11 Luxury Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Think

Some people always think that luxury destinations come with a price, which is true to some extent. But sometimes, you don’t need much money to experience the luxurious moments. If you want some precious time with your family or friends, visit a great place that costs you not so much and can give you the best experience of a lifetime. Here I’m going to give you a few suggestions of eleven luxury destinations that are cheaper than you think. These places can provide with the most affordable offers for vacation. If you are not fond of five-star hotels, then these luxury destinations and hotels can provide you with the cheapest and fine accommodation.

1. Gaya Island in Malaysia: A short tropical break

Gaya Island is the world’s largest island that comes on the third place and is largest in Asia. This is the island which is often chosen by the people that are attracted to the beauty of sprinkling islands. The island is located off the coast of Kota Kinabalu with wonderful beaches and wildlife. You can enjoy many exciting snorkelling spots in the heat of this island.  This island also offers a boat trip which lasts for fifteen minutes and shows the best parts of the Kota Kinabalu. There are many amazing spots which can lure you out of your room. Visit the resort pier where you can get to see a sea snake and brought clownfish among other things, as it is the best snorkelling spots.

Where to stay?

Gaya Island in Malaysia


Choose to stay in this beautiful Gaya resort, for just $200 per night. Also, you can get a dinner for two people only at $12. Moreover, the exchange rate in the country is 62MYR=15USD, so don’t get panic and enjoy your trip to Gaya Island.

2. Visit Osaka: Enjoy the best affordable shopping of your life

Osaka, a city of Japan, is one of the best luxurious destinations that are cheaper than you think. If you are a lover for food and want to experience different kinds of food, then visit Osaka, which can offer a variety of food at an affordable price. Many people prefer Tokyo, but it is a little bit polished and pricey. This city provides an opportunity to enjoy the best affordable shopping in your life, which becomes more exciting with bargaining. Experience some golden time in the era of time machines which is represented in the Museum, located in the Osaka’s Hattori Park. Moreover, there some incredible spa centres that offer the most relaxing baths with several kinds of outdoor pools, salon, stone spa and restaurant.



Where to stay?

Stay at the Flag Shinsaibashi hotel which is a modern type and looks like that it belongs to New York City. The room costs just $106 per night without any additional charges. Plus exchange your currency on the Osaka airport, that is 1000JPY=9USD.

3. Lake Bled: Slovenia’s Most Famous Attraction

This place is one of the affordable and popular attractions for visitors. The best time to visit this place is summer so that, you can enjoy the swimming, hiking, discovering the hidden treasures of the Slovenian Julian Alps and kayaking. Enjoy an amazing view on the opposite side of the lake, where the peaks of Mala Osojonica offers hiking. Moreover, about 45 minutes of walking can get you to see exactly the view that is pictured on your postcards. Experience the Alpine Forest which can provide shade to relax when you are tired of hiking. This place is full of respect for nature, as the lakes are perfectly cleaned. There are some other astonishing places that are cheaper than you think, including Triglav National Park, Soca River and Bohinj Lake.

Solvenia Lake Bled


Where to stay?

Garden Village Bled is a perfect place to stay in Bled as it offers a room for only $145 per night. One only need $48 per day to visit this whole place that includes food too. Moreover, the currency exchange rate is also affordable, as 13EUR=15USD.

4. Discover the Good, Bad and Ugly sides of Marrakech in Morocco

This is a place where we have to adjust our expectations accordingly. This is the place where one can experience some unique ancient traditions and modern conveniences. There are a number of cultural sites to visit and plenty of delicious local dishes to eat. This is one of the cheapest luxury destinations which offers the sightseeing of Jemma el-Fnaa. It is a marketplace that can take you through certain times of history. There are many shops in the souks which sell everything from shoes to handbags and lanterns to nuts. Collect some souvenirs, that are very much affordable, or just wander, it totally depends upon your choice!

There are many traditional tanneries, which shows the best times of the 11th century. Also, explore the Ben Youssef Madrasa that was founded in the 14th century, which is a sculpture of Islamic teachings and law.

Where to stay?

The place offers you the cheapest hotels to stay, one of them is Hanane riad which offers you a room for about $100 per night. You can spend only $30 per day to enjoy the best views of the Marrakesh as the currency rates are very much affordable as 10MAD=1USD.

Marrakech in Morocco


5. West Texas Town of Marfa: Explore the mystical adventure of deserts

 This small town of about 2,000 residents offers an amazing and affordable vacation. This town provides an opportunity to explore the mystical adventures of the desert, nearly twenty miles from the town. Experience some shopping on the iconic Prada Marfa which is always full of visitors. Do buy some souvenirs related to art. Explore the Mystery Lights of Marfa that are the icons of the 19th century. There is a Julie Speed Studio which displays some stunning paintings which are creational and inspiring. There is a place in Marfa that is preserved and reversed for the visitors to discover fifteen untitled works in concrete from 1980 to 1984. This is one of the famous towns due to some popular celebrities such as Beyoncé.

