is a very beautiful place for some snapshots.

Affordable Place to Stay

The JetBlue offers an affordable roundtrip under $400 for the holiday season including the Bougainvillea Beach Resort. Which got some tasty meals and a separate kitchen too, where you can cook for yourself. They also offer amenities like fitness centre, kid’s club, watersports and spa.

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