10 Best Cheap Eats in Boston

Food is love!

Food is love!

People like me, want to taste every kind of food in the world but when it comes to money, the thought just stays stuck in mind. There is a misconception between some people that eating cheap means eating poorly, especially in this city of Boston, which is totally food-centred. There are many fabulous restaurants in Boston, but it is sometimes hard to find the cheap one. Some restaurants are cheap but no good food. Mostly, visitors especially the first timers face some serious issues to find the perfect one with an affordable price, no fuss and flavorful meal. Here I am going to give some incredible options to find the top ten best cheap eats in Boston.

1.    Gene’s Chinese Flatbread Café: Taste the best and cheapest Chinese food

This place had just opened in downtown Boston during the last summer where you can get the cheapest variety of food. There is assuring of return once you’ve tasted their food. It can be found in the 86 Bedford Street with a large billboard. The environment is really good, clear and fresh and the service is the best as they greet you with this biggest grin and a knowing look.

Gene’s Chinese latbread Café(Source:

Their hand-pulled noodles are the best noodles you’ve never tasted that are also called Biang Biang Mian which sound like “bang bang”, just for $6. The long strips of noodles are cut into a long yard which just looks like appealing in their lack of uniformity. This meal is the cheapest meal you are going to get with a shower of cilantro and crushed red pepper, cooked in chilli oil garlic and scallions.

This fresh noodles just look like a heavenly meal, and it tastes yummy. Moreover, get the lamb skewers for only $5.50 along with tea eggs, this is going to be good for you. The soups at this place are worth trying that are offered only less than $10.

2.    Tasty Burger: The official burger point of Boston

You can get many appetizing hamburgers anywhere in the Boston, but the Tasty Burger is the best one. They make the best hamburgers in Boston and surprisingly it had become the official burger point of the Boston Red Sox. You can enjoy its tasty hamburgers after playing the game in one of the game clubs in Red Sox.


They offer a big beef hamburger, along with the toppings of lettuce, cheese, onion, tomato, pickle and sauce, of course. It totally depends on the choice whether you want it or not. Do get this delicious hamburger for just $6!

They also offer a variety of burgers with a takeaway that is unbelievable. The best one is cheeseburgers for $6, Hubba Burger for $7 that is topped with homemade chilli. And chopped onions and cheese and the turkey burger for $7 which is best with Chipotle mayo, tomato and lettuce.

The other includes Spicy Jalapeno, Gorgonzola with melted blue cheese and Onion Burger topped with caramelized and crispy fried onion, Butta burger topped with creamy Vermont onion butter and Veggie burger, all for only $7.

3.    Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House: A fusion of Japan and Korea

This delicious restaurant is located in the heart of Boston close to the Fenway and Back Bay. This place is one of the best cheap eats in Boston. It is a sushi house which shows the true fusion of Japanese and Korean food. This place is always crowded by college kids as they offer amazing happy hours to spend on symphony-goers alike.

Ichiban Yakitori Sushi House                                   (Source:

The best dishes of this restaurant are related to “Yakitori” or small skewers that are very tasty and inexpensive, starting from just $1.50. The sausage Yakitori is best with rich meat for only $1.5 along with the fish cake. You should also try the Negihama udon noodles that come with real flavoured soup, fresh vegetables and awesome seafood.

This was the best dish I’ve ever tasted in this restaurant. Moreover, the tofu enoki mushroom is also delightful which is full of beef skewers, pork belly and whole ika, a combination of best food just for $1.50. This place is a real gem in Boston with a friendly environment, quick service and cheap eats.

A variety of traditional rolls are unbelievable, just starting from $4.50. The best one is the cucumber roll that is loved by veggies. People also love salmon cucumber roll filled with small slices of salmon and cucumber, with cheese and little bit creamy mayonnaise just for $5.

Yakitori                                    (Source:

4.    House of Tibet Kitchen: The Best Tibetan Food on Davis Square

The surrounding of the restaurant is awesome that gives you the best experience of food with relaxing music in the background. This unpretentious atmosphere makes the food more delicious; I guarantee you it will never upset your stomach or empty your wallet. This place was opened about sixteen years ago near Davis Square whose dining can be seen by a portrait of Dalai Lama. Its freshness, flavours and values, all are just incredible!

Take a start with the lentil soup including thin pieces of carrots along with celery, then get to the Tsel Nezom. Which is stir-fried broccoli with carrots, onions, cauliflower, snow peas and garlic only for $10. Which gives you the best crisp and bright flavour plus tofu can be added for $1 only.

To absorb extra sauce of food, two pieces of Tingmo bread are also presented along with a small salad. Also check out a spicy, Indian-influenced spinach dish named Ngo Khatsa only for $10 which is worth eating.

House of Tibet Kitchen in boston                            (Source:

If you want to taste some best cheap dishes, order Momo. These are the fried or steamed dumplings of your choice, whether you want chicken, beef, vegetable or tofu, served with the homemade salsa only for $6.50.

5.    Kelly’s Roast Beef can get you some best cheap sandwiches

This is a family-friendly restaurant which is a little bit outside of the Boston, but you can get there by catching a subway in the T, Boston’s subway system. It is a famous restaurant which was built in 1951 in Reverse Beach, and can be recognized from the movie “Good Will Hunting”.

