12 Romantic Places in the Czech Republic You Must Visit on Valentine’s Day 2019

The Czech Republic is a country that is known for its ornate castles, long history and native beers. The capital city Prague is home to grand 9th century Prague Castle. It is a preserved medieval old town and statue-lined Charles Bridge. So, why not spend this Valentine’s Day 2019 in the country of castles, full of fantasies?

The Czech Republic is among the favourite tourist attractions, but on this day, it becomes more special. There are many things that make a person fall in love with the town and its atmosphere. Also, there is a constant of natural splendours. The wide range of Valentine’s stays in the Czech Republic will certainly not disappoint you. Use the romantic corners of Prague or kiss at a chateau, but I assure that you really will enjoy Valentine’s Day 2019 this year!

It is the best place to visit for couples and become part of the nation’s dynamism, proud heritage and awareness. The Czech Republic overflows with woods, cave structures, Baroque lordship and cliffs, etc. All this results as a fantasy world of “Europe”.

Here is the list of twelve romantic places in the Czech Republic you must visit on Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

1. Lobkowicz Palace: Get lost in the peculiar history and traditions

It is a lovely place escorted by a tranquil and calming atmosphere. For couples, it is one of the dreamiest places. Stop at the eastern entrance to the Prague Castle and be lost in the peculiar history and traditions of the Lobkowicz family. This place boasts a breathtaking panoramic view that enhances the unique, cultural experiences. The collections, cafes, concerts and elegant event rooms are just impressive.

Lobkowicz Palace-Planet Fiesta


Enjoy the world-famous paintings by Breughel, Velazquez, Canaletto and more; in the famous museum of Lobkowicz. There are some exceptional collections of arms and armour including hand-annotated manuscripts. People love these manuscripts by many of the greatest composers of the 17th – 19th centuries, including Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn.

There is an eatery with a beautiful veranda that offers the best wine and beer from Lobkowicz, a trademark of this place. This place offers a range of stores to buy a special present for your loved one, whether it is a charm, earrings or some neckpiece. This can be the best place to spend Valentine’s Day 2019 and spending some awesome time with your lover.

2. The Vrtba Garden: The most treasured baroque garden in Prague

The Vrtba Garden comes with other three baroque gardens. It lies on the slopes of the Petrin Hill and is among the loveliest and treasured baroque gardens in Prague. This majestic garden connects to the building boom around 1720. The Vrtba Garden reopened on 3 June 1998 after restoration.

Vrtba Garden-Planet Fiesta


This beautiful garden avoids the hustle and bustle of the nearby tourist destinations by high walls and buildings. This place feels like we are in a different, grand, ornate and perfect world. The path to the top of the garden is difficult and not many people take the hardship of going. But trust me going to the top is quite useful to get wonderful views of the city. Just pay a small entrance fee that can be recovered by the lush green greenery and the beautiful gardens. So, spend an awesome time with your loved on Valentine’s Day this year, in this beautiful place.

3. Moravia: The most warmer town of the Czech Republic

Moravia lies in the east of Bohemia’s Province, with large alleyways stretched across the frontiers. This town is warmer and more unruffled than any other town in the Czech Republic. Enjoy the best handmade chocolates and delicious meal in the excellent restaurants of the city. This place is usually famous to attract lovers in various ways. Couples can take beautiful moments out of the Czech Republic.

Moravia got some incredible rolling hills and pretty landscapes. Brno, the capital, has the museums, but the northern city of Olomouc has captivating architecture. Moravia dominates the vineyards and natural, wine-drinking day tipplers.

warmer town of the Czech Republic


Go for cycling, running or trekking on the best-explored limestone cave systems in Europe. Also, take your loved on boating in beautiful waters of Punkva Caves. Take a stroll to the caves to enjoy different features inside the caves and between sections. This place is best for nature lovers, as the bird and plant life is beautifully noticeable.

4. Vysehrad Park: A mystical and enigmatic place

Vyshehrad is full of incredible history of Czech people. It links to the development of the districts of Prague and the heritage of the Czech people. Nowadays, Vysehrad is a mystical and enigmatic place where legends encounter history and the present. This is a place that holds noticeable traces of its long and charming past. This is very well-known in the past of both Prague and the Czech nation as a whole.

Vysehrad Park


This romantic park is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Its tall, old trees, raising their branches to the sky and breathtaking views can make your Valentine’s Day 2019  a special one. Plan a picnic, or just read a romantic book to your loved one on one of the benches, or pass the time in one of the local cafes or pubs. The famous landmark of this place is “St Peter and Paul Church”. The Church’s interior is beautifully decorated and has been restored to open to the public. The park is a nice place to enjoy some quality time of the day and beautiful sunsets with your loved one.

5.    Karlovy Vary: A charming sensation for the ladies and their men

This place is lovely, a newly established spa town with fur caps and gallop-filled handbags. This place is a charming sensation for the ladies and their men, of course. This is a place where you can create a romantic and mesmerizing mood for your partner. And make this vacation an unforgettable one. Visitors love to visit this town because of Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings.

Karlovy Vary


As this place is all about spa centres, get the best spa treatment with your loved one, in one of the spa houses of Karlovy. It offers different services of day spas, hotels and wellness centres. Choose the best one that suits your needs and budget. Choose to stay in Hotel Imperial which welcomes The Valentine’s Day 2019 without any extra charges.

