20 Best Travel Sights of 2019 To Visit

Here are twenty best travel sights of 2019 that gives a feel of travelling while reading. I hope it will inspire you to get going in 2019.

When we decide to single out the best vacation spots, we become more excited in narrowing down the best places to visit next year. Thousands of researches lead us to nowhere. We search press releases, restaurant debuts, tourism statistics and many more. Don’t you think it becomes a little bit exhausted by doing all this hard work? But now, you don’t have to worry because this year is full of best travel sights spanning the globe. From new capital of cultures to an emergent design scene, from restaurants to bars everything is going to be available for you. And then there are those places that we haven’t heard much, but certainly, soon they are going to be very popular.

Travel is more than movement and greater than sightseeing. The beauty of the world is immeasurable, and its people are inimitable.

1.    The Adirondack: Brings a touch of Urban Grandeur

Adirondack-Planet fiesta


Adirondack, New York is one of the first best travel sights in 2019. Its beautiful mountain has been luring the visitors since the 19th century. You can still visit here in a classic style and enjoy the pure air and clear lakes. Hotel Saranac in Adirondack, after renovation, brings a touch of urban grandeur to this charming town. It hides in the woods outside of town. You can take a romantic walk at “The Point”. It is a charming lakeside resort that one was a “great cam”. The change of ownership results in a fresh welcome to the elevated woodsy décor.

2.    Alberta: An Architectural Icon

Alberta-Planet Fiesta


Alberta is one of the best discount sights of 2019, to plan a vacation this winter. You can enjoy the gloriously designed Calgary Central Library before flying into Calgary. The library covers at least 460 white hexagonal panels. It is set to become an architectural icon. If you are fond of some artistic culture than visit Edmonton’s new Royal Alberta Museum. It contains some enormous collection of indigenous cultures and a gallery dedicated to insects. Kananaskis Nordic Spa is the first of its kind in the province, which reveals a collection of hydrotherapy pools. You can get a spa treatment there at a very reasonable price, so what are you waiting for, plan your trip to Alberta right now!

3.    Alsace: Tate some of the finest wines on the globe



Alsace, France, lying in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains is one of the best travel sights of 2019. You may be surprised to know that it produces the finest wines on the globe. “Villa Rene Lalique” is the ideal place to get the best meal of your life. Take a tour to the top class wineries such as Maison Trimbach and Domaine Weinbach and taste the best wine of your life. Discover this whole city by taking a luxurious tour on a boat. You can also take a romantic tour, as The Belmond Lilas offers private cruises.

4.    Armenia: Breathing new life into ancient cuisine



Armenia has become the world’s best travel sights of 2019, after having a liberal government. The resulting energy has made the country all the more inviting to travellers. You can find out the best world-class hotel in Yerevan. “The Alexander” has also been a part of Marriott’s Luxury Collection.

Moreover, the opening of some new restaurants is breathing life into Armenia’s ancient cuisine. Armenia contains the popular countryside landscape, and there is no better way to see it than on foot. You can also discover the spa town of Dilijan and pair of 10th-century monasteries. And believe me, these sights are worth watching.

5.    Berlin: Enjoy the Bauhaus Manifesto this year



This year in Berlin is going to be full of fun and excitement as it celebrates its 30th anniversary of the fall of the Belin Wall. I assure that this is going to be a joyful year as Berlin gains credit for best travel sights of 2019. They are celebrating a 100 years of the city’s pioneering Bauhaus architectural movement all year. The festival starts in January, which includes lectures, dance and theoretical performances. Also, a nightclub featuring DJ sets in one the Europe’s capitals of night falls. You can also enjoy some ethnological and Asian art museums. The year’s biggest surprise is going to be a meat and potatoes epicentre.

6.    Brisbane: World of Art Galleries



Brisbane was regarded as an outsize country town in Australia for a long time. But that’s changing now. The launching of W Brisbane has turned this city into one of the best travelling sights of 2019. Now, the city is trying to make a development in Howard Smith Wharves. This development will bring a hotel and restaurants to an abandoned dockyard under the Story Bridge. The project is not complete yet, but still, the city has a lot to offer. You can discover the fine art institutions such as Queensland Art or Gallery of Modern Art. QAGOMA is another art gallery where the vast Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art is on the view this April. This whole city is like a world of art galleries. I am sure that artistic tourists are going to fall in love with this city.

7.    Cambodia: Enjoy the wild estuarine ecosystem



Many people visit Cambodia because of Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat. But now there are many new reasons to visit this best travel sights of 2019. The opening of “Shinta Mani Wild” has made this place world’s best travel sights of 2019. You can get the best experience of wildlife in the “South Cardamom national Park”. Also, enjoy Southeast Asia’s last wild estuarine ecosystem on custom expedition boats and relax in a spa that uses natural products. If you want some extra adventurous trip, then walk into the property on foot instead of driving.

8.    Cambridge: Enjoy two great university cities



Cambridge being England’s best sights in 2019, is two great university cities. It doesn’t wear its history lightly. You can enjoy the feeling of history from the medieval maze of streets to the amazing Gothic buildings of its colleges. The city is becoming more popular due to new technology firms. Cambridge now has a superb hotel to match. “The University Arms” is both an elegant homage to neoclassical style and a whole lot of fun. You can have the best food at “Parker’s Tavern” which is an haute-British restaurant.

9.    Elqui Valley: A place for eclipse chasers

Elqui Valley


Elqui Valley is a remote region, whole lack of artificial light has made it the world’s first “International Dark Sky Sanctuary”. Elqui Valley states as the best travel sights of 2019 and home to over a dozen observatories. This makes it a magnet for both scientists and stargazers. You can take a six and eleven-day tour with a famous astronomer John Mason. The tours include the visit to famous observatories such as Pangue and ALMA. You can also take a short visit to the vineyards and top distilleries. “Red Savannah” is also offering some bespoke journeys at a reasonable price, which has made it the best discount travel sights of 2019.