It is famous for its beef sandwiches, lobster rolls and other seafood as well. The best sandwich is roast beef sandwich just for $9.50 which is very delicious. When the thin slices of roasted beef are piled on a grilled sesame-seed roll, it looks more appetizing.

Moreover, the other best choices are lobster roll and clam roll, but they are a little bit expensive. Chicken Sandwiches are very common but get the best one here, for just $8.25. The sandwiches are filled with grilled chicken breasts and dipped in Swiss cheese and then served with the toppings of lettuce, tomato along with the honey mustard sauce, pickle and chips.

Kelly’s Roast Beef                              (Source:

If you are not fond of sandwiches, then start the meal by a clam soup which is also called New-England-style chowder, their own traditional dish. For veggie lovers, try Caesar Salad for $6.95, made up of crispy romaine lettuce, seasoned croutons, Romano cheese and peppers.

6.    Galleria Umberto: A little taste of Italy in every bite

This option comes for pizza lovers like me! Many people love to eat pizza, as this is the common appetite now. But don’t you want to get some cheap slice with mouth-watering taste? Visit Galleria Umberto at Hanover Street where you can get the cheapest piece of pizza. The real deal in this restaurant is Sicilian Squares for only $1.85 that comes in oversized pans, a little bit burnt around the edges. The slices filled with browned cheese, grease-glistening and the tomato sauce spilling over the sides looks really inviting.

Galleria Umberto(Source:

Furthermore, don’t miss the scrummy golden Arancini with fried risotto balls that are sliced opened to divulge the creamy cheese, ground beef and peas. Another delicious and cheap dish that is worth trying is Panzarotti for $1.85; a breaded potato stuffed with cheese and chives. All these dishes are worth trying and cost less than $10, and this money is not going to be wasted. The other dishes include calzones filled with spinach and cheese just for $5 and Panini. A hamburger filled with salami and mozzarella cheese, only for $2.75. Make sure to get there for lunch, as it closes at 3 p.m.

Remember, First comers, are served first!

7.    Union Square Donuts: The kind of doughnuts you dream about

Our appetite is always incomplete without any sweet dish, but you can get the best doughnuts of the city from Union Square Donuts at a really low price. The famous Dunkin doughnuts are also good but not cheap, so try Union Square Donuts that serves the fresh, funky-flavoured and home-made doughnuts.

You can discover a work of art in a humble cake with a hole in it. Try these delicious doughnuts are the best producing with high-quality ingredients and one of the best cheap eats in Boston.

The homemade doughnuts, made up of brioche dough when served with jam, creams and glazes give an experience of paradise dish. Mostly eaten doughnuts in Union Square are Maple bacon filled with real Vermont maple syrup; sea salted bourbon caramel topped with sea salt sprinkles and old-fashioned with or without cinnamon sugar, with the starting price of only $3.

Union Square Donuts                              (Source:

The other specials are available only for $4 that includes, Boston Cream, overwhelmingly delicious and Raspberry Jam filled, an irresistible classic. Also, try the hot chocolate which is made up of warmed bittersweet chocolate with steamed milk powder. You are never going to have this level of hot chocolate anywhere, so better try it!

8.    Punjabi Dhaba Indian Roadside Café: A traditional touch of Indian food

It looks a little bit different, as run by Indians, but the food is really scrumptious and cheap. This little “dhaba” is located in Inmam Square and comes at best quality, variety and prices. The food is served in the metal trays with vegetarian entrees just for $9.95, whereas chicken can be added just for $1. The best dish served in Punjabi Dhaba is Paneer Chili Masala with the grilled cube of cheese plus the hot creamy tomato sauce. The sliced pieces of onions make it worth eating.

Punjabi Dhaba Indian Roadside Café(Source:

The tray has different sections, in one section there is the dish you ordered. The other sections are filled with raita, silvered red onions, fluffy naan flatbread that can be upgraded to garlic bread for one dollar, onion chutney and basmati rice, all for just $9.95.

The service is really good, up to the choice, whether you want to eat there or take it away, the leftovers can also be taken home.

People always fear to try this traditional food, because they think that it is too spicy. But this Indian restaurant serves the most incredible and delicious Indian food in Boston that will make you fall in love with Indian Food.

9.    El Oriental de Cuba: Get the best taste of Cuban Food

To check out some delicious and authentic Cuban food try El Oriental de Cuba in the Jamaica Plain. This restaurant is well-known for the authentic Latin eats with the unpretentious atmosphere. Other than Latin food they also serve excellent seafood and a variety of ropa vieja plate.

El Oriental de Cuba                     (Source:

The best options in El Oriental is Cubano sandwich filled with roast pork, ham, special marinade sauce, Swiss cheese and the toppings include tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, onions, pickles and mustard, all for only $7.99. Moreover, another recommendation goes with Tostones or Sweet Plantains for $2.95 that can be an additional order to round out the meal.

10.  Picco: A charming little South End hotspot

This small place is full of different options, and one of the top best cheap eats in Boson.

Picco in boston(Source:

Order the Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Soup combination for only ten dollars. The sandwich is filled with rich cheese made up of northern Italian cow’s milk. The unbelievable béchamel sauce just gives the right taste to your tongue.  The soup filled with white beans and different vegetables and makes the meal more appetizing when served in a teacup.

Furthermore, different types of beers, sparkling wines and amazing flavours of ice cream are also available in reasonable price.


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