6. Mum lava Waterfall: Spawned by slopping granite blocks

Mum lava Waterfall lies near the Harrachov recreation centre on the river Mum lava. It is one of the famous venues in the western part of National Park. It entirely spawns the sloping granite blocks up to a height of 10m in the Mum lava alpine cascade. Discover the giant pots under the distinctive phenomenon of waterfall decimation. There is “Mumlavaskabouda” on an easy walking distance. It was one a gamekeeper’s hut, but nowadays it is a cosy restaurant with about two counters by a hearth.

Mum lava Waterfall


It is one of the biggest attractions of western Giant Mountains. There is always a lot of other visitors due to the nearby holiday town of Harrachov and blue tourist route leading along Mum Lava River. It is the right place to enjoy some beautiful nature views, from a height of 8 meters. There is a very comfortable trail that leads it to from Harrachov. People use this trail in any weather.

7. Castle Hill: A Royal Palace of Prague

Castle Hill is one of the most-visited parts of Prague, next to the old town. It is very famous for its beautiful palaces, galleries, churches and gardens. Stairs to the Royal Palace of Castle Hill are gorgeous. It is not a solitary structure because it was once the residence of kings.

Castle Hill


The interior of Castle Hill is like a conglomeration of architectural styles. The chapel in Old Saints Church at the Old Royal Palace is opened only on Saturdays. Sometimes, this place hosts many concerts at various time during the year, especially on Valentine’s Day 2019. Then comes the St. Vitus Cathedral, the most important church. It took several centuries to complete. The interior of the cathedral is strikingly beautiful; the stained glass windows are exceptional.

It is an incredible and most visiting place in the Czech Republic. But during Valentine’s Day 2019, this place becomes more beautiful with extra charm.

8. Pruhonice Park: The treasure of the national historical parks

Pruhonice Park is known as the part of the Prague ancient Center-UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. This place is among the treasures of the national historical parks of the Czech Republic with an outstanding style of European Landscape Park. Pruhonice Park lies on a region of nearly 250 hectares. This is an ideal location for a sunny morning or a long weekend.

Pruhonice Park


The main attraction of this park is rhododendrons. This park is full of eight thousand plants belonging to 160 species and many more cultivars. Enjoy some exciting music festivals, lectures, theatre performances, guided walks, wedding ceremonies, expositions and other awesome activities. Visit the Chotobuz Botanical Garden, a visitor centre, and a cup of coffee in their cafeteria. Moreover, it is a great place for leisure and outdoor creation.

9. Olomouc: A vibrant student town with beautiful historical oddities

Romans were the first who established and preserved this place. Olomouc had a rich and lively past when it was Moravia’s capital. But now it is a calm but vibrant student town with many beautiful and charming memorials and historical oddities. The famous place of Olomouc is Holy Trinity Column on the central square, which is another UNESCO site. The square also has an astrological dial which rivals the famous Orloj of Prague. It is known as the icon of love and compassion.



Another great place to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one in Olomouc is visiting the Holy Hill. It is one of the most beautiful places in Olomouc that gives an impressive view of the city. The main attraction of the pilgrimage site is Minor Basilica. Do not forget to watch the beautiful scenery of sunset with your partner.

10. Liberec: The Former-capital of the German Sudetenland

Liberec is the 5th biggest city in the Czech Republic that has a vibe of a small town due to the surrounding hills. Several buildings of the city made it the former capital of the German Sudetenland province. The city looks fantastic from the top. This place is so amazing that it is hard for couples to hold back from going to the city.

Liberec-Planet Fiesta


This place is usually known as the overlooked gem of Czech Republic. It has a beautiful Main Square and stunning Liberec Townhall, just a short walk from Moskvska or Prazska. It looks stunning with the colourful houses around, one prettier than another. Hotel Praha in the square is a great example of art nouveau architecture. Enjoy the beautiful art deco with the details in the lobby. Plus you can stay here overnight. So, plan this Valentine’s Day 2019 in Liberec and spend some beautiful moments with your loved one.

11. Trebic: A delightful small town with UNESCO listed sites

Trebic is another small, delightful and pleasant town with some UNESCO-listed sites. It is beautiful and quiet while walking around. There are some incredible pubs such as “Podklasterni Microbrewery” for a high-quality lager. This place is always full of a huge number of tourists who come into the country almost never uncover. Couples love this place due to its fantastic architecture and beautiful scenic spots. Couples can enjoy this place by just having a bottle of gin and linger in the surroundings.

Trebic-Planet Fiesta


12. : A spa location for the elite

Marianske Lazne was once known as the spa location for the elite. Many people came here for their spa treatments and also found this place convenient for lovebirds. Enjoy the beautiful sights around and relish the same health benefits from the spas. This place is a symbol of romantic colonnades, charming cafes, charming pavilions and cosy hotels. This town supplies many mineral springs in a unique atmosphere. Spend this Valentine’s Day 2019 in Marianske Lazne, where a pleasant holiday means everything from spa relaxation to some remarkable scenic landscapes. And finally ending your day with a variety of entertainment programs.

Marianske Lazne


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