West Texas Town of Marfa


Where to stay?

Take a road trip from El Paso which is affordable than taking an aeroplane. Choose to stay at Marfa Saint George that offers a room for only $250 per night. There are no exchanging currency rates plus you can get a dinner for two, in only $38 USD.

6. Sihanoukville City in Cambodia: A New Sensation of Beaches

One of the best white sand beaches in the Gulf of Thailand waters is Sihanoukville. If there would be a prize for the best white sand beaches in the world, then Sihanoukville would have won. Enjoy the incredible fresh wind, sea-food, scuba trip and many other things. Or just lay down, and chill by absorbing the hotness of the weather. In spite of many casinos and resort developments, this is still that place which is cheaper than you think.

In the late 1950s, this town was constructed as a port city, but it has been developed into a new sensation of beaches, and look like a beach town. This place is full of cows, which usually wander on the roads, restaurants that offer delicious food at a reasonable price and hotels of every range.

Sihanoukville City in Cambodia


Where to stay?

There are several mid-range places at the beach and at downtown to stay. But Ren Resort is a place which offers a room for only $95 per night and makes your trip the best one. Food is available in only $18 for two people. Moreover, this place has no exchanging rates.

7. Lagos, Portugal: Discover the rocky headland of Ponta da Piedade

The seventh place that is cheaper than you think is the famous destination for tourists, full of historical monuments. Discover some incredible wonders of nature in the nearby beaches that are best in the region. One of the outstanding view that you can get off a beach is by visiting the rocky headland of Ponta da Piedade. There is a fine array of the restaurant where you can get the best affordable drinks that can be a part of your good times at this place. Discover the flea market in the narrow streets of Lagos which is a symbol of a culture that also hosts various exhibitions.

Lagos Portugal


Where to stay?

Casa Mae is the cheapest place to stay in Lagos. Here you can get a room for only $125 per night and dinner for only $35. The exchange rates are given as 13EUR=15USD

8. Sao Paulo in Brazil: The largest City in South America

This beautiful city of Brazil is mixed with different colours of culture and cuisines that are reflected through restaurants, opera, theatres and dance companies. Being the largest city, it is also the bustling city of Brazil due to economic and financial centres. Plan a visit in May, as it is the best time to explore the beach located only a couple of hours away. Also visit the Ibirapuera Park, filled with the beautiful lakes and a Planetarium. To explore some incredible attractions, visit the aerial part of the park. Discover a number of nightclubs, whereas the best one is the “Love City”. This city provides affordable shopping near Rua Oscar Freire, where you can get some international brands, like trendy jeans and other clothes from Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Sao Paulo in Brazil


Where to stay?

Stay at the Pullman Sao Paulo Vila Olimpia Hotel which offers you a room for only $92 per night. Also, the dinner for two is available in only $32 USD. Don’t forget to exchange the currency from any nearby exchange office, and the rates are 15BRL=4USD.

9. Discover the Beaches and the Beauty of Milos Island in Greece

Get an amazing experience of discovering some beautiful beaches and the landscapes. You can visit at least eighty beaches and white-washed buildings as Greece is full of beautiful islands. Don’t forget to taste some local dishes. This is one of the impressive islands in the Cyclades whose rocks are coloured in red, pink and orange. I assure you the best experience of some exotic beaches on this incredible vacation to Milos. There are some other beaches which are known as the hideouts for pirates in the Middle Ages. Few traces of these pirates besides the water in Kleftiko are also found sometimes. Also, experience an amazing landscape of white rocks that gives the fascinating view.

Milos Island in Greece


Where to stay?

You can get to stay at Artemis Deluxe Rooms, which provides you with a room according to your budget for $150 per night, with the luxuries of infinity pools, beach bars and balconies.

10. San Jose Del Cabo: A place in Mexico for sun seekers

The best luxury destination that is cheaper than you think is San Jose Del Cabo in Mexico. This place is famous for diving, golfing and other sports related to fishing. Explore different quaint shops, cafes and some incredible restaurants, along with some astonishing views across the ocean. The best place in San Jose is Cabo San Lucas. It offers many different attractions in terms of landscapes, weather, beaches and other activities.

San Jose Del Cabo


Where to Stay?

Try to get a room in Cabo Azul at some affordable price of about $190 per night that is provided with the pool and a bar. The dinner can cost $25 for two people, and the exchange rate is given as 187MXN=10USD.

11. Montreal, Canada: A Taste of European and French heritage

It is one of the unique city in North America as compared to New Orleans. You can enjoy your beautiful vacation by doing some outstanding shopping and dining and getting a taste of European and French heritage. There are some incredible attractions which are full of culture and history. Also, explore some interesting festivals and events this winter.

Montreal Canada


Where to stay?

The William Gray can provide a room for only $240 per night which is a luxurious hotel but affordable one and also a famous one. The exchange rate is given as 8CAD=6USD and offers to spend a day only in $60 USD.

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