10.   Cairo: A sculpture of History



Cairo has been on the top list of best travel sights of 2019 because of the recently constructed Grand Egyptian Museum. It is also one of the best discount travel sights of 2019 which you can navigate on a shoestring. The government of Egypt have spent at least $1 billion on the museum. You can enjoy some pretty interesting relics, mummies and artefacts from ancient Egypt in this museum. It’s also a very budget-friendly country so, with $100 for a day, you’ll be in good shape.

11.  New Orleans: Enjoy a beautiful colourful nightfall

New Orleans


New Orleans has been the best travel sights for many years and still acquire its position in 2019. It is also known for colourful nightlife, a bursting festival calendar and decadent local cuisine. It is also known as an undercover gem for budget travellers. You can get a free tour to French Quarter, Garden District and the live music venues on Frenchman Street. Also, enjoy a steady stream of frozen cocktails in just $15/day in the “The Country Club”. You can also enjoy some of the free weekly witness events thrown by “Move Ya Brass”. Moreover, you can also get some cheap accommodations starting at $100.

12.  Jamaica: A Legendary beach destination



This year, discover Kingston, an untapped culturally rich capital of the Caribbean in Jamaica. Kingston is the place to experience the heartbeat of Jamaica in many different ways. You can experience the local dance halls and the Trench Town Culture Yard before going to beaches of the north. Jamaica being a legendary beach destination, is also one of the best discount travel sights of 2019. End your trip with a ride through reggae music history, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

13.  Lisbon: A dream place for everyone



Lisbon is one of the best discount travel sights of 2019; you’ve been dreaming of visiting. It offers a rich history, incredible architect and delicious local cuisine. With a pass of 19 euros, you can enter into a world of modern museums for the whole two hours. It also includes rides on the Lisbon’s scenic tram cars and stunning elevators. It is the best place for families. There are some fabulous aquarium and scenic museums on the waterfront. Also, try to stay at Martinhal Chiado, which offers full-service apartments along with the kitchen. It also contains a complimentary kids club that runs late so parents can go out for dinner on their own.

14.  Grand Canyon: Enjoy the magnificent natural wonders

Grand Canyon


Grand Canyon is marking its territory by being the best travel sights of 2019. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and marking its hundredth anniversary in 2019. Never mind that the canyon is about five or six million years old. You can enjoy its magnificent natural wonders by South Rim. Don’t miss hiking at the Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden. Trekking from rim to rim could take three days, while rafters might take two weeks or more.

15.  Hawaii: A slice of Paradise



Hawaii Island warmly welcomes visitors to its slice of paradise after a few shaky months. There were some devastating moments of a volcanic eruption in May 2018. But it has newly become the best travel sights of 2019 and is once again ready to show its magnificent beauty. Discover a Volcano House that boasts star-gazing along with unparalleled volcano views. You can also enjoy some best seafood in “Binchotan Bar and Grill” which is opening soon. The resort seekers can stay at “Mauna Lani Auberge” to enjoy beautiful sunsets at the rooftops.

16.  Florida: Explore the outer space



This year, no one can promise you a tourist adventure to the moon. But you can still explore the heavenly skies on a trip to the Space Coast. Enjoy the 50th anniversary of mankind’s first walk on the moon on this July at this best travel sights of 2019. Central Florida’s Atlantic shoreline is ready for the people, who want to see where Armstrong rocketed off the Earth in the history. You can also enjoy a ride in a shuttle launch simulator. So, don’t forget to buckle up for this adventurous trip this year.

17.  Tallinn: Enjoy the best medieval music



Tallinn is a cheap alternative to visit Northern European cities like Helsinki. Take a visit to Tallinn’s UNESCO medieval old town, a walled area with many shops and restaurants. If you want an exceptional experience, visit the old restaurant “Olde Hansa”. It provides the best medieval musicians performing nightly. This restaurant is the main reason to pay a visit to Tallinn. You can also learn about some folk culture and art at the Estonian Open Air Museum and Kumu Art Museum.

18.  Atlanta: Enjoy some of the best dinings



Now, you don’t have to go wild at Staple house for great food. Because Atlanta is offering some of the finest dinings in the city. Golden Eagle and Kimball House are one of the best dinner spots for the foodies. Due to its glorious popularity, Atlanta has become the best travel sights of 2019. This capital city offers much more to do between meals. You should take a visit to Ponce City Market’s rooftop amusement park. It offers some tremendous games, mini golf and a stunning view of the city at an affordable price.

19.  Cooperstown: Home to the iconic baseball museum



This charming town is basically known for being home to the iconic National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Bur, there is more than just a baseball. By walking down the historic main street, you will find an array of cute shops, cafes and Cooperstown Farmers Market. The city also offers the best tasting at Ommegang brewery. This year, Cooperstown is celebrating the 80th anniversary of National Baseball Hall of Fame. Don’t forget to miss that!


20.  Valparaiso: Jewel of the Pacific



Valparaiso is one of the best travel sights is usually known as the “Jewel of the Pacific”. This lovely city is full of art with a bohemian beat on every corner. Visit La Sebastiana, the home of legendary. Or take a walk on the Ruben Dario and the Carvallo where you can stroll the beach and catch some fishes on your own. After strolling on the beach, spend the night by listening to Latin American music and eating Creole food. In the end stay at one of the charming inns in the town of Concon for less than $35 per night.

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